Video for Insurance Agents – A Complete Guide.

Last Updated June 5th, 2019

As an insurance agent, I’m sure leads are a necessary part of your business. But did you know that producing regular and consistent video content can help you leverage your sphere of influence to get a regular stream of referral-quality leads in a more organic way? The problem, however, is that consistent content is time consuming. The below guide is a step-by-step process to create weekly email and social media videos with suggested content to last over a year.

What to Expect

Time commitment: 15-20 minutes per video per week

Average budget: FREE

Potential outcomes:

  • More followers and viewers on social media
  • Larger Sphere of influence
  • Larger email and sending list
  • You establish yourself as a local expert
  • You help promote something you love

1. Ditch the Scripts

When you record a personal video, it doesn’t have to be perfect the way a blog post or written material has to be perfect. You can cough, mispeak, stutter, or joke and that just makes it more human. These videos are for ditching scripts so that you can recreate that face-to-face feel.

Here’s how it works: We are going to give you 52 questions a potential client would want to know the answer to. And instead of writing a script or producing a commercial, you are simply going to answer that question in the video.

Writing blog posts and email campaigns can be time consuming. This very blog post was conceived, written, rewritten, edited, and rewritten before it ever saw the light of day. A lot of people approach video the same way: scripting, composing, editing, etc. It can be time consuming, expensive, and difficult. The end result, likely lacking the ROI for all the time and money poured into it, can also come off as corporate or inauthentic. We’ve created a way for you to quickly produce authentic video.

Here are some tips on Getting Comfortable on Camera to get you started.

2. Be Consistent

Social media and content in general is about being consistent. Posting a video each week for a few months will give you great results. By giving you prompts in the form of questions, you will be able to easily answer the question in a natural way without the need for a script.

Here are some other tips to make sure you get a video out every week:

  • Time block: choose a set day that the video goes out no matter what. Put time on your calendar to make it happen and protect that time.
  • Use unexpected opportunities to record your video: Did someone cancel or miss your appointment? Take out your phone and record a quick video. This can have the added bonus of having video in more dynamic locations: in the car (parked of course), on a walk, outside, at the airport, etc.
  • Schedule ahead of time: consider recording videos weeks in advance by recording more than one at a time.

3. Mix It Up

In the guide, we suggest posting these videos to social media weekly, with the exception that once a month you send it as an email campaign instead. Email is crucial to having a healthy database and while you never want to over do it, sending a monthly piece of content that adds value is crucial. Email is more intimate and gets a better ROI, and is not subject to the algorithms of a particular platform. Maintaining a presence in the inbox is necessary to increase engagement and communication with potential repeat and referral business.

Wanting to learn more about video email before you get started? Here are 4 Ways Video Emails Generate More Replies 

4. Add and Subtract

We created 52 questions, and outlined them. We also gave you suggested days for social versus email. But this is your content plan. If you want to move the questions around or add your own questions, feel free to cross things out and make it yours. We left a blank space below each prompt for you to create your own questions.

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