Real Estate Drip Email Example: Nurturing Prospective Home Buyers

We recently released the ability to build and send drip email marketing campaigns into the BombBomb system.  Of course, you can drop video into these drip emails, making them more personal and more powerful.

In addition to a how-to post with an instructional video, we also shared some key concepts about drips and examples of a nurture drip campaign.

Below this video introduction, I’ll outline a drip campaign example specifically for real estate agents.


Nurture prospective home buyers to starting working with you


Educate while building trust and affinity through personal video messages


>Build a custom form in BombBomb (straightforward 4 step process off the “Forms” tab).

>Add your logo or another branding image to the top of the form.

>Make clear in the title of the form that it’s for prospective home buyers.

>Ask for desired data: first name, last name, email address, and phone number (Requiring less data improves form fills.  If you ask for more that name/email/phone, we suggest making those additional fields optional).

>Tie it to a BombBomb list (either an existing list or a new list), so that the new data goes into the system where you want it.

>Tie it to a BombBomb drip, so that the form fill triggers a short series of emails.

>Add the form to your website(s) and blog(s) as a link, button, or full form using the code generated at the end of the 4 step form-building process.

>Add new contacts you receive outside of your website(s) and blog(s) to the list and the drip manually.


Each of these videos should be in the :60 to :90 range – long enough to communicate the key points, but short enough to keep attention.  Use the body of the email to get more specific about and provide links to more information about key points touched on in the video.

1. Thank You – a personal video message complemented by all your contact information.  Thank your prospects for considering working with you.  Establish your specialty, experience, and credibility.  Describe your basic philosophy.  Let them know they’ll get a couple more follow-up emails to help them as they consider buying a home.

2. Top Tips – a set of three tips highly relevant to home buyers.  Provide helpful information and ideas that buyers should be thinking about at this point in the home buying process.  Set expectations.  Ask the questions you’d ask them as you begin working with them.  Take the opportunity to convey again your personality, philosophy, approach, and experience.

3. Local Market – an overview of your local market from the buyer’s perspective.  Describe what’s going on in the local market – trends, price points, neighborhoods, DOM, etc.  Establish your intimate knowledge of the area.  Describe (or better yet show with photos or video) local homes you recently helped people buy.  Connect this with your specialty or geographic focus if you have one.

4. Customer Testimonials – quotes, photos, and/or video from happy home buyers you’ve helped.

5. Next Steps – a personal video message outlining next steps to get going.  Confirm that this is your final video email in the series.  Restate your willingness and ability to help them.  Let them know what to do next.


>Outline your campaign, including how many emails you need to accomplish the goal.

>Draft each email – be clear about the purpose and call to action of each one.

>Draft each video – connect the message to the email’s purpose and call to action, determine the scene/location.

>Build each of the emails using your custom-designed and branded email templates.

>Shoot, upload, and drop into the appropriate emails each of your videos.

>Tie the emails together in a drip email sequence.

>Set the drip intervals at which each of the emails will be sent (in this example, maybe something like: Thank You immediately, Top Tips on Day 1, Local Market on Day 4, Testimonials on Day 7, and Next Steps on Day 10).


> Update your campaign.

Much of the content can stay in place; just freshen it up with more accurate market information and any better examples you’ve picked up since you last produced the campaign.  Consider doing this quarterly, perhaps tied to changes in season if shooting outdoors.  Add newer and more accurate details about trends in the local market.  Add new and better examples of home you helped people buy, if available.  Add new and better customer testimonials, if available.

>Build a more specific drip series for first time home buyers.

>Build a separate drip campaign for prospective home sellers.

>Build a separate drip campaign to recruit new agents.

>Think of ways to reuse and further distribute the content you create for these drips in other channels (blog posts, webinar, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

>Track the success of the individual emails in your drips and your entire campaigns – adjust as necessary or appropriate.

>Have a follow-up plan for people who go through the drip, but do not buy with you.


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Ethan Beute

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