How to Send a Gmail Video Email: BombBomb PowerWheel

Last Updated June 13th, 2016

BombBomb’s allowed you to send a Gmail video email for more than 2 years now.

With the new BombBomb PowerWheel, though, you’ve got newer and easier ways – and additional benefits like tracking email opens and video plays, scheduling video email sends, setting reminders to follow up, and more.

Learn 4 ways to send Gmail video email with the newest version of BombBomb’s Chrome extension … the PowerWheel.


How to Send Video in Gmail: Meet the PowerWheel


Watch the video above to see all the new features of the BombBomb PowerWheel, including ways to send Gmail video email any time you Compose or Reply in your inbox.

You can record a new video or choose and send any video out of your library. So you can use the same video over and over in different Gmail sends.


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How to Send Gmail Video 1: Red Record Button in PowerWheel

Click the red record button in the middle of the PowerWheel to open up the pop-over recorder.

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From the recorder, click the red circle to record, click the red square to stop, then “Save” to drop the video into the Compose or Reply email. Notice that it’s automatically given an animated preview to help improve video play rate.

NOTE: By clicking and dragging, you can move the video recorder anywhere on your screen and you can move the PowerWheel itself anywhere inside the Compose or Reply window.

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How to Send Gmail Video 2: “Videos” in PowerWheel

The big, red record button opens up the video recorder. The smaller “Videos” button on the PowerWheel opens up your video library.

Any video you’ve recorded or uploaded into your BombBomb account is available here.

You can scroll through them in reverse chronological order (most recent first). You can also filter by tag – so be sure to assign a tag to your frequently used videos in your main BombBomb account.

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After you click the “Videos” button on the PowerWheel, you’ll have access to your BombBomb video library, as well as other tools and features.

Select the video you want, then click “Insert Video.”

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How to Send Gmail Video 3: “Send Video” Button

For a time saving shortcut, click the “Send Video” button in the top left corner of your Gmail inbox.

Just one click of that button will:

  • Create a new “Compose” email
  • Open up the BombBomb video recorder

This button is a carry over from previous versions of the BombBomb extension for Google Chrome.

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How to Send Gmail Video 4: BombBomb Icon in Compose & Reply Windows

Down in your email controls the Compose or Reply window, you can adjust your font, add an image, add a link, and more. You can also open up the BombBomb video recorder or select any video from your BombBomb account.

Just click the BombBomb icon.

This click is also a carry over from previous versions.

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More Upsides to Sending Gmail Video with BombBomb PowerWheel

Click the links below to learn more about other features available around the BombBomb PowerWheel in Gmail.

Tracking email opens and video plays on all Gmail sends

Scheduling emails and video emails to be sent at any day or time in the future

Setting reminders to follow up if someone hasn’t opened your email at a time in the future you choose

Receiving video replies from your Gmail contacts even if they’re not BombBomb customers or Gmail users

Saving and sending canned responses in Gmail instead of writing the same emails over and over or recording the same videos again and again


How To Get Started

You need a BombBomb account. Click here to try it free (no credit card required).

You need a Gmail account or Google Apps account. Click here to get one free.

You need the Google Chrome browser. Click here to get it free.

You need the BombBomb extension for Google Chrome. Click here to get it free.

Try BombBomb Free for 14 Days.

NOTE: for Tracking, Schedule, and Remind to work properly, your BombBomb email address and Gmail address must match.


A More Powerful Gmail Inbox

BombBomb is building for you the standard of excellence in business communication. With the PowerWheel, we want to improve specifically and dramatically the effectiveness and efficiency of your Gmail inbox.

This toolset is included with any BombBomb account. Click here to try BombBomb absolutely free (no credit card required) for two weeks. See if it’s a good fit for you!

Have feedback? You can share it right there through the PowerWheel!

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