How to Build Your Brand & Generate Multi-Million Dollar Listings

Last Updated April 27th, 2018

On April 12th we went LIVE again on the BombCast with Founder of MEIER Real Estate, Michael Meier! Michael shared his experiences of being a influencer for agents and consumers to gain success. We enjoyed hearing about his winning strategies for personal branding and lead conversion. Watch BombCast Episode 17 below.

To kick us off, Michael shared his story from the beginning, using video as a tool to gain exposure around New York City’s real estate market. His experiences tell the story about how video has evolved, but has also stayed to its roots as a way to share an experience. According to Better Homes and Gardens, Michael is know as “One of the top 10 most innovative brokers in the country.” Check out our top takeaways to see what techniques Michael uses to land multi-million dollar listings.

Here are our top two takeaways

Use Video to Educate


Michael has created educational videos both for the consumer and for his agents. His short videos include tips on how to stage a home, negotiate, fix mistakes and more. Michael has gained a lot of exposure from these one minute videos that simply highlight key points. He also knows what he’s doing when it comes to keeping videos the proper length to hold attention. Here’s a great article from HubSpot on the ideal video times for each social media channel – How Long Should Your Videos Be?

Michael not only grew his business through these videos, he branched out his business to another sector. He turned his brokerage into a talent agency for agents! These consumer videos allow his agents to connect what they should be doing to attract potential buyers, sellers and renters. What better way to establish yourself as an industry leader? Here’s a great, quick YouTube course on building an educational channel on YouTube.

Use Video to Gain Exposure


Towards the last portion of this episode, Michael tells us that the best success you can gain from video is relationship building and branding. When you create videos that are consistent and have relevant content, you build up engagement. The opportunity to put your face out there and tell your story can lead to success. Gary Vee is an expert when it comes to gaining exposure and he has a great episode of the #AskGaryVeeShow – How to Gain Exposure With $1,000

At 25:25, Jason brings up that “know, like and trust” is ultimately the deciding factor of who you do business with. This is a major line of defense when going up against the competition. The ability to build a relationship through video as an agent and create a brand for yourself is what it takes to gain exposure and succeed in closing any deal.

For more video and marketing tips, watch the full episode posted above.

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