Asynchronous Video in Consulting: How to Connect When You’re Not in a Zoom Call

Last Updated June 29th, 2021

As a consultant, your expertise is your product. It’s what you are selling. And in order to get people on board with investing in your knowledge and guidance to transform their business, they need to trust you.

Trust is not easy to build with faceless plain-text emails and proposals. You need to establish relationships with prospective clients (and nurture them post-contract) with face-to-face interactions.

This human-centered communication approach is what will build a solid foundation of trust between you and your prospective and existing clients. But we know time is money, and meeting in person isn’t always possible.

Synchronous video tools, like Zoom, are great, but people are busy, and getting them to set time on their calendars to meet can be a challenge. This is when asynchronous video messaging software — like BombBomb — can help you build that trust in between those synchronous video conferencing meetings, just like this…


Asynchronous video messages allow you to…

Set Appointments With Potential Clients

Before you even get the chance to meet with a potential client on Zoom, you have to actually set an appointment with them. Your go-to may be an email or phone call to make that happen, but these are also easy to ignore.

And when you’re trying to sell your expertise, people want to know who you are. They want to know who they are meeting with and what you bring to the table. They need to know why it’s worth taking the time to meet with you in the first place. This is how you’ll attract the best clients for your consultancy in the first place.

Video will set you apart from competing consultancies by showcasing your knowledge face to face — even before you get a chance to meet. See how Elyse Archer of Brand Builders Group showcases the value she has to offer in order to book a meeting…


Help your prospective clients envision the change you can create for them on a one-to-one level with video, like Elyse, and you’ll book that meeting in no time.

Showcase Your Expertise

There’s only so much knowledge you can pack into a half-hour or hour-long Zoom meeting. And building trust in your expertise in that time alone can be difficult, as prospective clients are just beginning to know you.

But if you follow up your meeting with a video message to share more insights, answer any questions that came up during the meeting, and show you were actually listening, your prospective clients will see that you care.

In the video below, you’ll see how Eleah Steinberg of BombBomb shares her knowledge and expertise to stay top of mind with a client before the next Zoom meeting…


They will know that you value them and have their best interests at heart. They will know that you want them to succeed and will truly help them get there.

Add Value Along the Sales Cycle

It may take a while to get the buy-in you need to turn a prospect into a client. But you can make the process more seamless by giving them a taste of what it’s like to have you on board as a consultant.

Use knowledge from previous interactions with potential clients to provide them with added value and a glimpse of what is to come should they choose to work with you. These can be valuable reports, educational presentations, and more.

And you can use video — more specifically, a screen recorder (like this one) — to record yourself and your screen at the same time. That way you can walk them through the resources and knowledge you are providing in person.

Once your prospective clients are ready to sign on the dotted line, you can use a screen recorder to create a video to walk them through the details of the contract, like this…


That way, when you meet over Zoom to close the deal, they’ll be ready.

Build and Strengthen Client Relationships

Once your prospect becomes a client, video becomes even more important. Consistent communication is key to meeting important deadlines, moving work forward, and achieving the results your clients are seeking for their business.

Synchronous video calls will happen every so often, but you will likely need to communicate one to one on a more regular basis. Asynchronous video messages are the perfect way to ask the right questions, offer updates on the progress made so far, and address areas needed for the implementation of your guidance across the organization.

So, where do you start with building and cultivating these client relationships in between Zoom meetings? Try sending weekly video updates on the projects or initiatives you’re working on. Or send a video to check in and see how your clients are doing and ask how you can help them.

Watch how Tyler Gay of Stockbridge Wealth Partners stays in touch with his client in the video below…


This saves you the time of unnecessary Zoom meetings and allows for better and more effective communication between you and your clients to get them the outcomes they long for.

Save Time and Improve Efficiency

Synchronous video conferencing is an amazing way to get face to face with your prospective and existing clients, but the reality is that there are only so many hours in the day.

You are busy. Your prospects and clients are busy. And deciding on a time to meet with everyone’s packed schedules can prove to be an impossible feat.

In the time you spend on back-and-forth emails figuring out when to meet, you can send a video message instead that clearly conveys that matter at hand.

You can even create a prerecorded video like the one Todd Burleson of BombBomb recorded below to send to multiple recipients at the same company.


The message is the same for every recipient, but it still feels personal and resonates with them on a deeper level than a plain-text email would.

Want to Start Leveraging Video Messaging in Your Consultancy?

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