How Steve Got a 25% Lift in Appointments Set with Video Instead of Phone Calls

Last Updated July 20th, 2018

Steve Hougard is a mortgage professional who approaches his business thoughtfully. Like many of the best, he wins through relationships, referrals, and online reviews. Based in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, Steve and his team primarily serve people in North County San Diego. A key driver of his business: appointments set with past clients.

An avid user of BombBomb (well over 1,000 videos recorded and sent!), Steve kindly took the time to describe a specific workflow of his that’s produced a 25% improvement in responses and appointments set in this important segment of his business. How important? It represents 20-25% of his loan volume every year.

Fewer phone calls. Better connection. More appointments. Hear how and why Steve does it in the short video below.


Increasing Appointments Set with One-To-One Videos


In this 3-minute video, Steve covers:

  • Why he sends so many one-to-one videos from BombBomb
  • How he improved results by shifting home anniversary touches from phone calls to videos
  • Why he created beautifully produced customer testimonials and “My Why” video

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Why Steve Sends One-To-One Video Emails

Lke many sales professional who win through relationships and referrals, Steve read The Seven Levels of Communication by Michael Maher. It’s written in narrative form and features a real estate agent struggling in a down economy who learns to be more influential and more personally satisfied in his work from a successful mortgage loan officer.

The top takeaway of “7L” is the Communication Pyramid that organizes communication channels from the lower “informational zone” (ads, direct mail, email, text) up through the “influential zone” (phone calls, events, one-on-one meetings). See the Pyramid below.

Naturally, after reading it, Steve started thinking and working on getting more one-on-one appointments set. He arrived at one-to-one videos as the best route. Here’s how explains it in the video embedded above:

“How can I have more face to face meetings with people? I move for that in all my phone calls, but I thought if I replace a third of my phone calls with videos and be asking for the appointment to meet face to face, then I might have greater success in influencing and moving the needle with my business.”

He started small: “I just tried taking ten phone calls and doing them instead as videos.”

Because it was so effective, he now does one third to one half of his communication with one-to-one videos.

“It’s powerful. I get ‘yes’ and I get the appointment a lot more often than I did with voicemail or text.”

In person appointments are clearly the best way to connect, communicate, and convert. One-to-one videos, though, can be done at scale. You record and send when it’s convenient for you, then each person opens, plays, and experiences you in person when it’s convenient for her or him. BombBomb closes the loop for you because we tell you live, in real time exactly who’s opening, clicking, and playing and exactly when they do it. In just 10 minutes, you can send five or six personal videos. They’re like mini one-on-one appointments.

The genius in Steve’s workflow is that he’s blended one-to-one meetings and videos. He uses one to drive the other and still gets quality face time even when he doesn’t get the appointment.


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25% Lift in Appointments Set with Anniversary Videos

For 6 or 7 years, Steve’s been calling people just before the anniversary of their home purchase or refinance. “The purpose of doing that is to get that connection – the face to face time with the client to set up an appointment to review their loan.”

He was getting good results with this workflow through phone calls, but …

“Implementing the BombBomb video portion really started last year when I wanted to move the needle more and get more call backs and have more appointments with people to review their mortgage. And guess what? It’s working. It’s upped my my numbers with communication on the home anniversary by about 25%.”

How valuable is this lift in replies and appointments set? Significant.

“About 20-25% of my volume each year comes from the anniversary phone call, so that workflow is huge for me and my team,” says Steve. “I will not abandon it and video’s really helped me.”

Steve sends thank you videos to each person involved in a transaction, follow ups to responsive leads, updates about loans in process, happy birthday videos, and a variety of other messages. And they’re all in a similar style. They’re either webcam videos like the one embedded above or they’re handheld mobile videos in his office or at the beach (for a beach example, get our guide to Overcome Your Fear and Gain Confidence on Camera in which he provides some great tips from an oceanside spot).

Below, see an example of his simple, personal anniversary videos that he’s sending instead of making phone calls.


None of his videos are fussy. They’re simple and personal. His tone and his style really carry through. Again, they’re like mini appointments that generate more replies and one-on-one, in-person meetings.


Steve’s Advice for You

Steve closes the video embedded at the top of the post with this:

“I would just encourage you to lean into video. Maybe start with 10 a week, then move up to 20 a week. People love seeing your face and they love that face to face time.”

If you think 10 or 20 videos sounds like a lot, think about how many emails you type out and voicemails you leave. When you get comfortable, it’s often faster and easier to do (and more fun!). And the tracking and alerts we provide help you prioritize your follow up.

And video brings your “Electronic Communication” quality up Maher’s Communication Pyramid for its face-to-face quality. People do love to see you and you do get face time – and you get it at scale. That’s why Steve’s enjoying that 25% lift in one of the most important segments of his business.

Replacing some of your phone calls and typed-out text with simple video messages on a daily basis can change your business.


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A big BombBomb THANK YOU to Steve Hougard for sharing his tips and insights every time we reach out. We sincerely appreciate his time and are inspired by his approach to his business.

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