Tom Ferry: What Real Estate Agents Want from Brokers, Owners, and Managers

Last Updated May 23rd, 2014

How do real estate agents prefer to be recognized by their broker, owner, or manager? What type of communication do they prefer – and how often? Real estate coach Tom Ferry shared some answers at his Leadership Summit in Newport Beach, California.


What Real Estate Agents Want

In the video above, Tom answers these questions based feedback from his power and elite coaching clients:

  • What type of recognition do they want?
  • What kind of support do they want?
  • What type of communication do they prefer?
  • How often do they want that communication?


Key ideas:

  • They prefer “personal note, one on one, face to face
  • “Give (them) real, authentic recognition.”
  • “You know what they want from you? They want that emotional connection with you.”
  • They want lead generation and lead conversion systems and skills, marketing support, and tech support.
  • They strongly prefer face to face communication and email above phone calls, text messaging, and social media.


How Video Email Helps:

  • Video email is rich with emotion and non-verbal communication. It’s eye to eye and face to face. It helps you “be there in person when you can’t be there in person.”
  • Video email is asynchronous – you can shoot and send a personal video when it’s convenient for you, then your agent can open it up and experience you in person when it’s convenient for him or her.
  • Video email builds propinquity – that personal, emotional, human connection.
  • Video email is most powerful when it’s one to one – when you reach out to someone uniquely and directly.
  • Video email helps agents convert leads, market their listings, and stay in touch with past clients; you can help them be more effective as a tech-savvy broker.


Connect with Agents through Video Email at No Cost:

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Thanks to Tom Ferry and all the members of his organization, who were excellent hosts for the Leadership Summit.
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