Tips from the Top Creators of Community Videos in Real Estate

Last Updated October 31st, 2018

Here at BombBomb, in our Real Estate Video Influencers project presented by Tom Ferry, we looked at tens thousands of videos from thousands of real estate agents to find influencers in five categories. Here you’ll find the top creators of community videos in real estate.

It’s like you’ve already heard of Neighborhood or Community videos. These videos highlight the people and places in the areas that you serve. But have you started creating these videos yourself? In the category below, you’ll see ten winners and five honorable mentions who have mastered the Community Video category.

This style of real estate video presents a great opportunity for you. Get ideas, inspiration, and examples from the top 10 and those honorably mentioned. And be sure to download the entire educational guide produced for this project!

See Tom Ferry’s Take on what the top individuals in the Community Video Category are doing differently, and what you should be doing to make this list next year!


1 Michael Thorne

RE/MAX Little Oak | Fort Langley, BC

Photo of Michael Thorne, Real Estate Video Influencer

Michael is one of the original real estate agents who incorporated video into his business. To this day, he is constantly innovating his content strategy and has even begun teaching people how to use video in their business. We chose him for number one in the Community Video category because of a series he just created called “Bigger and Better.” In the series, he starts out with a red paperclip and asks his audience what someone would trade him for the red paper clip. The series moves forward from there and the trades get bigger and bigger. All of the proceeds at the end go to the Langley Community Support Groups Society and their “Hope After Stroke” program.

2 Windermere Professional Partners

Windermere Professional Partners | Tacoma, WA

Photo of Windermere Professional Partners, Real Estate Video Influencers

The team of Marguerite Martin, Gabriel Ng and Amy Thor created a new series this year called “Meet the Neighbors” and it’s so incredible. It talks nothing about real estate, it’s emotional, it’s thought provoking, and most importantly, it makes their community seem so wonderful. Marguerite’s placed in the top two spots in the community video category for two years now. Check out the trailer for Meet the Neighbors here.

3 Dustin + Rachel Parker

The Parker Group | Seaford, DE

The Parker Group Real Estate Video Influencers

Dustin and Rachel Parker are killing it in all things video, but they really thrive in community video. They go live with a series they call ParkerGroupLive, have a series that looks deeply at the residents in their community called #LocalHeroes, and finally, they have a show called #GetLocal where they visit local businesses. These two are consistent, engaging, and really serving their community with their videos.

4 Adam Cooper

The Bagogloo Team | RE/MAXnova | Halifax, NS

Photo of Adam Cooper, Real Estate Video Influencer

Something we love about Adam Cooper and his series, My Halifax, is the fact that he’s extremely sincere. He shows that his content is truly created out of a love for his city. ADAM HAS COMMITTED TO PUSHING OUT ONE VIDEO PER WEEK, which is something we didn’t see from many of our nominees. He’s constantly creating content and reaping the benefits from his hard work.

5 Brandon Porter

Summa Pacific Cascade Realty | Newberg, OR

Photo of Brandon Porter, Real Estate Video Influencer

Brandon Porter is a newcomer on our Real Estate Video Influencer List and he has one of the best editing styles we’ve seen. His brand is fun, and high energy, and he pushes out one new show a week for his series “The Brandon Porter Show.” In this show he interviews local businesses, and even attends local events. Something we love about Brandon is the fact that he is not afraid to be himself on camera, and he’s often showing off behind-the-scenes aspects of his life like his wife Danika, and their daughter, Tilly. It allows him to be relatable. After watching his videos, we wanted to hire Brandon to be our realtor!

6 Steve Volkers

The Steve Volkers Group | Grand Rapids, MI

Photo of Steve Volkers, Real Estate Video Influencer

Steve and his team have always excelled in community videos. Last year, he created a show called “What Makes Grand Rapids Great” where he talked about all the things he personally loved about his city while drinking coffee on a rooftop. This year, Steve continued producing content with his show “#WhatsintheCup” where he and his team talk about a variety of different topics like affordable housing, Social Impact Investing, and even the Olympics! The goal for this show was to step away from business topics and move more into current events and what’s happening in their city at each particular moment.

7 Craig Veroni

Craig Veroni Real Estate | RE/MAX Masters | Vancouver, BC

Photo of Craig Veroni, Real Estate Video Influencer

Craig is another former Real Estate Video Influencer who has continued to create quality videos and is ranking again in 2018. Craig created a new series this year he’s called “My Favourite Humans in Vancouver” where he celebrates people in his city that are doing incredible things that most people don’t know about. THE SHOW IS UNIQUE, THOUGHT PROVOKING, AND DEFINITELY WORTH A WATCH!

8 Jason Farris

FresYes Realty | Fresno, CA

Jason Farris

JASON WAS ONE OF THE ORIGINAL CREATORS OF COMMUNITY VIDEO WITH HIS FRESYES REAL ESTATE PAGE. We love his “Food Network” style approach to reviewing all of his favorite spots in the Fresno area. Something Jason does that not all real estate agents do in the community video space is he creates his own intro video that brands himself as a neighborhood expert and mentions, of course, his real estate business.

9 Bern McGovern

Compass Realty | Del Mar, CA

Photo of Bern McGovern, Real Estate Video Influencer

BERN MCGOVERN IS KILLING IT. He’s working with local Meetup groups to film local videos and learn what they’re passionate about, which is something we haven’t even seen before at BombBomb (check out this video on a sport called CaniCross!). This year he started a new series called “Off the 56” where he checks out what’s happening in his community. Bern is new to video, with Off the 56 debuting just this year, but he’s pushed out a ton of episodes since, showcasing strong potential.

10 Garret Hunt + Tyler Chism

Live in Everett | Everett, WA

Photo of Garret Hunt and Tyler Chism

These two are pumping out consistent content on the food and entertainment scene in their city. They’ve created so many community videos that they were able to build a new brand because of it that they call “Live in Everett.” THEY ADD A SENSE OF FUN INTO THEIR VIDEOS, which is an awesome break from the heavy real estate content many agents feel obligated to create.

Honorable Mentions

11 Chirag Shah

Life NY Real Estate | Westchester, NY

We love the variety of Chirag’s community videos. It’s not just about restaurants – he also talks to locals often on why they love their city. He’s got a big following and is constantly producing content.

12 Meredith Tomlinson

Coldwell Banker | Chillicothe, OH

Meredith posted her first community video preview in April of 2018, and at just 35 seconds long, this video received over 28,000 views! On her community page, “Only in Chillicothe,” Meredith has been posting videos each week where she spotlights a different business owner and their company. Moreover, Meredith is also holding a giveaway each week with the businesses she showcases, which helps her with her video engagement!

13 Josh Frappier

RE/MAX on the River | Newburyport, MA

Josh has a consistent show he’s pushing out every week called “East Coast Eats” where he tries local restaurants and reports back on them to his followers. He also spent the time to make a really great intro to his videos that give the viewers the understanding that he is an agent they can work with in the future.

14 Malcolm Lawson

Keller Williams Select Realtors | Annapolis, MD

Malcom is bootstrapping his methods, but he’s consistent and he’s getting a ton of views on what he creates. He does videos like “You know you’re from Maryland If…” and “The Top Free Things to do in Maryland.” He’s talking about local topics that rank highly on Google. They are easily searchable, and he’s winning business because of it.

15 Daniel Martinez

Champions Real Estate Group | Houston, TX

Daniel is constantly showcasing different neighborhoods in Houston. What we love about Daniel’s community videos is the fact that his interviews are extremely raw and well produced. They showcase the passion of each of the business owners very well. Daniel is creating incredible content on Instagram, making great use of both stories and story highlights.

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