How to Send Videos in Gmail with Pop Over Video Recorder

Last Updated January 20th, 2015

Send videos in Gmail with the new pop-over video recorder from BombBomb! We’ve helped you send videos in your Compose and Reply windows for more than a year, but we just released some new touches.

Take a look at the changes to our Gmail video sending process through the BombBomb Google Chrome extension. The extension helps you not only open up the Quick Send anywhere on the web, it also lets you send videos in Gmail “Compose” and “Reply” emails – right there in your inbox!


How To Send Videos in Gmail


What’s the Same with BombBomb in Gmail

  • Send videos in Gmail emails, both in “Compose” or “Reply”
  • Save time by talking to people rather than typing it all out
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors by talking to people rather than typing it all out
  • Help people understand your message more clearly and feel more connected to you by communicating with face, voice, personality, and expertise rather than just typed text
  • Differentiate yourself from others by sending yourself (the messenger) inside video in Gmail emails (the message)
  • Activate the recorder by clicking the little BombBomb icon/logo
  • Experience very minimal encoding time – just record and send!
  • Know your recipient gets a smart streaming video experience, rather than having to download the entire video file to watch
  • No special equipment needed by you or by your recipient – you just need a webcam


What’s New with BombBomb in Gmail

  • Video recorder can be positioned anywhere on the screen
  • Place the recorder near your webcam, even in a dual monitor set up
  • See the entire recorder when replying with a video (was occasionally cut off in previous version)
  • Placeholder showing where the video will go in your “Compose” or “Reply” email

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All you need to get going is a Gmail account, a BombBomb account, and the BombBomb extension for Google Chrome.


Step-By-Step: How to Send Videos in Gmail

  • Get a free BombBomb account (2 week trial) by clicking here
  • Get a free Gmail account (it’s free!) by clicking here
  • Get the Google Chrome internet browser free by clicking here
  • Once you’ve got Chrome installed, click here to get the BombBomb extension
  • Click “Add to Chrome”
  • Log in to BombBomb in Chrome with your main BombBomb credentials (email address & password)
  • Look for the BombBomb icon/logo in your Gmail “Compose” and “Reply” windows
  • Send videos in Gmail to build relationships

Watch the video above to see several of these steps.


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