BombBomb Integration Launches On The Salesforce AppExchange

Last Updated January 7th, 2020

Optimizing your team’s processes by using the Salesforce Cloud CRM Platform is a great step toward increasing productivity. But how do you help your team stand out amongst the competition? By making better connections while adding efficiency into your process with BombBomb Video. It is the perfect complement to your team’s Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Below are some examples of how the BombBomb integration can help you and your team win by:

  • Adding Efficiency To Your Sales Process
  • Tracking Customer Interactions
  • Creating Better Connections
  • Increasing Appointment Hold Rates
  • Standing out to Prospects and Customers

With over a decade of proven experience helping customers communicate, we know video can help your team succeed. BombBomb Video is one of the newest ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) in the Salesforce AppExchange, offering a powerful video email software suite. This gives you and your team the power of video directly inside of Salesforce. No extra extensions, outside programs, or hassle to start seeing results with video. Check out our blog below to see what video inside Salesforce can do for you and your team.

Increase Productivity With Video In The Salesforce CRM

Video provides your team with the ability to make better connections with customers more efficiently than any other form of communication. With the CRM abilities of Salesforce combined with BombBomb Video, you’ll have a winning strategy to optimize your sales and CS team performance. Some ways BombBomb’s Salesforce Integration dramatically increases efficiency are:

  • Working directly inside of Salesforce so your team can record and send videos from the contact record, the case view, or the account record
  • Providing clearer communication than plain-text emails ever could
  • Tracking interactions for video emails including opens, plays, and replies inside of the Salesforce dashboard

Salesforce Video

The Salesforce Lightning Experience CRM provides you with an incredible GTM (Go-To-Market) strategy toolkit. And adding BombBomb’s integration optimizes this process to an unrivaled standard. This is because video allows your team to build better and more efficient connections simultaneously.

By using video to communicate with customers, users can reduce the time needed to exchange messages. What could take several emails to explain can be done within one simple pre-recorded video email. This is because video captures the best part of your company (you and your team) and leverages that strength. Your team’s customers will clearly see, hear, and understand what the message is and feel the emotion being conveyed. The time it takes to try and write the same message is a fraction of what it takes to say it in person. This is why video can increase communication speed while reducing friction.

Inside of your Salesforce Dashboard, you’ll have access to all of your metrics associated with video. This includes team members as well as macro views of video interactions. The tracking insights allow you to know where video works best and how to leverage it to increase your sales process pipeline velocity. You can also set alerts for engagement so you know exactly when customers begin interactions.

Salesforce Dashboard

Build Trust Faster With Personal Video Email

Your customers will know you’re working hard to win their trust by sending a personal video email to them. When they receive a BombBomb Video through Salesforce, they’ll know you took the time to record a meaningful message for them. Furthermore, your customers and prospects can see the video’s length before pressing play, so they’ll know how much time they’ll need to commit to listen to your message. The metrics below reflect results from BombBomb’s current customer base after adopting video:

  • 81% increased response rates
  • 68% increased lead conversion

Those are metrics from a variety of industries and team sizes. Many of them saw these results almost immediately. The power of video is so effective because of the psychology behind communicating face to face. It shows them you’re trying to reach out and connect—something you just can’t recreate with other forms of communication.

Video is such an essential tool for building trust because it helps make that human-to-human connection. Video bridges the gap created by distance, time, and unfamiliarity. By letting someone see your empathy, see your expressions and hear them, they trust you as if you were speaking with them in person.

After spending so much time getting to know a customer through the sales process, they finally chose to work with your company. You don’t want to cheapen their experience by having a weak transition from that sales cycle to the customer cycle. Make this a meaningful moment by using video to have their Sales Representative introduce their Customer Success Manager. Showing new customers they’re working with a team ready to help them gives your brand higher value.

Get Noticed With Outstanding Customer Success Tactics

One of the best facets of using video is with the Salesforce Service Cloud hub. Recording videos to help resolve an issue or introducing a customer to other associates reduces friction in the service process.

Included with your Salesforce integration is BombBomb’s team of experienced success coaches. So, if using video doesn’t feel easy at first we’re ready to help you. Salesforce video training doesn’t have to be difficult, and with our team, you’ll learn:

  • The best practices for sending video
  • Tricks to get comfortable on camera in any environment
  • Feedback on how to improve your videos

Salesforce Service Cloud With BombBomb Integration and Ticket Tracking

We’ve found both in our customer base as well as our own success that video has dramatically increased customer success metrics. Your team will notice the results once they start interacting with customers with video. This builds immediate rapport with your support team and clients, letting them know a human is on the other side ready to help them. 

Another great use for success is being able to share your screen when resolving a technical error with something such as software. By doing so, a support associate can show the customer what they’re doing in a customer’s account and how they’re resolving the issue. This provides immediate ROI for your team while improving transparency with your customers.

Start Sending Salesforce Video Emails

Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange

Check out our listing on the Salesforce AppExchange. BombBomb and Salesforce is the perfect combo to complete any technology stack. If you’re still unsure of where to start, our representatives are ready to help find the best strategy for you and your team. Schedule a demo today to learn more!

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