Top 10 Live Video Influencers in Real Estate

Last Updated December 4th, 2017

Live video in Facebook. Live video in YouTube. Live video to grow your real estate business.

If you need ideas and inspiration, look to the leaders we’ve ranked as part of our Real Estate Video Influencer project presented by Tom Ferry.

Below, explore the Live Video category. Then, download our complete educational guide for more real estate video rankings and examples!

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Top 10 in Live Video

Congratulations to the top 10 and honorably mentioned Live Video performers in real estate for 2017!

We loved the energy and excitement this category brings. As much or more than in any other category, these people are pioneers, going off the cuff to deliver entertaining and informative performances with a live audience and without any edits. With humility, they weren’t afraid to make mistakes on camera. Being comfortable with imperfection was a common trend in this category.

Below are honorees with live views ranging from the hundreds to the millions.


1 Michael Meier

Meier Real Estate, New York, NY | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

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Michael is an NYC real estate agent and social celebrity. With countless video interviews in a live guest show format, he brings flair and prestige to this category. Innovation is evident in the way he’s broken through as an early adopter of live video. His Facebook page and YouTube channel are filled with live videos both professional and impromptu. Michael’s got tens of thousands of YouTube views; his Facebook views are likely double that.


2 Sue “Pinky” Benson

Pinky Knows Naples, Naples, FL | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

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Sue is a “live” rockstar in her community showcasing local events, communities, resorts, and her interaction with her hometown. She’s very humble and passionate on camera. It feels genuine and authentic – the way live video should be. She is also a personal video connector with nearly 450 videos sent to her sphere. Sue is crushing live video. The pink lady of real estate has 8,000 views on her YouTube Channel but a whopping 30,000 on one of her Facebook videos alone.

Click to play Sue’s video below! She recorded it just for this RE Video Influencers project and she provides great tips on spontaneous video vs planned live sessions.

Leigh Brown

Leigh Brown & Associates, Concord, NC | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

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Though Leigh’s great at all kinds of video, she truly crushes live video. She helps out with the Florida Realtor Relief Fund and creates market updates, community updates, educational videos, home closings, open updates, and much more. The author of Outrageous Authenticity is – as you’d expect – her true, authentic self in video.

You definitely want to hear from Leigh about live video! Great tips and, as always, in a no-nonsense format. Download the guide through a form in this post to get access.


Andrew and Angela Duncan

The Duncan Duo & Associates, Tampa, FL | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

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This tandem has nearly 1 million views on their YouTube channel alone, which hosts more than 500 videos. They’ve been considered as video influencers for quite some time. As the official real estate agents of the Tampa Bay Lightning and as hockey fans, they know how to shine under the spotlight. Most of the live action is featured over on their Facebook page, but is also included on their YouTube channel. They feature auctions, giveaways, and live radio and podcast shows. Andrew and Angela are on top of their game!


Fredrik Eklund

The Eklund Gomes Team, New York, NY | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

live video, email marketing, video email, Fredrik Eklund

Frederik’s one of the few television personalities in these rankings. Star of the Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing, he’s also a bonafide real estate agent and has made a great impact on the celebrity nature and awareness in the industry. He is a live video guru and everything he touches receives a couple hundred thousand views – whether he’s dancing, chronicling his travels, or even just goofing around. Most of his videos are on Facebook and have likely racked up 3-4 million views.


6 Anthony Lamacchia

Lamacchia Realty, Waltham, MA | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Live video, real estate, real estate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, Anthony Lamacchia

Anthony showcases excellent live material with his Market Update style videos and his “in the market” style videos. His GET MORE series for recruiting and retention on his Facebook page give a different take on this topic. Check out his Facebook page for some inspiration, where he has hundreds of thousands of video views.


Kristen Stavros

Windermere Real Estate/Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, WA | YouTube | Facebook

Live video, real estate, real estate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, Kristen Stravos
Kristen brings a big, booming passion to a quintessential small town. Her video strategy’s energetic and authentic on all platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and personal video communications. Her YouTube channel contains a swath of awesome live videos immersing herself in her local community – everything from walks and shopping to local information and her favorite places.

Kristen was kind enough to offer tips on knowing your audience, creating valuable content, and capturing good sound for live videos. Get the guide below to hear directly from her!


Bryan Casella

Team BC, Los Angeles, CA | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Live video, real estate, real estate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, Bryan Casella

Brian serves a large market, and his stats reflect that. With more than 4.2 million YouTube views, he blends real estate with his passion for cars. Bringing massive energy to his videos, Brian’s gone live to both Facebook and YouTube many times. Beyond the bounds of this category, he also drives viewing of quality educational videos, like How to Get Over the Fear of Cold Calling and The Number One Mistake You Must Avoid.


Christophe Choo

Christophe Choo Real Estate Group, Beverly Hills, CA | YouTube | Facebook

Live video, real estate, real estate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, Christophe Choo

As a luxury real estate agent, Christophe has attracted quite an audience. With just shy of five million views on YouTube, he is our undisputed champion for the largest number of views out of the 80 real estate video influencers. But his live videos in Facebook earned him a top 10 spot here. Christophe’s video strategy consists of local community videos, “in the community” videos, celebrity real estate news, and live Q&A. He also includes bits on his personal life – it’s clear the man loves his dogs and traveling!

Download the guide from here in this post to learn how often Christophe goes live and what topics he addresses – in a video he recorded just for this project.


10 Buddy Blake

Buddy Blake Real Estate, Wilmington, NC | YouTube | Facebook

Live video, real estate, real estate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, Buddy Blake

Buddy rounds out the top ten list with a wondrous array of live video. On his Facebook page, he gives tons of ideas on how you too can leverage live video in real estate. Beyond live, Buddy also generates great educational content, like his video on Emotional vs. Real Value, which garnered over 6,500 views and this professional video on a waterfront property that received over 17,000 views. Buddy is also superior in personal video communication, connecting with his sphere in over 700 videos in BombBomb.

Buddy talks scripts, equipment, and more in a video about going live. Download the guide to get it.


Honorable Mentions in Live Video

Listed alphabetically by last name


The Jim Allen Group – Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston, Raleigh, NC | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Jim brings the “local” into live video. He is constantly broadcasting live from local events, cookouts, charity events, and more. Humility seems to be a common theme in a lot of Jim’s videos, as he frequently documents local charity events for giving back.


Leslie DeLuca – DeLuca Real Estate, Monterey, CA | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Leslie inserts a bit of every category into her live video presence. She’s a pro at bringing her personality to life through video – even through things like Market updates, impromptu interviews, educational content, and local content.


Mary Nacarato & Mandy Coz – The Nacarato Team, Vaughan, ON | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

This Canadian team brings a friendly and inviting live video strategy to the real estate community. By being genuine on camera with a little bit of fun and satire, they enlighten many with their live videos.


Ingrid Prince – Dunhill Home, Dallas, TX | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Ingrid does a fabulous job of humanizing Dunhill homes. From fun interviews to live events, she brings a great passion and electricity to live video.


Fred Van Allen – First Team Real Estate Christie’s, Pomona, CA | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

On top of being an excellent personal video communicator, Fred excels in live video when on camera in his community. He seems to be everywhere in the region – at creative locations with unique topics like coffee with a cop and new rules of real estate.


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