Video Production: When and Why Not to Bother

Last Updated May 11th, 2017

Among tens of thousands of professional speakers around the world, only 200 or so have been inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

A pro’s pro, Brad Montgomery is among those honored by his peers with this lifetime achievement award.

Using a studio with professional lighting and sound and an expensive camera, his video production is great. You can see a sample below.

But you’ll also catch him wearing a t-shirt or ball cap in his home office in webcam videos.

Find out why he uses both video production and casual video to build relationships and grow his business.

Learn the biggest mistake he sees people make with video.

And see him perform a basic script that any sales professional can use to close a deal with prospects.

Read time: 3 minutes, 10 seconds
Video length: 4 minutes, 32 seconds
Takeaway: When and why not to bother with a full-blown video production


Video Production vs Casual Video: When and Why to Use Each


In the 4 minute, 32 second video above, professional speaker Brad Montgomery explains:

  • Why professional-level video production isn’t alway necessary
  • Why expensive and time-consuming video production can actually be a detriment
  • How to use casual video to truly get through to people and win opportunities
  • More – click to play it above!


Video Production: When and Why Not to Bother

Brad uses his home studio with its white wall, professional lighting and sound, expensive camera, and other video production techniques to show a difference and make a point.

For Brad, a video studio and nice clothes are important sometimes, but the “wicked cool irony with BombBomb is that mostly it’s not.”

“Mostly, dressing up and having a fancy background is a mistake,” Brad explains. “The more casual our videos seem, the more the BombBomb videos are effective.”

What makes his BombBomb videos different than videos on his website videos or YouTube channel? “I see them as just a way to build a relationship.”


When clients are shopping Brad, they’ll look at his professional videos and photos. But after they initially connect, he uses more casual videos as a way to show what he’d be like on a real day – which is pretty relaxed.

They see him in his home office, wearing what he really wears day to day – “and they love that.”

“Isn’t it a cool irony that by making it simpler and cheaper and easierboom! – it makes the BombBomb tool even more effective.”

Before BombBomb, he used video in this way, but it was “a nightmare.” He’d record his videos, offload them to his computer, trim them up, upload them to YouTube, name it, mark it as unlisted (because they’re each for a specific client), then send off a screenshot or link.

“It wasn’t impossible, it was just a lot of bother. And that meant I didn’t use video as much.” And that means missed opportunities to truly get through to people. More on that shortly …

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Automatically generated animated preview of one of Brad’s professional videos.


Video Production: The Mistake

When he coaches others to use video to connect and convert, Brad observes: “Their mistake is to worry about it too much.”

They want to get their background just right, get their clothes just right, get their makeup, hair, and appearance just right.

It’s a mistake.” It’s not worth the effort.

In Brad’s experience, people love us more when we’re casual, when we’re not scripted, and when we have ur’s, um’s, or incomplete sentences.

In short: “Just get over yourself” and be natural.

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When and How to Use Casual Videos

According to Brad, using BombBomb for video can be easier than making a call. And it takes you beyond the phone call.

“Consider BombBomb a tool to get to the decision makers who aren’t talking to you on the phone. It is fantastic for this.”

People with whom he’s talking on the phone are often the gatekeepers for the real decision maker. And sometimes an entire committee is deciding his fate.

The person on the phone takes notes during the call, but simply can’t capture the spirit or feeling of who Brad is. So he opens up BombBomb, records a video, and talks directly to the decision maker or committee.

“You know when they’ve seen it, because you watch the analytics go up.”

At 3 minutes, 20 seconds into the video embedded above, Brad performs a video script for you. He overcomes objections and answers questions while speaking directly to one or more decision makers.

When used in this way, “BombBomb is a fantastic tool. It’s ridiculously simple. In my case, it’s proven. And it’s fun.”

Automatically generated animated preview of one of Brad’s personal videos.


No Matter What Business You’re In …

Brad is a professional speaker. Who he is as a person is fundamental to the service he provides.

This is also true of so many other industries in which people are using BombBomb – real estate brokers, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, financial advisors, automotive sales professionals, educators, and more.

You may have very good and valuable uses for professional video production – on your homepage, YouTube channel, paid advertising, and more.

But if you’re not using casual video to build relationships and truly connect with people, you’re missing a valuable opportunity.

And if you’re not using video at all because you think you need to have the time and money for video production, start with your webcam or smartphone with simple, personal messages to the people who matter most to your business and to your life.



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Thanks to Brad Montgomery

A big BombBomb THANK YOU to Brad Montgomery, a highly accomplished professional and thoughtful, humble person.

On behalf of our entire community, thanks for sharing your insights and experience for our benefit.

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