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Last Updated November 26th, 2018

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  • “An hour a day, dig deep.”
  • Stay Top of Mind with Consistent Little Nuggets of Content
  • Know Where to Post Each Type of Content
  • Sell the Idea of Being a Homeowner

Dante has been stepping up his social media through video and education. Since 2011 Dante has been utilizing Instagram and saw it as an opportunity. He grew his following early on but realized, as he became a real estate agent, he needed to focus more on education. Dante’s following consisted of millennials so he really focused on real estate education for the first-time home buyer. During BombCast Episode 47 with Dante, we loved hearing all about his educational content strategy on social media.

It’s something we’re hearing all the time as we try to market ourselves and our businesses. Create killer content and create it consistently. This is harder then it sounds but Dante is approaching this strategy with the right attitude. “Let me sit down and educate people. Let me take my real life experiences from real estate and transcribe them into Instagram posts, Instagram content.” Here are some of our favorite reminders from Dante.

“An hour a day, dig deep.”

Get started by making time for content creation in your schedule. Dante shared that he started by doing one hour of content creation every day. He said that this meant he had to get up early but it’s been worth it because he is seeing results from his hard work. “Instead of begging people to work with me, I just started creating content for them.” The key is to realize who your main network is and appeal to them. Dig deep and put yourself in your followers shoes.

Maybe you’re consistently setting aside time to create content or maybe you’ve tried in the past and failed to form the habit. Here is some great inspiration to help you stay consistent with video and content: 5 BombCast Guests Talk About The Importance of Consistency

Stay Top of Mind with Consistent Little Nuggets of Content

You’ll naturally get clients when you’re working hard to stay top of mind in your database. Dante says, “I’m organically teaching them with just quick hits all day and they’re taking home nuggets, little pieces at a time. And then when it actually comes time to buy, they know who their guy is right up front because I’m teaching them with quick tips on what to do.” Through staying top of mind, Dante shared that he’s had out of town real estate agents contact him because they had clients moving to his area. Your followers don’t even have to be local for you to get their business.

“I wanna be that guy. I wanna be that tip of the day that you take away every single day. Then when it does come time to buy, you know who to call.”

Know Where to Post Each Type of Content

Dante really emphasized the importance of evergreen content. This content stays relevant. When someone finds your Instagram account, they should be able to scroll through your feed and see endless nuggets of relevant, valuable content. When you spend an hour or so creating content, try to make evergreen content the main focus. If you’re creating content that is only relevant for a time, you should post it to your Instagram story. You can then save this story as a replaceable Highlight. It’s great to keep this content in your highlights until it’s no longer relevant.

Learn how other Real Estate Agents are utilizing social media int their business: Get Inspired by the Best Producers of Real Estate Social Media Videos

Sell the Idea of Being a Homeowner

Even if you aren’t a real estate agent, this still applies to you. Educate your followers to the point that they feel they can successfully accomplish something with your help. Whether you’re a car salesman trying to help people realize the perfect car in their price range is out there or whether you’re a marketer trying to help people realize they have the potential to grow with the right types of marketing. Use Social Media to show people what’s possible. You can do this through consistent education.

Dante says, ”Don’t trash your money, recycle it.” He helps people understand that the smarter long-term game is to buy. Figure out what your followers need to realize and learn about and go educate them!

It the end it’s important to remember that, no matter your number of followers, focus on who your followers are and focus on how you can make them the most engaging followers. Give them the content they want…. and give them the content they need.

Listen to this full BombCast Episode on iTunes: BombCast Episode 47

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