Framework for Better Video Email: Empathy, Value, Call To Action

Last Updated January 29th, 2016


Better video email requires 3 things: empathy, value, and a clear call to action.


When you keep this framework top of mind, you’ll be making and sending messages that:

  • connect with people
  • reward people for opening and playing
  • help people to respond in the ways you need and want

Take a quick dive into this concept and enjoy the results for years to come.


An Introduction to Better Video Email


Watch the video above to learn about better video email – and better communication.


“The great enemy of clear language is insincerity.” – George Orwell


Better videos and better emails are about clearer language. This structure – empathy, value, and call to action – is based in sincere interest in the other person.

Read through the next section to learn about each of these concepts.


Defining Empathy, Value, and Calls To Action


Empathy: Your ability to understand and relate to their feelings.

Empathy meets people where they are to start building the relationship – to start building “know, like, and trust.” You’re making people feel like it’s about them, not about you. This is where closed transactions start.


Value: Your ability to help people with knowledge and expertise.

Providing value proves to people in a tangible way that you not only have the right information for them, but that you can also interpret that information in ways they can’t get elsewhere. This piece has an element of unique selling proposition (USP) to it. Doing it in video folds your personality in with your expertise.


Call to Action: Your ability to make clear the path forward.

A strong, clear call to action makes it easy to proceed – both for you and for the person with whom you’re communicating. When it’s perfectly obvious what the next step is throughout the conversion process, you’re walking people through the conversion. Don’t show too much of the path forward; focus on the next step or two.


Want a One-Page Guide to This Framework?

We laid this framework into a one-page PDF so you can keep it at hand or on screen.

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Example: Using Empathy, Value, and Calls To Action for Better Video Email

In the video below, Steve talks a little about empathy, value, and call to action in the context of a non-responsive real estate buyer lead follow up video.

Though it’s a specific instance, the framework is widely applicable.


Better Communication

You can apply this framework to any message you want to send to any audience in any medium you’d like to package it and through any channel you want to distribute it.

Voicemails. Traditional emails. Presentations. Conversations!

This isn’t just about better video email. Ultimately, this is about better communication.


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