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Last Updated January 2nd, 2019

A recent study by Small Business Trends shows that only 20% of tech jobs are held by women. Here at BombBomb, we are proud to have some amazing women working in every department of our company. Recognizing the lack of women in the tech world, we decided to start a new videos series, Women In Tech. We interviewed multiple hard working women in our company, with the goal of encouraging others. They each have some amazing advice for women in the working world!

Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Amanda Obringer – Product Manager

During our interview with Amanda, she touched on the important point of being comfortable with being uncomfortable – “Because if you’re going to grow, you have to be uncomfortable.” She said it’s easy to be uncomfortable when she’s simply at a computer solving a coding problem or learning new things. What gets hard is being uncomfortable while solving issues with the team. When you have to share something that might not be well received it’s a vulnerable situation.

Through being a manager, Amanda has been able to develop different skill sets, such as bringing a team together. In school you may develop your skills with coding or with computers, but it’s not until you work with a team that you can really work on your people and teamwork skills.

Your thoughts matter, your opinions matter. You’ve got a lot of skills, know that about yourself. And know where your strengths are and your weaknesses are.

Amanda was recently recognized by Built In Colorado in their article: Women In Tech To Know

Don’t Limit Yourself

Kira Davis – Product Manager

Kira started at BombBomb working in sales. As her knowledge of the company grew, she was able to move to different roles. She spent time with customers and she spent time really learning the product. Kira shared, “I didn’t think product was really a thing for me because I didn’t know how to code or I didn’t know how to design.” Through learning and paying attention, Kira ended up in a role she never imagined having. “I was paying more attention to the product and I think that kinda just evolved into the product actually looking at me.”

No matter your position, you can always work to know your company better and your customers better. That product and customer knowledge is just so valuable and can help you get far in the company you’re at. You can’t let your job position keep you from learning about other areas in the company.

Don’t limit yourself. Don’t think that just because you have one skill set that means you have to stay in a certain type of role. Start listening to your customers, start paying attention to how things work, start getting involved in processes. You gotta create your own path.

Keep Doing What Works For You

Rebecca Svoma – VP of Industry Relations

Right off the bat, Rebecca shared her journey that brought her to BombBomb. She was moving for her husbands job and was unsure of what the move had in store for her. She said, “Once I let go of trying to figure it all out before I got there, everything worked out how it was supposed to and I’m so happy that I’m here.” Sometimes you can’t plan out your career, but if you have skills and build connections, things can work out better than you could’ve imagined.

Rebecca also talked about the importance of doing what’s best for your life in general, not just your career. As a wife and mother, Rebecca was prepared to move to a new place, knowing it was best. Through that came an amazing career opportunity at BombBomb. Sometimes plans change – and that’s ok!

Remember that life happens and when you’re juggling the demands of a family and a career you just have to keep doing what works for you.

Be Ok with Challenges

Sarah Wagle – Creative Director

Sarah starts off her interview with this great thought: “The biggest challenge is being ok with challenges.” Sarah has been designing for over 15 years and explained how she imagined her career being a straight line of progression into leadership. It was hard when challenges came up, keeping her from where she wanted to be. She shared, “What I learned is that, in my career, you actually really need challenges. I fear people or leadership that haven’t gone through challenges because it creates a good leader in you…”

The encouragement that Sarah gives to other women in the workplace is to not feel like you need to be one-dimensional. Bring your whole self to work. Sarah is a wife, a mother, and the Creative Director here at BombBomb. She explained, “You have a skillset set to bring to the company or industry you’re working for but then you also have innate value in whether you are a mother, whether you are a wife, whether you’re single. As a woman there are unique qualities you can bring that companies need.”

The advice that I’d give anybody, especially as a woman in tech, in the marketplace, is to know your value. No matter what job you’re in, you have something to give and you’re a problem solver.

Stay Hungry

Alicia Berruti – National Speaker

How do you show people that you’re ready for a new challenge or a new position in your company? Alicia gives us the advice of “Stay hungry.” She explains how she saw an opportunity for growth at BombBomb and was hungry for more. That showed in her work and her attitude. “I was so excited to switch careers into a place where there was an opportunity for me to learn more things and do more things and I’ve just been really hungry.”

Another piece of advice from Alicia that we love was the tip to talk to your superior and ask, “What should I be doing to further myself? What is the next step?” Alicia also talked to people in different departments of the company and asked what holes they were seeing. Through asking questions and gathering information, Alicia ended up in the brand new role of National Speaker.

“Stay hungry. Don’t get complacent. I think that it’s really easy to get comfortable and get stuck in a rut.

Own Your Role

Sandra Martinez – Director of HR

When asked about growth, Sandra talked about how she’s learned to really own her role in HR. Some women may shy away from certain jobs and Sanda talked about how that can be a tendency. She encourages us with, “If you’re the subject matter expert in your field, with the product you’re working on, whatever it may be, you should assume that and own it.” We have a specific role for a reason and we need to make sure we own our roles.

Sandra ends with the advice to get out of your comfort zone. “I think that learning can be uncomfortable but it’s definitely something that will help you in the long run.” Sandra talked about her leaders early on in her career and how they helped her learn through training. If you have the opportunity to learn, take advantage of that opportunity.

“We have a lot of preconceived notions on what we think we can and can’t do. I think you need to step away from that and stretch yourself.”

We love having these amazing women working here at BombBomb. If you’re a woman in tech looking to join an amazing team, check out some of our new job openings: Work With Us

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