BombBomb Reviews: 5 Customers Share Their Success

Last Updated December 10th, 2019

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How are people winning opportunities with BombBomb? We received nearly 100 BombBomb review videos answering this very question as part of our customer success story video contest earlier this year. Here’s the answers they gave to how video email is helping their business:

• By accelerating the sales process.
• By opening up more conversations.
• By building “know, like, and trust” faster.
• By saving time by talking instead of typing.
• By following up more effectively based on live alerts and push notifications.

These BombBomb customer testimonials featured SO MANY great stories! You’ll see more of these stories and customers in our blog over the months to come (including this one).

And the goal of the whole contest effort was to celebrate wins as a community and help other people get new ideas, and strategies, to use BombBomb in ways that will help them prosper every day.

A big BombBomb “THANK YOU” to everyone who took the time to share their customer experience with us.

Here are five success stories, by industry, of people implementing video email with BombBomb in their business and thriving:

BombBomb Reviews: 5 Customers Share Their Success

Automotive Video Email BombBomb Review

Katherine Wysocki, Internet Sales Manager
Volkswagen of Rochester | Rochester, NH, USA


“Once I started to get comfortable with it, I had just the most amazing responses.” -Katherine Wysocki

Katherine was looking for a way to change how people feel about the car buying process and stand out among the competition. She found that with BombBomb and has been “head over heels in love with it” since.

She explains how it has transformed the way she does her job, incorporating video in her normal day-to-day responsibilities like getting customers into the dealership, scheduling appointments, and having her sales team follow up with them.

And once she started to send videos to potential buyers, her calls were consistently returned, and her contacts recognized her when they stepped into the dealership.

She says, “Just being able to come into the dealership and recognize a face and feel a little bit more at home totally helps our whole process, and it’s really changed everything for me.”


Real Estate Video Email BombBomb Review

Sascha Chatman, REALTOR®
Chatman Realty Group | Burleson, TX, USA


“BombBomb is a game changer. It saves you time; it saves you money. What better way to connect with people than putting you in front of them every single time.” -Sascha Chatman

Sascha attributes eight of his real estate deals to BombBomb (12 if you count referrals). And the first of these deals stemmed from a follow up video he sent after an Open House he held. Two weeks later he got this client under contract for a new $425,000 home.

He uses screen recorder for documentation, the mobile app for on-the-go replies and follow ups, automations for exposure, and the overall software to collaborate with team members and loan officers.

After sending a BombBomb video email, Sascha says, “I get the phone call that says, ‘Hey Sascha, I’ve been watching your videos. I’m ready to go.’ BombBomb did that.”


Financial Services Video Email BombBomb Review

Brad Stoehr, Director of Regional Sales
Horizon Investments | Charlotte, NC, USA


“It’s really changed my practice and created a lot of success for me and for my company.” -Brad Stoehr

Brad credits BombBomb with making it easier for him to cover the five different states that make up his region for the financial services company he works for. It allows him to be present in these locations without physically being there.

He uses BombBomb to send “Thank You” messages, say “Happy Birthday,” and conduct all aspects of his job.

And he was able to raise $313 million because he started adopting video in his communication strategy. He says, “It’s a great way to differentiate. More clients are telling me, ‘I opened your email because I haven’t seen that before.’”


Mortgage Marketing Video Email BombBomb Review

Enrique Braunschweiger, President
First West Financial Corporation | La Quinta, CA, USA


 “The reality is that I cannot imagine my business operating at any level without video at this point. That defines how we communicate 100 percent and the response has been incredible.” -Enrique Braunschweiger

Enrique credits BombBomb for helping him increase his mortgage business by 20% and being ranked as the highest rated lender in their community. He got started with video email to differentiate himself from his stiff competition of large banks and online lenders.

He uses video to communicate with his staff, connect with real estate partners, promote his business to the general public, and regularly update existing customers on where they are in the mortgage process.

He says, “We get calls every day from people who want to use us for their mortgage because they saw us on video.”


Email Video Marketing BombBomb Review

Paul King, Founder
King Productions | Arlington, VA, USA


“The responses that I’m getting to the video emails I’m sending has been absolutely incredible.” -Paul King

Paul wasn’t getting responses to his follow ups with traditional email, so he made the switch—garnering a 70% open rate on emails sent using BombBomb. His favorite feature is the animated preview because it looks like the video is already playing, and clients have clicked on his email because of it.

He’s kept the momentum going with video email, and was able to close a $7,000 deal for his video marketing company by sending one to a prospective client via BombBomb.

He says, “It’s really easy for me to say that BombBomb has been really big for my business because I’m a video guy. When I send out a video email, clients love it.”



Thank You, BombBomb Community!

Thank you again to everyone who shared a BombBomb review with us!

We value your time and we appreciate you making BombBomb part of how you’re connecting and communicating with people to win more opportunities every day.


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