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Last Updated October 31st, 2018

The real estate social media category was another extremely competitive section to judge. The people we chose as the top ten individuals in this category could all run their own media companies if their real estate career didn’t end up working out. But they won’t need to because they are killing it with their transactions, too!

The best social accounts we saw were consistent in more than one category and were not afraid to post simple one-to-one videos when they had the right topic to talk about.

Here are some of our favorite tips from our social pros. Plus Tom Ferry talks about the best strategies we saw in the video below.


1 Judy Weiniger

Weiniger Group | Warren, NJ

Photo of Judy Weiniger, Real Estate Video Influencer

In last year’s Real Estate Video Influencer awards, Judy was the winner of the Community Video Category due to her great community highlight videos. This year, Judy landed herself here in the Social Media category due to her commitment to posting on social media regularly. Not only has Judy shown commitment to consistency, SHE’S SHOWN COMMITMENT TO UTILIZING NEWER SOCIAL PLATFORMS SUCH AS FACEBOOK LIVE AND INSTAGRAM STORIES. Judy is also very active on Instagram’s new IGTV platform. You have to keep up with all the changes that are constantly happening with social media, and Judy has definitely done that.

2 Peter Lorimer

PLG Estates | Beverly Hills, CA

Photo of Peter Lorimer, Real Estate Video Influencer

Peter does an amazing job at balancing high production videos and simple video! He not only has a Netflix show called “Stay Here,” but he also has a simple video vlog full of educational content for his following. He is regularly posting content on all of his social channels and he has an extensive amount of content on IGTV. Peter understands that quality and variety is key with social media video, ranking him high in this category.

3 Kala Laos

JK Realty | Gilbert, AZ

Photo of Kala Laos, Real Estate Video Influencer

Kala and her team consistently add to their series, “The Human Factor,” and the series currently has over 215 episodes. Kala has incredible presence on camera. The more you watch her videos, the more you feel like you really know her and her team. She’s thoughtful and uses video to care for her team and to care for her clients. Kala didn’t just start video this year – she has been consistent with video over many years, setting herself apart from the competition.

4 Tom Storey

Storey Team | Royal LePage Signature Realty | Toronto, ON

Photo of Tom Storey, Real Estate Video Influencer

For the past two years, Tom has really gone all out with social media video for his business. On his YouTube channel you’ll find listing videos, educational videos, market updates, and more! He’s made such a name for himself through video in Toronto that you’ll also see him on the local news channel, sharing his real estate expertise. His wide range of quality social media video content ranked him in the top five of this category.

5 Jay Glazer

The Glazer Team | Corcoran + New York, NY

Photo of Jay Glazer, Real Estate Video Influencer

You can’t deny that Jay does an amazing job on social media. He knows who he is and he owns it, making his company branding unique and consistent. Jay does an amazing job and keeps viewers entertained during each video while providing important information and value at the same time. His clients can get a lot of questions answered just visiting his YouTube channel and watching his “Guidance by Glazer” series.

6 Chris Kwon

Douglas Elliman RE | Newport Beach, CA

Photo of Chris Kwon, Real Estate Video Influencers

You’ll have a hard time finding a unique editing style like Chris on other real estate agent’s pages. You’ll love his quirky style right from the get go. He balances entertaining and educational content like a pro. He also lets his personality shine in each video he films. We also love that he publishes his video onto multiple channels, including IGTV, reaching people no matter where they prefer to consume video content.

7 Anne Jones

Windermere Abode | Tacoma, WA

Photo of Anne Jones, Real estate video influencer

Anne has been hard at work the past year on her new series that she’s been showcasing called InsideABODE. This authentic series gives you an inside look at her team’s new brokerage in Tacoma’s Old Town neighborhood. You really get to know Anne and her team in this series and she does an amazing job at building trust through video.

8 Dennis Plintz

Sotheby’s International Realty | Calgary, AB

Dennis Plintz Real Estate Video Influencer Winner

Dennis Plintz stands out on social because of his strong branding. His professional thumbnails on his YouTube channel show the thought he puts behind every video he posts. He consistently adds new content to a few of his social video series. You can see he’s an industry leader through his “Plintz Perspective” series where he gives advice for other agents. You can see he cares about educating his clients through his “The Selling Series” show.

9 Michael Meier

Meier International Real Estate | New York, NY

Photo of Michael Meier, Real Estate Video Influencers

When you look at Michael’s social media accounts, you’ll see he posts great videos across all of them! Michael stands apart due to his MEIER Talks where he interviews other agents and real estate experts. He has consistently added to this series for over a year. We consider Michael an influencer not only due to his consistency when it comes to posting great content, but he’s constantly innovating his content as well.. Just this month, he started a new community series called MEIER Live Parties.

10 Byron Lazine

One + Company | William Raveis Real Estate | Niantic, CT

Photo of Byron Lazine, Real Estate Video Influencer

Byron is killing it on Facebook and YouTube with a video show he co-hosts called “The Real World”. We also love that he’s uploaded every episode to IGTV. This is a series that benefits buyers, sellers, and other real estate agents! Byron also uses this pillar content for other small pieces of content, editing each video into smaller clips for Instagram. He’ll link to the full videos in his Instagram bio like a social media pro! There’s a lot to take away from his strategy.

Honorable Mentions

11 Nicole Freer

Nicole Freer Group at RE/MAX | Katy, TX

Just this year, Nicole and her team have gone all in with social media videos! Nicole has been posting an array of listing videos, vlog episodes, and team videos and though they’re just getting started, they’re cranking out some great content.

12 Andy Green

Green Real Estate Group | Portland, OR

Andy Green knows how to consistently brand his business over all social media channels! You’ll know which videos are his just by glancing at the uniform thumbnails with the bright green background! His videos are eye catching, well titled, and full of great content.

13 Phillip Provost

Coldwell Banker First Realtors | Walla Walla, WA

Philip knows how to commit to a plan and execute it! You’ll notice a good amount of episodes in his WallaWallaWednesday series. He keeps each episode fresh and interesting and keeps the branding for each one consistent. He posts each episode natively to YouTube and Facebook.

14 Kelsey Friedrich

RE/MAX Elite | Brevard County, FL

In 2018, Kelsey really worked on getting more videos out across her social media and she’s done a great job. She lets her personality shine through every video she posts. She also focuses on topics she enjoys, which helps her connect with like-minded clients.

15 Steve Penate

The Steve Penate Group | Peoria, AZ

Steve is a natural on camera and has great energy in every single video he films. He’s very clear with every point he touches on so the viewer isn’t left confused after watching. Through educating on social media, he’s established himself as an industry expert.

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