Gear Review – DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Last Updated February 12th, 2018

Who’s ready to up their game when it comes to video? You don’t have to fork over a ton of money in order to say goodbye to shaky video! In our latest gear review, Jason unboxed the new Osmo Mobile 2! The Osmo Mobile 2 is a handheld gimbal and we think it’s a great accessory for any BombBomb user. Some of you may have already been using the DJI Osmo 1. This recent version has some great new features that Jason talked about during our review.

First Impression

During the initial unboxing, Jason noticed a few things right away. The Osmo Mobile 2 definitely feels lighter and easier to hold. If you’re someone who travels often and is doing video on the move, you’ll love this feature. Along with being lighter, all the buttons are now on the top and can be controlled with just your thumb.

Other Observations…

-Nice packaging
-Easy to hold and maneuver
-Simple set up with app

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Model Differences

After talking about some initial observations, Jason shared comparisons between the old and new model of the DJI Osmo. If you’re already an Osmo user and are considering switching to the newer version, these differences might be important to note.

Pros of the Osmo Mobile 2
-The new model is almost half the price of the original model
-The new model is expandable making it more compatible for all phone sizes
-The new model is able to zoom in and out – a feature the old model doesn’t have

Apart from those great new features, Jason pointed out that you’re able to do vertical video as well as horizontal. You can pan up and down. It is also very intuitive and easy to use. Jason said that the new model feels more plasticky – but it is lighter and less expensive. Overall a good upgrade with a better price as well!

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