Screen Recorder Essentials: How to Record Yourself and Your Screen at the Same Time 

Last Updated August 27th, 2020

You have to explain something to a prospect or client that would be so much easier to go over in person. But that’s not an option all the time…or is it? It is with a screen recorder!

With BombBomb’s Screen Recorder, you’re able to easily record yourself and your screen at the same time to cover complex details face to face – even when you aren’t able to physically meet. This could be anything from demonstrating how a product works to walking a client through a contract.


Watch the video below for a quick overview of the BombBomb Screen Recorder. Also, keep reading to learn how to use the BombBomb Screen Recorder, see ways you can use the tool, and discover best practices for success…



How to Use the BombBomb Screen Recorder

There are a few ways to use the Screen Recorder on BombBomb. One is within your BombBomb account (Find out how to do that here). However, the simplest way to use the screen recorder is with our BombBomb Google Chrome Extension.


Here’s how it works:

1. Get Google Chrome

To use the extension, you must have Google Chrome installed on your computer. Don’t have it yet? You can get the browser here.


2. Download the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension

Head to the Chrome Web Store, search “BombBomb,” and press the “Add to Chrome” button to get the extension directly on your browser. After that, a small BombBomb icon will pop up next to your web address bar. You can also click here to get the extension instantly.


3. Log In to Your BombBomb Account

Click on the BombBomb Google Chrome icon, and when prompted, enter your BombBomb email and password to log in to the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension.


4. Launch the Screen Recorder

Once you’re logged in, click on the icon again. In the screen that follows, you’ll already be on the “Record” tab.

You’ll have the option to choose your camera. Next, select the “Screen Recorder” option to record yourself and your screen at the same time.


5. Record Your Video

Then, click “Launch Recorder.” A new tab will open asking for permission to launch the Screen Recorded on your computer. Click “Open BombBomb Screen Recorder” to launch the screen recording app.


A small window will pop up of you, in addition to another small window with a button that says “Start Recording.” Press it and the Screen Recorder will count down 3…2…1.

While recording your video, you’ll be able to switch from camera mode to screen mode by pressing the fullscreen icon next to the “Start/Stop Recording” button. When you’re finished recording, click the “Start/Stop Recording” button.


6. Finalize Your Video

When you click the “Stop” button, a new window will appear, which will say “Great recording!” Click the “Okay, thanks!” button and a new window will show up, giving you the option to make finishing touches on your video.

Under “Video Title,” you can customize the title of the video to your liking. You can also choose your video thumbnail by clicking the “Thumbnail” button on the top left corner of your video.

Additionally, you can add a Call-to-Action by clicking “Add a Call to Action Banner” at the bottom of your video. This will help drive your recipients to take the next step you want them to take, like setting an appointment or signing a document. Click that, and you’ll be able to type in your custom CTA banner and link. Press “Save CTA” and it’s all set.

Then, press the “Save” button on the top right on your screen, and your video will automatically save to your BombBomb video library.


7. Send or Share Your Video

Once you save your video, a new window will appear with your animated preview (GIF) and send and share options. These options include: “Copy for Email,” “Copy Link,” and “Send with BombBomb Template.”

Here’s what those options do …

Copy for Email: This option copies the HTML code of your video so that you paste it in an email within a supported email service provider like Outlook, or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

A clear indicator that HTML is supported is if your email provider or CRM allows you to insert a graphic, like a logo or a photo.

Copy Link: This button copies your video URL so that you can paste it in any web-based location – LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook, Slack, and more.

Send with BombBomb Template: This option allows you to send your video with a branded template from your BombBomb account.

Once you press the button, a new tab will open in your browser to the BombBomb Quick Send feature. There, you’ll be able to add in your custom video email template and send your video to entire email lists.


Bonus: Use the Screen Recorder Right Inside Your Gmail Inbox

If you’ve downloaded the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension, you’ll also have access to the BombBomb PowerWheel within your Gmail Inbox. Discover more about the PowerWheel in this post.

The PowerWheel Allows you to record a video right in an email you’re sending in Gmail. Click on the “Compose” button. Then, in the email you’re composing, click the red record button in your PowerWheel. Press the “Screen Record” option on the bottom left corner of the next window to activate the screen recorder.

Then follow steps 5 and 6 above. Once your video is saved, your screen recording will be added to your email.

You can also press the “Record Screen” button located below the “Compose” button in your Gmail inbox to launch the Screen Recorder. From there, you can record your screen recording, save it and set a thumbnail and CTA, and add it to an email.


Screen Recording Best Practices

Want to know the best practices to ensure your screen recording is successful? Here are our recommendations:

Keep It Short and Simple: Make sure your screen recording is no more than five minutes long. This will make the information you’re sharing easier to digest, so your recipient is more likely to retain everything you said.

Be Prepared: Have all the sites and windows pulled up and ready to share before you launch the Screen Recorder. That way you’re not wasting time in your video trying to find the things you need.

Keep Your Video On: In the Screen Recorder, you have the option to exit out of the window that shows your face, while still recording your screen. Try not to do this, and keep your video on instead. You are providing value in this video. Let people associate that value with you!

Be Aware of What Is On Your Screen: Make sure there isn’t any sensitive information on your screen before you start recording. As a rule of thumb, don’t use the Screen Recorder for any information that should not be in an email. Also, double-check that there is nothing on your screen that could be offensive.

Basically, always look to ensure there isn’t anything on your screen that you don’t want people to see. Be aware!

Pause Notifications: Temporarily turn off any notifications (from Google Calendar, Slack, etc.) that you have set up on your computer to eliminate the possibility of distractions in the middle of your screen recording. That way your recipients are focused solely on you.


Ways to Use the Screen Recorder in Your Business

Now that you know the ins and outs of the Screen Recorder, you’re probably wondering the ways you can use it in your business. You can use it to…

Present Information

Any time someone isn’t able to schedule a time to meet with you, this is the perfect opportunity to present information with a screen recording instead.

For salespeople, this can be a quick overview of the sales deck you wanted to show them. Or for teachers, it can be a walkthrough of the lesson plans like the video below…


Sharing complex information with the Screen Recorder offers clarity and enhances retention for your recipients. Ultimately, helping them helps you.

Offer a Demonstration

Want to give people a better understanding of something? The Screen Recorder allows you to offer a demonstration of whatever you need to get across to your recipients.

For customer support, this could be guiding customers through how to resolve any tech or customer service issues they may be experiencing. Or if you’re a salesperson, you can screen record a short product demo to show prospects how your product or service will work for them, like this…


You can also create pre-recorded evergreen demonstration videos on your Screen Recorder that you can use over and over again for multiple recipients. That way you don’t have to type or record the same message repeatedly.

These videos also make for a better experience for your recipient because they can watch and take in the info on their own time, and can refer back to it if they forget something.

Get More Attention

To get someone to play your video, you need to intrigue them. The Screen Recorder offers you great opportunities to stand out and get someone’s attention.

Good ways to do this include screen recording a person’s LinkedIn profile or website. Why does this work? Because it’s something they see every day and recognize so it elicits the curiosity needed to click play.

It’s similar to when someone says your name in a crowded room. You’re drawn to it because it is your name. So the key here is to showcase something that is familiar to your recipients.

For example, a real estate agent may choose to screen record their prospective client’s house on Google Earth. That’s because they know their prospect will be drawn to seeing their home on the screen. See how it was done in the video below…


Using the Screen Recorder to get attention differentiates you and personalizes the experience for your recipients. It offers an element of surprise and gets them invested in what you have to say. This is how you’ll increase the chances of your videos being played.

Check out this post for more guaranteed ways to get your videos played.


Want More Screen Recorder Training Tips?

This post has given you a crash course on the Screen Recorder, but if you want more training as you get started using it, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our webinar, “Screen Recorder Workshop: Best Practices + Examples,” led by BombBomb National Speaker Alicia Berruti and Client Enablement Manager Kevin Andrews.

They’ll give you even more tips, insights, and best practices to succeed with the BombBomb Screen Recorder.



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