Using Video to Improve Member Retention

Last Updated November 16th, 2018

Coach Kelley works at OrangeTheory Fitness in Colorado Springs as the head trainer. He uses BombBomb to reach out to current clients, and improve member retention. During the BombCast he explained how he just wasn’t getting the responses he wanted from the generic emails their company was sending out. Kelley started sending out video emails and saw a much better response rate. Watch the BombCast episode below to learn more about Coach Kelley’s video strategy.

Using Drip Systems to Stay in Touch – 7:00-8:00

One of the first strategies Coach Kelley touched on was using the drip campaigns (automations) in BombBomb. Every time a new member signs up, they get added to an email list and throughout the early stages of their membership, they automatically get sent video emails. Learn more about Kelley’s strategy on automations in this from 7:00 – 8:00

Use Video Not Only to Communicate with Your Clients, But With Your Staff – 9:00 – 10:13

Kelley mentioned how he uses video to quickly communicate with the other coaches and staff on his team. With how busy everyone seems to be, Kelley explained that his staff is way more likely to click a play button on a video then read a lengthy email. Learn more about how Coach Kelley uses BombBomb to communicate with his team: 9:00-10:13

Using Video to Share Bad News – 11:46 – 13:10

Kelley talked about how he has used video to share bad news – which can be a difficult thing to do just through text. He shared how he teaches a 5am class and one day, after missing an alarm, he didn’t make it to the class. He then sent an apology video email to all of the clients who had showed up for the 5am class. Hear how the video email went over by watching this clip: 11:46 – 13:10

Get the rest of Coach Kelley’s tips by watching the full episode of the BombCast above!

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