Send Video in Gmail, Track Results Across Platforms

Last Updated October 6th, 2015

With BombBomb, you can easily record and send video in Gmail.

We also track all your opens and plays for all the emails and videos you send from Gmail.

Now: we give you Gmail tracking across 3 platforms.

Read on to learn what information we give you and how you can choose to receive it.


Send Video in Gmail, Track Results Across Platforms


1. Send Video in Gmail, Track Results in Your Inbox

What You Get

When you connect BombBomb to Gmail with the Google Chrome extension, you get the ability to record and send videos from your Gmail inbox.

Plus, we start tracking all your Gmail email sends, whether or not they include a video.

So, you’ll know exactly when your emails get opened and, whenever applicable, your videos get played.

Every time you send from Gmail. Right inside your Gmail inbox.

How You Get It

In the BombBomb Gmail options, turn on “Desktop Notifications” for live, fly-in notifications on opens for any email sent from Gmail and for any plays when you include a video in a Gmail email.

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You also have the option to “Display Activity List,” which gives you a panel with a running list of emails you’ve sent from Gmail and details of whether and when it was opened and the video was played (if applicable).

You can open and close this tracking panel as you please with the arrows on the right.

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How To Turn It On

Click the “BombBomb” drop down in the upper left of your Gmail inbox.

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From that drop down, choose “Options.” Then, turn off or on your preferences as desired.

“Desktop Notifications” will show you fly-in alerts only when Gmail is open.

“Always Show Desktop Notifications” will show you fly-in alerts even when Gmail is closed.

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2. Send Video in Gmail, Track Results in Mobile App

What You Get

When you send video in Gmail, you can now see the email opens and video plays for those sends with the BombBomb mobile app for iPhone or iPad and for Android.

This is one of the two new additions to Gmail tracking. You’ve always been able to see your opens, clicks, and plays for mobile and web sends in the mobile app – now you see Gmail email opens and video plays in the same ways.

How You Get It

One way to see your Gmail results is with push notifications. They’ll appear at the top of your phone or tablet screen. You can expand it (as seen below). You can click through it to get more detail and contact information for the person who opened your Gmail email or played your video.

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Another way is inside the mobile app itself. The Relationships screen is a running list of email opens, link clicks, and video plays for all your BombBomb sends from the web and mobile apps.

Now, it also includes your Gmail email opens and video plays.

Just visit the screen on the left with the icon of people’s heads and shoulders.

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How To Turn It On

The Relationships feed is always running. To turn on notifications, though, go into the mobile app options and click them on.

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3. Send Video in Gmail, Track Results in Web App

By “Web App,” I mean your main BombBomb account that you log into through your preferred browser at

What You Get

For email and video email sends from your main BombBomb account and from the mobile app, you get tracking and analytics in a variety of ways – including live, real-time alerts, video engagement heatmaps, and detailed “Track” screens for your emails, forms, and videos.

We roll all these analytics into one score – into something we call the Relationship Score.

This score helps you know which lists of people are most engaged with what you’re sending and – more importantly – which individual people are most engaged.

As each person opens emails, clicks links, plays videos, fills out forms, replies with video, and performs other actions, he or she earns points for those actions. Again: so you know who’s most engaged (and who you should be following up with!). For more detail on the Relationship Score (and the color coded emoticon faces), click here.

Now, opens of your Gmail emails and plays of your Gmail videos are factored into the Relationship Score.

Here’s a screen shot showing the color coded Relationship level of some lists and of some individual people in one of those lists. You can click any one of those people and see how and when, exactly, they earned their Relationship Score (which actions, how many points, and when).

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How To Turn It On

The Relationship Score is always up and working in your BombBomb account. You’ll see the results in the mobile app Relationship screen and in the “Lists” area of your main BombBomb account.


Speaking of Results …

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