The Biggest Problem with our Sales Process and How You Can Avoid It

Last Updated June 27th, 2018

We have a confession.

We didn’t stay true to our core values with our last sales process. Fortunately, we were able to step back and realize what needed to be changed, and take action!

Watch BombCast episode 26 below and read on to learn how we discovered this problem and how we’re working to fix it.

The Problem

Former VP of Content, Jason Sheffield, spoke with BombBomb Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Pacinelli, about our Sales Process reboot. Both Steve and Jason spent a ton of time on the new sales process, and were able to dissect the problem. Steve explained, “Eight months ago, if you looked at our sales process, we were so focused on making a sale.” There’s a difference between making a sale and making a long-term user of your product/services. Our CEO, Conor McCluskey always says “Sales cover up your sins.” What does that mean exactly? It means just because it’s easy to hit numbers and make a sale doesn’t mean you’re not making mistakes in your sales process – or even your product.  Steve states the importance of looking past the number of sales your company is making. Dig deeper into how people are using your product first.

Once you can understand what needs your product will meet for your customers, you can create quality users. You don’t just want someone to be a customer, you want them to become a user who has an action plan with your product. When you encourage them to buy the product, you need to show your customers HOW to use the product. When your customers know how to use the product properly, they will keep using it. This is the key.

The Solution

Our solution to this problem of creating customers rather than users was to provide action plans with our product. We created a free, customizable plan outline to help our customers increase appointments and conversations, build repeat and referral business, and enhance efficiency.

Over the span of a week, Steve and Jason recorded 103 training videos for the action plans that BombBomb is putting together. These are example videos that professionals in a variety of industries could use throughout every stage of the sales funnel.  Taking this step took a lot of time and evaluation but our customers come first. “We don’t want to sell someone BombBomb. We want to sell them a process that will help them.”

How can you fix a sales process issue in your own business? Steve touched on the importance of listening to the customer. Part of humanization is just listening. You also need to take care of their desired outcome. Someone will work with you when you help them reach their desired outcome. If they want to gain more clients through your service, they need to know how to use your service – which is where training and education also come into play.

Steve recommends utilizing “pain, feature, benefit, – action, – tie down,” when speaking with a prospect about your product and services. This is where our custom action plans come into play. Because we offer a two week free trial, we don’t just focus on the “one call close” mentality anymore. We listen to our customers and their business pains. Then we determine if and where our product can help them through that pain, and suggest specific actions that they should take to fix it while they are still able to demo our product.

To signup for a free trial today and get the opportunity to meet with our sales team, and have them craft an action plan for you, click here!

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