Desperate for Differentiation: “That’s All I Need – Just a Foot in the Door”

Last Updated December 1st, 2016


This has changed everything for me.”

A real estate agent in Jacksonville, Florida, Josh Rogers shares his biggest struggle in sales and how he overcame it.

The best part about what Josh shares: “Everybody can do this. There’s no secret.”

Is the struggle about competition? Certainly.
About differentiation? Definitely.
And relationships? Resoundingly!


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Recommendation: Watch the video truly to hear the message and to feel the turns in the story and read the text to assure you don’t miss any of the gold nuggets Josh drops for us all.


Desperate for Differentiation: Sales Struggle and Sales Success


Click to play the video above to hear Josh describe his biggest struggle in sales and how he overcame it with simple iPhone videos in emails and text messages.


The Biggest Struggle That I Had

“The biggest struggle that I had was I felt like I was being blended in with all the other ‘vanilla sheep,'” Josh explains. “There are thousands of real estate agents, some of them stereotypical ‘slimy salespeople,’ and I did not want to be lumped into that group.”

“Any time (Josh) would get any type of lead – through one of the lead systems, Facebook, open houses, sign calls, or referrals – when (he) would make that phone call or send that email,” he was just sending another email or leaving another voicemail. It looked and sounded like those of his competitors – like everyone else. Or, perhaps even worse, it felt like a robot or automated system was shooting out those emails.


I desperately wanted to be heard,” Josh says. He sincerely believes that the way he serves his clients is different and unique. He feels he works harder for his clients and knows he can offer better service than most competitors.

“So I needed a platform to connect and bridge that gap and that’s what BombBomb has done for me through simple video.”


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The Bridge to Differentiation and Connection

This has changed everything for me,” Josh says about sending simple video email and video text messages with BombBomb to his prospects. He records and sends video messages like the one embedded above as part of his lead follow up and nurturing.

“Now what I’m finding is when I send a video messages, whether it’s through text with BombBomb or through email, the response rate is through the roof.”


In fact, 80.72% of sales professionals sending video email with us report a lift in replies and responses compared to plain, typed-out text emails. And nearly 1 in 6 said they doubled or more than doubled their response rate, as Josh has.

And he’s not just getting more responses. He’s getting better responses.

“They say, ‘Josh, I found myself smiling at my phone’ or ‘I found myself smiling back at the computer monitor.’ And the moment I started to get that feedback from these cold leads, I knew I was on to something. Because that’s how I can now rise above the noise and mediocrity.”

He’s not just giving prospects something they can see. He’s giving them something they truly feel.

Differentiation delivered. Desperation resolved.

“Now I’m different and that’s all I needjust a foot in the door,” Josh enthuses.

Separation from the “noise and mediocrity.” More and better replies and responses. A foot in the door!


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Business Boils Down to Relationships

“I use (BombBomb) for everything … I look for excuses and reasons to send these video emails because it’s so powerful and impactful and memorable.”

Beyond one-to-one follow up with new leads, Josh put together a video email drip automation about top mistakes home buyers make and how to avoid them to send to his buyer leads. “It’s cool because the more they watch these videos, the more relationship that’s being built – even though we don’t have a live time conversation.”

And that’s key, because “business boils down to relationships,” according to Josh.

“BombBomb is a platform for me to improve and take the relationship building process so many times faster at a deeper level with total strangers. And I love it.”

“Everybody can do this. There’s no secret.”


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The Set Up for Josh’s Story of Differentiation

This summer, Josh sent a sales success story to us. That video was equally enthusiastic, so I asked him to follow up and explain what his sales process and sales results were like before he started connecting, communicating, differentiating, and converting in this way.

“(Video with BombBomb) has become a way of life. And now that it’s become a way of life, it’s fun to think back about life before using the BombBomb platform,” Josh says in the open of the video at the top of this post.


His story is one of desperation to stand out in a sea of sameness. In a flock of “vanilla sheep.” Against the stereotype of a “slimy salesperson.”

And there’s no greater differentiator than your authentic self.

We’re so pleased to be able to help Josh and thousands of other sales professionals achieve that differentiation you need to connect and convert.


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Another HUGE thank you to Josh for making us part of how he’s winning more business and for taking the time to share stories like this.



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