Top 5 Mortgage Video Influencers – Honorable Mentions

Last Updated June 19th, 2018

We watched thousands of videos after receiving hundreds of nominations to bring you the best examples and strategies of mortgage loan officers using video to build relationships and close loans. We recognized five people for videos in YouTube, five for video in BombBomb (email, text), five for video in Facebook and Instagram, and five for All Around (great at several of these!).

But we still had people we wanted to recognize, learn from, and teach from because of their unique approaches.

So we created this category! Honorably mentioned loan officers using video to grow their business.


For ideas and inspiration, here are 5 Honorable Mentions in the Mortgage Video Influencer Project


Michelle Castle

Guild Mortgage, Sherman, TX | YouTube | Facebook

mortgage video

Michelle nearly made the BombBomb list with more than 500 videos sent to check in, say congratulations, say thank you, and more. Nearly all of her sends are one-to-one. Talk about building relationships!


Pete Green

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, Rehoboth Beach, DE | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn

mortgage video

The original Mortgage Video Influencer, Pete’s been using video to educate real estate agents and consumers with video since before it was cool. From his office. From his car. From out and about around town. From anywhere!


Michael Harrington

Prime Lending, Houston, TX | YouTube | Facebook

mortgage video

Something Michael does that distinguishes him from his peers is niche marketing to luxury agents, especially on Facebook, with video. He’s also experimented with more creative content, like shooting a spoof of “The Office.” Who wouldn’t love that?


John King

Summit Funding, Lodi, CA | Facebook | LinkedIn

mortgage video

With themes like Motivational Monday, Wisdom Wednesday, and Thankful Thursday, John has some of the best videos out there. This is a best practice anyone can implement to improve consistency. He also does a great job providing education and highlighting other people.


Scott Pendleton

E-Mortgage Management, Tampa, FL | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn

mortgage video

Scott time-blocks his video recording, which is how he’s sent nearly 1,000 in just over a year with BombBomb. When he records, he knocks out several in a row – and they’re all personal, one-to-one videos. From reaching out to inactive prospects to congratulating clients on loan closing anniversaries, Scott’s process-oriented approach to video is winning.


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