Top 10 Recorded Video Creators in Real Estate

Last Updated December 4th, 2017

With a recorded video, you can get in front of prospects, clients, and your entire sphere of influence through email, text messages, and social media.

But what should you say? What topics are useful? How do I best use social channels?

Get insights into all this and more in the Recorded Video category of our Real Estate Video Influencers project presented by Tom Ferry!

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Top 10 Recorded Video Creators

Congratulations to the top 10 influencers in the Recorded Video category, as well as the five people we honorably mention!

This category offers a range of styles, approaches, tactics, and channels. It includes someone who’s almost certainly recorded more videos than any other real estate professional on Earth – yes, really. It features a full and proper “YouTuber,” as well as an agent nearly a decade into her video journey. Following the links for people recognized in this category will expose you to a wide variety of styles and topics.

In a similar fashion as the All Around category, you’ll see home tours, educational videos, community videos, professional interviews, and videos that are just plain fun.


1 Peter Lorimer

PLG Estates, Beverly Hills, CA | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

recorded video, email marketing, video email, Peter Lorimer

Quality, quantity, variety, consistency – Pete’s got it all. And we won’t dispute his self-professed status as an “obsessive vlogger.” Pete’s best on display in the YouTube channel and playlists he’s been building for more than three years now. Together, these videos have racked up more than 1.25 million views. His Magic Minutes provide real estate and marketing tips (like this one!) that you’re certain to find valuable. Beyond this are listing videos, short films, Monday Mantra, Backstage Pass, and even gorgeous family vacation edits.

His volume and variety was the topic of his quick meeting with Gary Vaynerchuk. With the exception of his listing videos, Peter’s the host of every single one. He’s also got more than 300 uploaded videos, webcam recordings, and mobile recordings in BombBomb and regularly employs formal and informal videos in his Instagram feed. Video is very clearly his format; he’s an expert host with an eye for tasteful production techniques.


2 Jessica Riffle Edwards

The Carolinas Finest, Wilmington, NC | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

recorded video, email marketing, video email, Jessica Riffle Edwards

For more than nine years, Jessica’s been recording videos to answer all kinds of real estate questions. Nine years! At nearly 1.6 million views, her 500 or so YouTube videos have more views than anyone else in the category.

And it’s the model of consistency; nearly every single one is a simple video recorded in her car (while safely parked!) in which she outlines a problem, situation, or opportunity. One exception: the Call Me Maybe video
she produced with the Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage team that got plenty of attention in summer 2012. She’s also hosted more than 100 of those videos in Facebook going back eight years. The videos in her Instagram feed consistently rack up 1,000 or more views each.

Click the thumbnail below to play the video from Jessica – recorded just for this project – in which she shares tips on how to generate video topics.


Alvin Tapia

Alvin Tapia Homes, Rancho Cucamonga, CA | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

recorded video, email marketing, video email, Alvin Tapia

It seems like the primary reason Alvin uses video in his business is that it’s fun for him – that aspect comes across in all the channels he uses. He’s out and about around his market. He’s connecting and communicating with people throughout his community. He’s dancing with his daughter. Through it all, Alvin’s always leads with personality and he’s always having fun. He adds some subtle yet helpful production techniques – even in Instagram videos.

Get the guide through a form in this post for Alvin’s video about a surprising benefit of recording videos and other great insights.


Kelly LeClair

LeClair Real Estate, San Clemente, CA | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

recorded video, email marketing, video email, Kelly LeClair

When Kelly started in real estate, she knew that video was the best way to distinguish herself from the thousands of agents in her area. Her background as a television news reporter certainly helps with story structure and delivery. She takes on frequently asked questions, hosts her listing videos, and captures a sense of community. Kelly’s videos tend to be beautifully produced and highly informative. In addition to what you can see through these links, though, she’s also recorded and sent several hundred webcam videos from her office desk to follow up with new leads, nurture responsive and non-responsive leads, and check in with past clients.


Erik Brown

Teles Properties, Beverly Hills, CA | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

recorded video, email marketing, video email, Erik Brown

Yes, Erik’s got a YouTube channel with tens of thousands of views on a hundred or more videos. Yes, he’s got dozens of them in Facebook, as well. What really stood out with Erik, though, is that one third of his Instagram feed is video, including simple, handheld videos with multi-million dollar listings, and that he’s sent nearly 2,000 videos from his BombBomb account. He promises “luxury home tips,” and video is a great way to deliver. His use of simple video so consistently should inspire agents of all kinds, including luxury agents.


Seth Williams

RETipster, Grand Rapids, MI | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

recorded video, email marketing, video email, Seth Williams

Thanks to the quality and depth of information they deliver to real estate professionals, Seth’s YouTube videos have more than a million views. Interviews, marketing tips, software reviews, how-to’s – he provides a wealth of information in a down-to-earth way. He’s not a traditional real estate agent working with buyers and sellers. So what does he do? He’s an educator – and video is his primary medium. Here’s a Day in the Life.

Get the complete Real Estate Video Influencers guide to see Seth’s video packed with specific equipment tips and more.


Loida Velasquez

Team BC, Rowland Heights, CA | YouTube

recorded video, email marketing, video email, Loida Velasquez

Fifteen thousand plus subscribers. Nearly a million views. On just more than 100 videos. Loida’s a full and proper “YouTuber” and a consistent vlogger with thousands of views on every video. She makes great use of thumbnails to make clear each topic and to sell it. Rookie mistakes. Does cold calling work? Questions to ask when prequalifying a seller. She tackles all kinds of topics in info-packed videos that are shot here, there, and everywhere – and are never over-produced. Though she’s active across several social networks, YouTube is her video home.


Andy Alger

The Andy Alger Team, Grand Blanc, MI | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

recorded video, email marketing, video email, Andy Alger

Andy is a pioneer in the simple, recorded video category. He’s a handful of videos away from hitting 3,500 in his BombBomb account. He sends fun and friendly monthly market updates, then follows up one-to-one throughout each week. For Andy, personal, recorded videos play a key role in generating repeat and referral business. He’s also creating frequently asked question videos for buyers and sellers in YouTube and his website, as well as mixing in some personal and family videos in Instagram.


Steve Volkers

Steve Volkers Group, Grand Rapids, MI | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

recorded video, email marketing, video email, Steve Volkers

#CarThoughts. #WhatsInTheCup Playful Instagram videos. More than 100,000 YouTube views on more than 500 videos (nicely organized in Playlists). Interviews. Listings. Testimonials. Mr. Volkers Neighborhood. Steve’s made video part of his communication and marketing strategy from the start of his real estate career more than eight years ago. He got started and never stopped. A natural in videos, he always seems to be having fun.

For pro tips from Steve, download the guide! It includes a video from him about choosing topics, marketing your videos, and following up for more business.


10 Kyle Noe

First United Realty, Oklahoma City, OK | Facebook

recorded video, email marketing, video email, Kyle Noe

With 99.9% certainty, we can say that no real estate professional on Earth has recorded more videos for the purpose of building relationships and growing business than Kyle. With more than 7,600 videos in his BombBomb account, he trails only one of our own sales team members for most videos by any single person. Simple. Personal. Conversational. Straightforward. Kyle’s no-nonsense approach puts video to use to educate and connect with buyers and sellers. Take a look at one of the nearly 100 videos he’s got on Facebook.

Get guide to see Kyle’s video about how he got started, the cameras he uses, and more.

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Honorable Mentions: Real Estate Recorded Video

(Listed alphabetically by last name)


John Butler – The Bald Guy in the Red Tie, Temecula, CA | YouTube | Facebook

John brings comedy and pop culture references to highly entertaining listing videos, his “Says What?!” series, and more.


Andrew Finney – Andrew Finney Team, Las Vegas, NV

The Andrew Finney Team | YouTube | Facebook

The Andrew Finney team brings all kinds of solo and duo educational videos to our industry, all of which make great use of the thumbnail image. Plus: more than 300 BombBomb videos.


Jesse Rene Garza – RE/MAX North-San Antonio, San Antonio, TX | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Jesse’s real estate videos are a family affair across all channels, including more than 800 in BombBomb. Simple and plentiful. Personality and education.


Garret Hunt – Lamoureux Real Estate, Everett, WA | YouTube | Facebook (+) | Instagram (+)

Garrett is making a good go at vlogging in his video strategy and community plays an important role.


Kala Laos – JK Realty, Gilbert, AZ | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Kala has hundreds of videos in Facebook and YouTube with a new school vibe that speak both to prospective clients and prospective agents.


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