$11.5 Million Story: Sell Real Estate Listings with Video and 3D

Last Updated April 24th, 2017


BombBomb + Matterport = $11.5 Million Sale!

That’s a subject line of an email I’m definitely going to open. And an animated preview of a video I’m absolutely going to play.

Eileen Lacerte, a real estate agent in Kamuela on the Big Island of Hawaii, kindly sent that our way recently.

A BombBomb customer for just over a year now, Eileen’s recorded and sent more than 300 videos. Many are simple, one-to-one webcam videos. Others are gorgeous, highly produced listing videos. In terms of return on investment, I expect the 7 second webcam video below provided the highest!

Hear in her own words how she combined video email and a 3D showcase to find the $11,500,000 buyer for a custom estate in the largest sale to date this year on the Big Island.

Read Time: 3 minutes, 10 seconds
Video Length: 1 minute, 20 seconds
Takeaway: Tips to sell real estate listings with video


The $11.5 Million Story: Sell Real Estate Listings with Video and 3D

Watch the short video above to hear from Eileen.


Video and 3D to Sell Real Estate Listings

“I had my Matterport 3D video and I sent a BombBomb email,” Eileen explains.

Sent to just over 50 neighbors, her video email enjoyed a 57% open rate. More than half the people watched her short, simple video.

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Click the email above to see that 7 second video.


Eileen’s simple and clear call to action: click the link to see the 3D showcase of the real estate listing. More than half the people took her up on that.

“One of those homeowners showed the email to a friend of theirs,” says Eileen. Matterport’s 3D showcase provided the friend a wonderfully immersive experience.

They watched the video and 3D tour, connected with Eileen, and generated “a double ended sale.”

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Click here for an LA Times story about the property and its sale, including a photo gallery.


3 Tips to Sell Real Estate Listings with Video

1 Use email to promote your listings.

A couple of the reasons email continues to provide the highest ROI among direct marketing channels is that it’s universal (everyone has it and most of us use it every day) and it’s trackable.

This makes email easy to share in a targeted and personal way.

And the analytics allow you to follow up directly with the most interested recipients as defined by their real behavior – opening, playing, and clicking.


2 Use video to promote video.

At times, getting the video view is the entire goal of the send.

But video in email can be used as a means to an end, not just an end in itself.

In this case, Eileen used video to drive the click to the immersive Matterport 3D showcase. You might use a short, personal video to drive a click to a longer home tour video or to a full listing page.

Because it’s the next best thing to being there in person, most sales professionals are more effective and persuasive in video than in plain, typed-out text communication.

And again: you’ll know which agents, neighbors, or buyer leads to call because you’ll know exactly who’s opening, playing, and clicking (and exactly when!).


3 Plan for all phases of selling your listings with video email.

When you make an email in BombBomb’s Email Composer, you can copy it, modify it, and have a whole new email.

To sell real estate listings, create a teaser video email about your new listing. Send it to a tight group of people likely interested in it. And keep it on-hand to send to anyone who inquires about the listing.

Then, copy that initial listing video email and turn it into an open house invite. Copy it again, connect it to a contact form, and follow up with all the open house attendees.

Sell the listing? Copy it and send a “just sold” video email to people who might be interested to know about it.

Status change or price change? Copy it again and send the announcement out to people who’ve opened emails, played videos, or clicked links about that listing.

If you make an email or video email once, it’s easy to get mileage out of it throughout the sales process.


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Thank You and Aloha!

To close the video embedded above, Eileen shares “I thank you, BombBomb and Matterport, for all the help you gave me. Aloha!

The honor and appreciation are all ours, Eileen! Thanks for making us part of how you build relationships and grow your business!

Learn more about Eileen and listings on the Big Island of Hawaii at HawaiiBeachGolf.com


Thanks also to Matterport for creating technology to support a truly unique customer experience.

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