10 Email Sales Templates to Improve Your Response Rates

Last Updated December 26th, 2017

Email Sales Templates to Improve Your Response Rates

Do you have a hard time finding the right sales email templates? Look no more.

Reaching out to cold contacts has been an issue for most salespeople from before online marketing.

But, why does that happen?

Talking to new people is something that we’ve all been afraid of at some point. That’s probably because our brains are wired to think of the worst scenarios possible. The truth is the worst that could happen is that they decline your request. And that’s where it ends.

Writing a sales introduction email should not be hard as long as you did your part of research on the person you’re emailing. Once you know a few details about them, you’re on the right track – you can find common ground to connect with them. And that’s the key to maximizing your success rate.

To make sure you’ve done your homework, figure out if you can answer these two questions before sending the email:

  • What are their needs and desires?
  • Do they match the product or service you’re selling?

If you know the answers, you can write them. But if you don’t, then go back to gathering info about your prospect.

Remember: it’s better to get ten replies out of 15 personalized emails than 20 responses out of mass emailing.

But, let’s keep it simple – the goal for the first selling email is to get a response. No phone numbers or appointments.

If you’re wondering how to do that, take a peek below. You’ll find ten free sales email templates based on different strategies that will help you get a positive answer.

1. Give Them a Compliment

This is one of the best strategies out there. The beginning of the email is about them, which catches their attention. Choose something that you really like about them, and tell them why. To maximize your chances, give them a compliment on a specific thing they did.

Hello, Jessica!

Congratulations on the event you organized last week!
People were really excited about the venue and the speakers. Everybody is waiting for a second event, and I, too, hope that you’ve considered it.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

This is just one email template for sales. The introduction can vary depending on the pretext you’re reaching out to your prospect.

2. Ask for Their Advice

This approach has a great success rate because people usually ask for advice from someone they consider an expert.

Hello, Rachel!

I couldn’t help but notice that your LinkedIn profile says you’ve been working in online marketing for the past 13 years.

I have been invited to hold a speech at a seminar about online marketing, and I would need some help with the material I will be presenting. Considering your experienced background, I’d be honored if you were willing to review it for me.

Best regards,

3. Refer to a Mutual Connection

Hello, Matthew!

I and our common connection, Jim Corey, were talking a few days ago about the best people in your field. You were the first one to come to his mind, and he told me how much your programme helped him grow his business.

I will be recording a podcast next week on business development, and I would like you to be the guest. What do you think?

Best regards,

4. Give Them an Insight

This is just another sales introduction email example where you bring value to the table and sell yourself before selling your services. Just make sure that you’re referring to something that has an impact on your prospect’s business or interests.

Hey, Andrew

I was scrolling through your Facebook Page, and I noticed that your posts had decreased their engagement rate.

Usually, that happens when your audience believes that you focus more on what you’re trying to sell than their needs.

But did you know that you can increase the engagement by just rephrasing the message?


5. Offer Your Help for Free

Even if we don’t like it when others point out faults in our work, we do like it when we also get the solution. For instance, how lucky did you feel when you started reading these sales email templates for free? Imagine if someone directly emailed them to you. It’s the same for your prospects.

Hello, Stephanie!

Congratulations on the article you wrote about Social Media Engagement!

It has cleared a lot of question marks I used to have. As I was scrolling through it, I noticed there were lots of ads that hindered me from reading. I had the same problem on my website, and my customers became uninterested in my content, although it was high quality.

Eventually, I hired somebody tot to improve the UX on the site. Since then, my conversion rate has increased by 55%.

If you’d like, I can get you two in touch. Would you be interested?

Best regards,

Email Sales Templates to Improve Your Response Rates

6. Reply to Their Posts on Social Media

Replies to social media posts are just excuses to start a conversation, and they can quickly become the new introduction for a sales email sample for you to use from now on.

Check your prospect’s recent posts on Facebook or LinkedIn and see if they are looking for a recommendation or piece of advice. If that’s the case, you’re the one calling the shots, because you’re addressing a need of which they’re already aware.

Hi, Neil

I saw one of your Facebook posts saying that you’re looking for a new coffee vendor for your restaurant chain. One of my clients has one of the best price offers in the country, and the best service as well.

Would you be interested in receiving their contact?


7. Get Their Reference from Their Customers

Having strong relationships is the core of any business. Get in touch with a few customers of your prospect and ask for their opinion on your prospect or your prospect’s company.

Hello, Emily!

Some of your customers have shared with me the impact your [insert product or business here] has had on their business.

I would be interested in learning more about you and your team’s activity.

How could I do that?

Thank you!

8. Ask Them for Recommendations

Just like asking for advice, asking for suggestions is a great way to show them you validate their opinions.

Hey, Patrick!

I and my team are making a research on the difference of engagement between social media platforms.

We are interested in different plugins that automate the social media marketing schedule.

As an expert in this field, could you refer to us a few plugins that you or your clients have used?

Thank you!

P.S. This approach only works if your team actually is undergoing the said research. You can use any of these great sales email templates, or adapt and create your own, according to the situations you face most often in your company.

9. Or Give Them One

This is another excuse to start a discussion with your prospect, even if they don’t explicitly look for a recommendation. Most likely, they’ll be more than glad to resolve an issue of which they’re probably aware.

Hey Josh,

Thank you for sharing with us all your information and knowledge. I have read all your articles and have watched some of the videos you shared.

However, most of them have a background sound, which makes it hard for people to follow through.

It looks like a problem with the recording device.

If you’d like, I could get you in touch with the manager of [Brand Name], one of the best audio engineering team in the country.

Would you be interested in receiving their contact?

Best regards,

10. Send Them Content Written by Others

The last sample for a sales email introduction is based on providing value by introducing them to new material, that could help them with their issue. By using other people’s content, they will perceive you as more trustworthy.

As long as you don’t have your skin in the game, it means you are focused on helping them. Moreover, it implies that you acknowledge others as authorities in different niches, which adds trust to the equation.

Hi, Lucy!

I’ve read your company’s post about Amazon, and I wanted to share with you an article that helped me gain a better overview of the business.

Have you read it? – https://www.practicalecommerce.com/pros-and-cons-of-selling-on-amazon-business


Your Goal: Initiate a Conversation

There are hundreds more great sales email examples out there. And that’s because, in the end, it’s about the strategy you apply to different situations.

Long story short, the email should be about them.

Just ensure that you don’t get awkward with personal details or that you don’t end up praising them. Keep it simple and honest. Find something for which you honestly look up to them or address one of their needs. Then, use them as an excuse to initiate the conversation.

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