3 Keys to Better Real Estate Email Marketing

Last Updated May 31st, 2017

Our friends at Easy Agent Pro reached out to invite us to add to their rich YouTube channel.

They teach and train on all aspects of marketing and our contribution here is on real estate email – why it’s still fundamental and how to get better results.

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Takeaway: 3 tips to help you send more effective real estate email marketing


3 Keys to Better Real Estate Email Marketing


“Email is still one of the most important channels to be using on a daily basis,” says Kelvin in the introduction.

No, it’s not the newest or hottest channel, but email remains the top direct marketing channel for return on investment.

You’re generating leads in a variety of ways and following up through a variety of channels. In the 5-10 contact points required to convert leads, you should definitely include email. In fact, sometimes the email address is the only accurate piece of information you have.

Following up with new leads, responsive and nonresponsive lead nurturing, working with active buyers and sellers, staying in touch with past clients – email has a role to play throughout the customer lifecycle.

So let’s get better at it!

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Watch the video embedded above to learn about the value of email.


3 Real Estate Email Tips

1. Target your sending.

Targeting simply means being thoughtful and intentional about who gets your email send – and who doesn’t.

Mass blasting hurts you in the long run. It’s like the boy who cried wolf – people stop paying attention when you send them non-targeted, irrelevant messages.

Instead, organize people in your database, CRM, or email platform so you can target sends to the right audience. A-clients, B-clients, C-clients, lead type, lead source, lead stage, buyer/seller, zip code, price points, team members, agent network, mortgage friends, title friends – organize people however you like.

Before you send an email, think about who’s going to receive it and why – because non-targeted sends burn future opportunities.

real estate email, email marketing, real estate marketing, video email, BombBomb, analytics, targeting, email targeting
Watch the video embedded above to learn about targeting.


2. Use your analytics.

One of the reasons email has such a great ROI is that you can track everything. You know exactly who, when, and how engagement is happening.
With BombBomb, you can go in and see this detail any time and even get live alerts as specific types of engagement happen.

This is something you can’t say about many of the other marketing and communication channels on which you rely.

Your goal isn’t sending a newsletter or new listing announcement – your goal is to close business. And analytics are the bridge from sending to closing business.

After the email send, follow up one-to-one by phone, text, email, video email, or any other means with the exact people who demonstrated interest with their real behavior – opening, clicking, watching a video.

Or follow up one-to-many by segmenting new lists based on what people did or didn’t do with that email.

real estate email, email marketing, real estate marketing, video email, BombBomb, analytics, targeting, email targeting
Watch the video embedded above to learn about tracking.


3. Empathy, value, and call to action.

For better emails, voicemails, videos, and other pieces of communication, employ this simple, 3-part framework.

  • Empathy – meet people where they are
  • Value – bring to life your USP, give them something they can’t find online
  • Call to action – make clear the path forward (reply, phone call, click a link, etc)

Watch the embedded video above to learn more about this framework. And see an example from a real estate agent who demonstrates the framework in following up with website leads who provided inaccurate contact information.

real estate email, email marketing, real estate marketing, video email, BombBomb, analytics, empathy, value, call to action
Watch the video embedded above to learn the 3-part communication framework.


Learn More

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Thanks to Kelvin and the Easy Agent Pro team for hosting us on EAP TV!


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