Your Real Estate Marketing System: 6.5 (Yes, 6.5) Major Upgrades

Last Updated January 17th, 2018

Prompt is a real estate marketing system that blends automation with your personal, human touch.

Launched in early 2017, thousands of agents rely on it for done-for-you content and consistent messaging to the people who matter most to their businesses – to stay top of mind and generate more conversations. Campaigns in email and social media. Automatic one-to-one videos on birthdays, home anniversaries, and more. And a design pack with your branding.

Based on specific customer feedback, we’ve planned 6 (and a half!) specific improvements to this real estate marketing system that’ll be rolling out over the next couple months. Everything you’ll see is driven by what current Prompt subscribers need and want.

Get the overview by browsing this post. Get the details by watching the webinar recording below (delivered live on Tuesday, January 16, 2018).

Who this webinar is for:

  • current Prompt subscribers
  • current BombBomb customers thinking about upgrading into Prompt
  • anyone interested in a cost-effective real estate marketing system that’s automated, yet personal

At the end of this post, be sure to see the common questions we received on the live session – and get the answers!


6.5 Major Upgrades to Your Real Estate Marketing System


Hosted by our Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Pacinelli, and our Vice President of Content Strategy, Jason Sheffield, this webinar delivers all 6.5 major upgrades in the first 25 minutes or so. The remainder of the time is spent on questions and answers with the live attendees.

Watch any or all of the webinar above to learn in detail about all the upgrades, including a specific content track for our Canadian customers.

Also, learn a bit about 5 of the upgrades below!


Upgrade: Easier Editing

You like the Campaign email and social media post that’s scheduled to go out, but you want to tweak it just a little. Instead of “me” or “I,” you want to refer to your team. Or you just want to add a touch of your own voice.

You’ve long been able to edit the text, but it broke the Prompt flow. With this upgrade, you’ll be able to Edit more easily and directly in-line!

Edit Button
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Upgrade: More Content

You like the Campaign email and social post, but you don’t love it. It doesn’t ring true to you, your business, or your market.

You’ve always been able to cancel a Campaign, but soon you won’t have to cancel it. Instead, you’ll be able to Swap for new content!

Each quarter, we’ll tee up four additional Campaigns from which you can choose.

Swap Button
content picker, done for you content, real estate content, real estate campaign, real estate marketing, real estate marketing system


Upgrade: Screen Recording

This one’s all new and it’ll be available everywhere the BombBomb video recorder is available.

Capture your screen and yourself at the same time. Show a web page, an Excel sheet, a document, a Powerpoint slide or presentation, or anything else … while you remain face to face.

With the forthcoming BombBomb screen recorder, you can be full screen, then put yourself in the corner while you show other material. Bounce back to full screen any time!

This creates many new opportunities for your Prompt videos and any other video you want to send to one or more people from the Composer, Quick Send, Gmail, Outlook (soon), or any of our many CRM and platform integrations!

screen recorder, screen recording, screen capture, real estate marketing system


Upgrade: Additional Social Posts

Prompt includes Campaigns, One-To-Ones, and a Design Pack (including a custom email design for use in Prompt, Composer, Quick Send, and mobile).

The Campaigns include email sends to your database, as well as social posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter.

Soon, though, you’ll have 3 additional posts every month that are exclusively for social! Again, more content for you to stay top of mind and generate conversations. You can edit or cancel any social post.

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Upgrade: Marketing Calendar

Q: With all this new content in this full-blown real estate marketing system, how do you keep track of what’s posting and sending and on which days?

A: With the forthcoming marketing calendar!

You’ll be able to see in a color-coded way your email sends, one-to-one sends, and social posts in a calendar view.

Click in to see the event view to learn more and tweak the details.

Calendar View
marketing calendar, calendar view, real estate marketing calendar, real estate marketing system

Event View
marketing calendar, calendar event, email marketing, social posts, video marketing, real estate marketing system


Common Questions

Do these upgrades change the price of the Prompt subscription? No. See pricing here.


I never got fully set up. How do I do that? Once you’re set up, there’s very little additional time required to get value from Prompt. The best way to get going is to join us for a group coaching session. Click here to see several day/time options!


Can you tell me more about the One-To-One sending engine? Yes. Record one video and have it automatically sent on every birthday, home purchase anniversary, or any other date-based event. Click here to learn more.


What’s the origin of these upgrades? In late fall of 2017, we conducted a survey of our Prompt subscribers about what they liked and what improvements they’d like to see. We identified the biggest needs and wants and created a plan to deliver them to you!


Which real estate CRMs and systems are you integrated with? You can access them from our new dashboard, see them on our integrations page, or even meet the leaders of some of them on our Battle of the Real Estate CRMs and Battle of the Real Estate All-In-One Platforms!


Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter … where’s Instagram? We love Instagram! But they don’t yet support links in posts, which is a key driver of your content in the Prompt email and social plan. We’re paying close attention to it and will add it as soon as it makes sense.


Can we segment our Prompt sending lists? Not right now, but we’re thinking and talking about it because of customer feedback.


Learn More and Get Signed Up

Click here to learn the basics of Prompt.

Click here to see our real estate pricing page.

Click here if you’re a current BombBomb subscriber and want to schedule a call to see if Prompt could be a good fit for you, get your Prompt questions answered, and even upgrade with a pro-rated price relative to your current subscription.

Click here if you’re not yet a current BombBomb subscriber and you want to schedule a call to see if Prompt is a good fit for you, get your Prompt questions answered, and even get signed up.



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