The BombCast Episode Three Recap – Chris Brown Talks Using Video in the Mortgage Industry!

Last Updated October 3rd, 2017

On September 28th, we showcased episode three of our BombCast live video series.

The BombCast is a quick, 20-minute video show delivered live twice per month on our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. We’re showcasing sales professionals of all kinds who are using video every day and unpacking their best tips and strategies to create more meaningful relationships and increase sales.

Episode three featured Chris Brown of Certified Mortgage Planners in Orlando, Florida and was hosted by hosted by our VP of Marketing, Ethan Beute, and VP of Content Development, Travis Saxton (meet our team!).

Coincidentally, Chris recently visited our Colorado Springs office. We sat down with him to discuss the benefits of using video to connect with your referral network, new leads, and more. See that conversation by clicking right here

On the BombCast, we went deeper and covered additional topics, including using video to explain complex processes, incorporating your team members, and generating more online reviews with video.

Episode three’s embedded below!


BombCast Episode Three with Chris Brown



BombCast Episode Three – Top Takeaways

If you’re short on time, we’ve recapped key questions and times of each of these question in our post below!

Each BombCast has three key takeaways. The key takeaways in this week’s episode include:

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At 1:49, Ethan asks Chris to start at a high-level. Ethan asks Chris to explain how information heavy the mortgage industry is.

Chris explains how his industry is like many others, from automotive, to even recruiting. Chris is often dealing with people who have never gone through a serious mortgage process, as well as people who only do so every five to seven years. Video helps him keep his message clear, and concise so that the buyer feels comfortable throughout the entire journey.


At 3:24, Travis asks Chris to explain how video helps him deliver both good and bad news to his clients.

Chris explains the importance of setting the right expectation upfront in order to give a “referable experience.” He recommends creating a road map to let people know what they should be prepared for and even possible issues that clients could run into in the home buying process.

Chris mentions that no matter what, there are unfortunately situations where issues can arise, and he teaches his team to “run to turbulence.” What he means by this is if things go sideways, he encourages his team to address the situation head on. Normally, they will attempt to get the client on the phone, but most of time it’s hard to make that happen. Instead, Chris encourages his team to send a video, so that they can show their emotion while explaining what happened, and what they are doing to fix it.


At the 5:00 mark, Travis shows an example of Chris and how he communicates heavy information to his clients. Travis asks Chris to take us through his strategies for creating and utilizing these particular videos.

Chris goes back to his road map suggestion here, and discusses how he has team explain the entire process of document signing, as well as all the key players that the client will be communicating with at different stages of the process.


At the 7:00 mark, Travis shows a video example Chris’s colleague, Tony in which Chris makes a special appearance. Travis asked Chris to explain his thought process behind this video.

Chris explains how he has two different types of videos that he creates with his team. The first time is a simple “one-off” easy intro video that he uses to send to clients when he first connects with them.

The second type is an “evergreen videos,” which is recorded once and can be used multiple times over. The video that Chris created with Tony is an example of an evergreen video. Chris loves these evergreen videos because they are personal, but not difficult to complete!


Moving on to the 11:10 mark, Ethan explains how Chris and his team are the most reviewed mortgage origination team on Zillow in the Orlando Metro Area. He asks Chris to explain why they are so important to his business, and how video helps him get those reviews.

Chris states that video is a core component of his strategy to collect reviews. He sees the value in video, and believes almost all businesses are moving towards video. Chris also understands how much buyers rely on peer reviews when making buying decisions. He decided to combine these two “macro trends” in order to request reviews.

“We’re moving more and more towards video not away from it – so embrace it.”

By using video to request such a major benefit for his business, a review, Chris is able to showcase how much the review would mean to him, and how much he appreciates their business as though he was actually there in person.


Jump to the 12:45 mark to see Chris’s example!

Chris also mentions that when he watched the video, all he could think was “I said critical too many times, I need to re-record that video.” This is a hang-up that many of our customers have because we are our own worst critiques. Chris reminds us that “it’s okay to send a video that’s not perfect!” It makes us relatable, and it helps people connect with us.

Moving on to the 15:04 mark, Travis explains how BombBomb has a “reply with video” feature, so that non-BombBomb users can respond to videos! Travis shows us how to add this button into your BombBomb emails!

Travis closes us out to tell us about the next BombCast episode which will be premiering October 12th, with special guests Anne Jones and Marguerite Giguere, real estate agents in Tacoma, Washington who use video individually and as a duo in a wide variety of ways. Not only will you see some great examples and learn new strategies, you’ll also get an announcement about a big BombBomb project they’re both involved in!



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