Real Estate Marketing Open House Ideas to Grow Your Business

Last Updated June 29th, 2020

We’ve all been there – you work hard to create an amazing Open House event. You put up signs, bake cookies for guests, and prepare the house so that it looks beautiful for potential homebuyers. Then you open the doors and no one shows up…

No shows mean no leads, and no leads mean no closings. While Open Houses are filled with opportunities to garner leads and sell your listings, all too often it’s a struggle to get people to show up in the first place. Need some Open House ideas to change that?

We’ve got some great real estate marketing tips so that your Open House event stands out from the competition.

Keep reading for some helpful real estate Open House ideas to increase attendance, generate more leads from your event, and close more deals in the future…

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Open House Ideas for Realtors Before the Event Takes Place

1. Tell a Story About the Property

Before you even start your Open House promotion, you need a great listing video to market the property you’re selling. The goal of this should be to give people a sneak peek of the home and tell a story. That way, they’ll be intrigued enough to see it in person at your Open House.

So, how do you go about creating a killer listing video that informs as well as tells a story? The key is to share more than just standard details, like bedroom count and property size.

Not sure where to start? Find out what the previous homeowners loved best about the house. Ask them questions like:

 What did they love about living in this home?
 What was it like to live in the neighborhood?
 What is the community like?
 What are their fondest memories of living here?
 What are your hopes for the next family who lives in this house?

Help the viewer really envision what it’d be like to live in the home.

Brad McCallum – one of our top Video Influencers in the Listing Video Category – of RE/MAX First knows how to capture the essence of a home through story. See how he does this in the listing video below…

2. Garner Interest in Your Open House with a Strategic Email Campaign

Now it’s time to work on an email campaign focused on all the potential buyers in your database. This is one of the most important Open House ideas because email campaigns are crucial to catching the attention of prospective clients.

For effective Open House promotion, you should create a campaign with specific emails that include your Open House announcement, video home tour, an Open House reminder, and event follow-up. People lead busy lives, so it’s important to make sure this campaign includes all the details a recipient needs.

Make sure that your emails answer as many potential questions as possible. Some things to include are:

 Virtual home tour (Check out these tips for creating one)
 Open House time and location
 Home details
 Your contact information

Also, don’t forget to create good real estate email subject lines for your campaign. That’s what will get your emails opened in the first place. If you need help with creating engaging subject lines for your Open House email campaign, read this post.

3. Create a Lead Capture Form to Send Our Open House Info

Time to get the word out. Lead capture forms are a great way to get contact information from potential clients. Essentially, these forms can be linked in your emails, social media platforms, or website for leads to submit their contact information.

The Nathanson Brothers Team with RE/MAX Services uses BombBomb forms to inform people about Open House events. After a lead fills out their information, they receive an email with the Open House details.

While you’re creating your form within BombBomb, include the following to make sure you get the most valuable responses…

 Set it up so that a video email that includes all the Open House details is sent out to everyone who fills out the form.

 Create a new email list that all these contacts will automatically be added to. This way, you can easily send thank you emails later on. You can also contact these people all at once if your property price changes or something important regarding the Open House comes up.

 Add the contacts to your drip email campaigns that we suggested you create earlier. This will save you time so you don’t have to manually add these contacts later. Anyone who fills out the form will automatically get future campaigns unless they opt-out.

Your form questions may differ depending on the event, but here are some important things to always include:

 Phone Number
 Are you currently working with a Realtor? If so, who?

Once your form is done and ready to go, you’re able to get the URL that you can paste anywhere you want to share it.

Check out the video email below (and attached form) that Dan Nathanson of The Nathanson Brothers Team sent for an Open House….


4. Create a Social Media Campaign for Your Open House

Another great way to promote your Open House is to create a social media campaign for it. When mapping out your campaign, remember that your goal is to get people to show up to your open house.

Plan out what you’ll be posting to accomplish this across all your social media platforms. For Facebook, you might want to start by creating an event page for your Open House that you can share regularly. You can also record a Facebook live video, announcing the event in front of the home it will take place at.

Facebook ads are also a great option for targeting local homebuyers. When you create an ad on Facebook for your Open House, you’re able to select a very specific audience like people who live in the same area as your event. Then you can push them to the form you made to collect their information.

On Instagram, you can post sneak peeks of the home in your “story” and add in a “swipe up” feature for people to access the Open House form you created to collect their information.

Schedule posts across your social media channels promoting your Open House in the days leading up to the event. You can even get creative and do a giveaway (with prizes like an iPad or gift card) for people who fill out your Open House form to get more engagement.

Ultimately, you’ll want your social media campaign to intrigue people and leave them wanting more, so they actually show up to your event.

Realtor Open House Ideas to Use During the Event

5. Set Up a Tablet for Getting Email Addresses

Tablets can be a worthwhile investment as a real estate agent, especially when they’re optimized with great apps for Open House marketing.

As Open House guests arrive, let them know they will receive email updates on the property, as well as other listings in the neighborhood when they sign up on the tablet.

Some attendees will likely be residents of the neighborhood who might be interested in selling their own home. By getting their contact information and creating that relationship, you’re increasing your chances of landing more future sales.

If you think it will be a stretch to get people to sign up for future emails they may not want, you could take a different approach. Partner with a local coffee shop and offer “free coffee” coupons to people who sign in.

The tablet can display a screen that says “Sign Up for a Free Coffee!” with a built-in sign-in form. Then you can set it up so whoever signs in with an email will receive a coupon in their inbox.

A great app to download for Open House sign-ins is Spacio. This is a customizable automating visitor registration app that integrates with your BombBomb account. You can send video emails from BombBomb to all your contacts in Spacio. This saves you from having to remember every single Open House guest who walks through the door.

Open House Ideas for After the Event

6. Send a Follow-Up Video Email to All Open House Guests

Now it’s time to follow up with all of your Open House guests! As part of your Open House marketing strategy, we recommend sending a follow-up video to show your sincerity and expertise.

Here are some things your video should include:

A general thank you video while you’re still at the property: You can also send personalized thank you videos for each guest.

Answers to any questions asked at the Open House: Did some of the visitors ask you questions that you didn’t have answers to on the spot? Jot those questions down, so you can figure out helpful answers to add to your follow-up emails (or videos).

Check in to see where everyone is at the homebuying process: You can provide additional value by giving a competitive home analysis. You could also help some clients get pre-approved with a preferred lender.

See how Dan followed up with Open House attendees in the clip below…


7. Create Follow-Up Automations to Keep the Momentum Going

Follow-up video automations can also be sent out in bulk to all who are interested in the home, or they can be personalized videos sent to each individual. Whether the house has sold or the price has changed, it’s good to keep everyone in your database updated.

Some automation ideas you can try include:

 Providing information on other listings you have available, as well as upcoming Open House events that people might be interested in. That way, you don’t lose them as potential clients just because the original house sold.

 Sharing home buying tips and market updates in your videos to establish yourself as an expert these leads can trust so they continue working with you.

 Creating videos about the surrounding neighborhood and highlighting schools, parks, restaurants, businesses, trails, and other exciting features in the area. That way, they continue their house hunt in the area and turn to you to find their dream home.

Find out how to create these automations in BombBomb with this step-by-step post.

Continuing contact will help you maintain a larger potential customer base. By dedicating the time to build relationships with these leads, you’re building trust and rapport with them. Eventually, one of them will result in a closing.

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