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Building Lasting Bonds: Video Strategies for Customer Loyalty

In this webinar, we feature strategies that will help you understand more deeply why video is integral to your company's growth and how to use it to build loyalty. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Success Stories and Customer Strategies – a panel discussion with BombBomb customers

In this webinar, we feature 3 current customers for an engaging panel discussion, loaded with value and tips from real users, for real users, just like you! WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Prioritize and Personalize: How To Get More Done Using Video Messages

This month, we are taking it back to the basics with a highly tactical video training. We'll be rolling up our sleeves and delving into the features and tools that will revolutionize your day-to-day workflow, increase productivity, and enhance brand awareness. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

5 Videos Everyone Should Have Recorded By Now

Your customers, clients, and partners are expecting a personalized experience from you — but with the down market, lower lead flow, and the increase in digital pollution, how are you finding the time to actually be personal? Watch this session to learn the 5 most impactful videos that you can record once, and use again and again. If you rely on relationships and trust to run your business and you DON’T have these 5 pre-recorded videos at your fingertips, this is a training you won’t want to miss. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Driving Revenue with Video Messages: 7 Steps to Repeatable and Measurable Impact

If you have ever thought “I don’t know when to send videos or what to say to get results” - Good news, you’re not alone. Better news, it’s easier than you think using the BombBomb Method. Two main parts and seven total steps. It’s step-by-step exactly what the teams behind those impressive stats actually did to achieve them. Learn the method in this month’s live Deep Dive training! WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Leveraging Your Humanity in the Age of AI and ChatGPT — a conversation with Micheal Thorne

In our increasingly digital world, communication is often impersonal and automated. Standing out and staying connected, human to human, has never been more important. At the same time, using tools like ChatGPT and AI have helped some people increase their productivity by 5x. So where’s the balance? That’s exactly what we are exploring in this month's training session with special guest, Michael Thorne. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Meaningful Time Management: Saving Time with Video

Have you ever finished your workday wondering where the time went and wishing you could have accomplished more? Building meaningful relationships with your clients should be a priority but how do you find the time? That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this month's Deep Dive. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Conquer Your Fear: 4 Simple Ways To Get More Comfortable On Camera

If you’re not using video consistently or well, we know why. You may lack confidence, comfort, or certainty on camera. How do I look? How do I sound? Am I doing this right? Am I doing this well enough? If you’re still showing up on meetings with your camera off or you’ve signed up for BombBomb but don’t use it, this session is for you. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Video Ambition vs. Video Execution: How To Actually Be Successful With Video

In our last few Deep Dive webinars, we’ve focused a lot on mindset and strategy. This month we're taking it back to the basics with a tactical walkthrough of our 5 most effective features. This live training is going to turn your video ambition into video execution. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Grow Your Revenue and Your Relationships In 2023

Surviving a downturn market means more urgency in the new year planning process — you need to make things happen, NOW. There is really only one thing on the mind as the year comes to a close: GROWTH. Growth in revenue and growth in business relationships are crucial in order to survive the new year. Join to learn a video strategy to grow your revenue and relationships in 2023. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Building a Habit of Gratitude

Whether you’re brand new to BombBomb or you have thousands of videos in your account, the end of the year and the upcoming holiday season is one of the best opportunities to set aside time, reflect on the past year, and record some gratitude videos. In this month’s Deep Dive, we’re going to give you a framework to build your own habit of gratitude using video. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

10 Top Tactics from Our Wall Street Journal Bestseller feat. Ethan Beute and Steve Pacinelli

Struggling to stay personal when you’re forced to be virtual? So were we. That’s why we developed a framework, gathered expert strategies and tactics, then wrote and released Human-Centered Communication one year ago. Join the co-authors, CMO Steve Pacinelli and Chief Evangelist Ethan Beute, for a live, interactive guide to 10 of the top tactics in the book - things you can put in play today! WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Video Content feat. Chelsea Peitz

When it comes to video (and especially video on special media) it's easy to feel overwhelmed before you even get started. And you're not alone. This month we're bringing on social media expert, best-selling author, and podcast host, Chelsea Peitz to help us dive into the real reason you're frustrated with social media content, how the algorithms work, and a simple strategy to make video content that connects and converts. You're not going to want to miss this one. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

“The Worst Video I Ever Sent”— with Special Guest Michael Thorne

As much as we try to avoid it, tough conversations are something we all have to navigate. In this month's Deep Dive we are bringing on special guest Michael Thorne who has spent 20+ years in the real estate industry, named Inman News’ 100 Top Real Estate Innovators, and sent over 2000 personal videos. Join us live to hear Michael’s perspective on using video to add humanity back into difficult business conversations. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Get Your Videos Played: More Impact. More Often.

Do you ever find yourself asking, “Why didn’t they play my video?” No matter how you use video, you need to attract attention, provide value, and solicit replies. Join us to learn why your videos might not be getting played and leave with a simple strategy to create videos people want to engage. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

3 Surprising Ways Trusted Advisors Are Growing Their Networks

Our interactions online and in digital places are only going to increase — not decrease. And in those online spaces where our businesses are competitive and commoditized, client experience is the differentiator. YOU are the most important part of the experience. In this session, you’ll learn the secret to using video messages to become a trusted advisor in your field. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Not All Noise is Bad: Fighting Digital Pollution to Build Trust Online

In this day and age, digital noise (or digital pollution as we call it) bombards us everytime we’re online. But here’s the silver lining for those of us in sales trying to get attention and break through all the clutter — not all noise is bad. In this training, we’ll help you build a framework for breaking through the noise and creating meaningful digital interactions with your clients and prospects. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

April Deep Dive (FAQs)

Putting our customers first means answering your questions and addressing the topics that will make the biggest impact for you and your business. Check out this months Deep Dive where we answered the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

One team: Create and Maintain Realtor Relationships (feat. Homebot)

Learn the most effective ways other loan officers are combining relevant information with personalized videos to build stronger realtor relationships, win more business, and become the lender of choice. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Gain Confidence on Camera

If you’re not using video consistently or well, we know why. You may lack confidence, comfort, or certainty on camera. How do I look? How do I sound? Am I doing this right? If you’re still showing up to meetings with your camera off or you’ve signed up for a video service but don’t use it, this webinar is for you. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

3 Things, 3 Sales Experts Recommend to Every Seller

Throughout the process of writing our new book, Human-Centered Communication: A Business Case Against Digital Pollution, co-authors Steve Pacinelli, and Ethan Beute interviewed eleven sales experts on the problem of digital pollution and the solution of Human-Centered Communication. In this month’s webinar, we’re breaking down some of the very best advice straight from the experts. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Owning Your Own Video Success: The Resources You Need to Thrive

Have you ever set a goal that you ultimately did not reach and you’re still not really sure why? Do you wish you could learn from someone in your industry that is already seeing lots of success with video? Regardless of where you are in your video journey, you’re not going to reach your goals unless you have the resources to do it. Join our next training session, and we’ll give you the resources you need to own your own video success. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

How to Get Your Emails Out of Spam (and Back in the Inbox)

Deliverability, Spam folders, email compliance, suppression lists… These things can seem complicated at first glance, but understanding and respecting them can be the difference between your emails being opened and responded to and your emails being ignored. Join us as we sit down with Conner Vickery, our Deliverability Analyst at BombBomb, to get tips on avoiding the dreaded spam folder. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Video prospecting 101: Three experts share the basics of how video helps them stand out.

Today, standing out and building trust with your prospects is next to impossible. Even if you’re doing everything right, most people have been conditioned to ignore or mistrust the messages they receive. In this session, we will be interviewing an expert panel to break down the simple solution that will help you stand out from the crowd and close more business: Video Prospecting. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

3 Times Video Beats Plain Text

So join us live for a webinar to cover 3 specific situations where video beats plain text, and how to use video efficiently and effectively to communicate and win more business. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Appointment Setting Strategies: How Personalization Can Help You Stand Out

Join us for a deep dive into Appointment Setting Strategy. In this video we break down best practices and suggestions for incorportating video messaging into your strategy. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Leveraging LinkedIn For More Meaningful Business Relationships

Join us for a deep dive into LinkedIn and Social Selling Strategy. In this video we break down best practices and suggestions for incorportating video messaging into your strategy. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Four Simple Ways to Make Each Sales Action More Productive

In the webinar attached, we dive into the tools, tips and tricks our own team uses to maximize sales productivity and how YOU can make your sales motion more effective. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Empathetic Gratitude Messages for More Meaningful Business in 2021

In the webinar attached, we want to show you a simple and authentic approach to “thank you” messages, that will carry the weight of gratitude to your recipients. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Holiday Greetings for Business: Genuine Ways to Reach Out to Your Clients this Season!

In the webinar attached, we're going to talk about how you can use video to reach out to your clients over the holidays with empathy and kindness. You'll also learn how to structure your holiday video messages what topics to speak to in those videos, and when to send these videos. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

How to Identify Ideal Customers Using Video Analytics

Want to learn how to use BombBomb’s redesigned tracking capabilities to better understand how your video content is performing, and who it’s resonating with? Watch the webinar attached to learn more. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Personal Referral Strategies That Will Transform Your Business

Are you interested in learning more about how to use video to generate new business and remain top of mind with your past clients? Watch the webinar attached to learn more. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Video CTAs Your Audience Can't Help But Click

Are your recipients taking the next step after they watch your video? Make it crystal clear what you want them to do, with clickable calls-to-action placed directly on your video - whether it's to visit your website, schedule a meeting, or any next step. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Screen Recorder Workshop: Best Practices + Examples

We are diving into Screen Recorder best practices as well as video ideas so you can start using this BombBomb tool like a pro. We can’t wait to show you how it can impact your business and save you time. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Get Ultimate Versatility with BombBomb and Google Chrome

During this Deep Dive training, you’re going to learn how the BombBomb Chrome Extension allows you to send videos over any email platform, CRM, and many popular social media sites. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Exceptional Mobile Videos: How to Use our Redesigned App to Your Benefit.

Join us to learn our favorite mobile strategies and get a deeper look at the incredible enhancements to our new mobile app. With the BombBomb Mobile App, you can keep in touch with people in your network at just the right moment. It will also help you follow up with new leads in a warmer, more memorable way, and save yourself a significant amount of time. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Gear Guidance: Everything You Need to Send Quality Videos From Home

Video is a necessary tool that helps us get face-to-face with our contacts as we continue on with our new normal. We’re here to give you some actionable steps and gear recommendations to help you create quality videos at home! Don’t let fear OR gear become a roadblock to your success. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Staying Connected with Clients During a Crisis

Right now, face-to-face communication matters more than ever! If you’re working from home and wondering how to maintain all the important relationships you’ve built in your business, this live training is for you. Video is going to be the best possible way to check in with people who matter. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

The Most Successful LinkedIn Prospecting Videos We've Seen Yet

Are you using LinkedIn to reach out to potential clients? It’s hard to connect with someone you’ve never met - especially with plain typed-out text. Using personalized video can really help you stand out on LinkedIn. During this training you’ll learn the best practices to follow to ensure you see the best results with your LinkedIn Prospecting. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Unique Ways to Set & Hold More Appointments with Video

It's hard to stand out when reaching out to perspective clients with plain text email. According to TOPO, only 24% of sales emails are opened, let alone responded to. Video is the perfect tool to help you engage your leads and encourage them to complete a specific action - like setting an appointment and actually showing up for that appointment as well! WATCH RECORDED SESSION

How to Scale Yourself: The fastest ways to save time in your sales process.

Strategically adding video into your day-to-day communication can really help you get face to face at scale. Tune in to hear the best practices that will help you save time while still communicating in a more personal way. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

5 Gratitude Videos to Send for More Meaningful Business

You know the feeling of excitement you get after seeing a package on your doorstep when you weren’t expecting anything? That’s exactly how your clients will feel when you reach out to them with a genuine thank you video! Learn 5 different types of gratitude videos you can start sending to your database. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

3 Holiday Email Strategies to set yourself up for success.

The holidays can be an exceptionally busy time. Family commitments, seasonal traditions...yet you still need a way to stay top of mind with your sphere through the end of the year. Join this 1 hour webinar and learn 3 email strategies that will set you up for success this holiday season! WATCH RECORDED SESSION

10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With BombBomb

Whether you’re brand new to BombBomb or a seasoned BombBomb veteran, join us for this webinar to make sure you're getting the most out of your account. Get ready to learn proven tips & tricks with video, as well as info about other BombBomb features you might not know about. Don’t miss this live training session, and start utilizing your BombBomb account to its full potential! WATCH RECORDED SESSION

A Simple Process to Convert More Leads with Video

Looking for practical and proven video strategies and tips to help you win more business? Join us to learn a simple process to quickly and effectively generate replies, build trust, and convert more leads with video. During this 1 hour webinar, we’ll review some of the highest converting lead videos so you can see how to replicate their success. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Guaranteed Ways to Get Your Videos Played

You put your time, thought, and effort into a video … but no one plays it. This feels discouraging and demoralizing. It can almost make you not want to record again. But you have an important message to get across. You have value to give your prospects and clients. So, you can’t give up … and we can help! WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Overcome Your Fear of Video

Have you ever tried to record a video and worried about the way you look or the way you sound? Or maybe you don't feel tech savvy enough to do video? Tune in for practical tips to help you become comfortable on camera. Don't let the fear hold you back from better communication another day. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Why Some Videos Win and Others Fail: Lessons from 20,000,000 One-to-One Videos

“Why didn’t they watch my video?” Chances are you’ve asked yourself this question if you’re using video in your business. Video can really improve your sales process but lack of certain strategies can cause your videos to flop. Discover what we’ve learned from over 40,00 people using video and start seeing awesome results from your videos. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Four Great Ways To Use Video That We Learned From 100+ Customer Stories.

We asked our customers to send us their video story. And stories not specific to how they are using BombBomb, but examples of how they are using video in general.We've compiled some of our favorite stories from this process into an easy 30 minute training. In it, we show you clips from each user where they explain their process. We also show actual video examples that each person has sent and teach to why these strategies are so beneficial. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

How to Generate More Money from your Sphere

Repeat and referral opportunities are the lifeline of your real estate business.But finding these opportunities in your database can sometimes be difficult.That's why we’ve pulled together our favorite tips to help you stay connected and ultimately generate more money from your sphere. If you're struggling to find ways to remain top of mind when it matters most, mark your calendar - this is a webinar you won't want to miss. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Salesperson's Guide to Video

There’s no denying it - video is everywhere. It’s clear that video is the right direction to move your business. Whether it’s through simple video or more polished professional video, we’ll be giving you recommendations to get started during this webinar. Get a basic lay of the land and learn what type of video setup is best for you. Hint: you may already have everything you need! WATCH RECORDED SESSION

5 Times Video Beats Plain Text

Have you ever misread an email? Or been misunderstood in a text message? Of course. We all have. And it’s because plain, typed-out text strips out all those rich, nonverbal cues our brains are wired to receive from one another.Because it’s more personal and human, video helps you communicate, connect, and convert more effectively. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Make Gmail Your Secret Agent: Tracking, Scheduling and Other Lesser-Known Inbox Tricks

With the BombBomb Chrome extension and the Inbox by BombBomb app, your Gmail can act as your secret agent, an operative pulling in detailed information you can use to track engagement, plan follow-ups, and communicate with others on the move. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

3 BombBomb Video Emails to get you through the Holidays

The holidays can be an exceptionally busy time. Family commitments, seasonal traditions...yet you still need a way to stay top of mind with your sphere through the end of the year. In this quick webinar, you’ll learn about 3 BombBomb video emails you should use this holiday season to stay in touch with the people who matter most, in a personal, professional way. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

BombBomb’s 5 New Features

With all the new product features and updates that our team has worked on, it was time for a product premiere webinar! During the webinar we covered upgrades to replies and responses, Gmail, Outlook, Android, iPhone, and more. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Get Your Own Custom Video Action Plan

Educating your customer on using your product or service is fundamentally important. You don’t want people to just buy your product or service, you want them to use it and use it confidently. The leadership team here at BombBomb saw the need for video education in sales and realized that our strategy needed a refresh. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Prompt Best Practices: Get the most from your Prompt subscription!

Are you taking advantage of everything your Prompt subscription has to offer? In this webinar, we discuss how to capitalize on some of Prompt's most valuable tools & features. You'll learn the benefits of incorporating video into your Prompt content, tips for sharing to social, how to set up Prompt one-to-ones, and more! WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Simplify Your Workflow With BombBomb for Outlook

Do you use Outlook desktop as your primary email inbox? Ever wish there was a better, faster way to communicate your message than typing out another 4 paragraph email? Or a way to generate more replies to your emails? Well, friends - you're in luck! In this live training session, we'll teach you everything you need to know to replace some of your plain, typed-out text with simple video messages - directly inside your Outlook inbox. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

BombBomb Spring Cleaning: Benefits of Organizing Your Video & Email Library

As you record and send regularly with BombBomb, your videos and emails can accumulate quickly, making it a little overwhelming to find “that one video” or “that last email” in your account. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! In this webinar, we share tips and best practices for organizing your content so you can keep your account clean and easy to navigate! WATCH RECORDED SESSION

The BombBomb Screen Recorder - Save Time and Communicate with Clarity!

Sometimes a little visual aid can make all the difference for effectively answering questions and communicating important details! With BombBomb’s screen recorder feature, you can record your computer screen and yourself at the same time - conveniently allowing your recipient to see what you’re explaining visually for a clearer understanding. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Ultimate Video Versatility with the BombBomb Chrome Extension

The BombBomb Chrome extension brings the best parts of BombBomb right into your Google Chrome browser. With the Chrome extension, you can record videos, send video emails, access your video links, and copy your videos into other platforms without going into your BombBomb account, even if you don’t use Gmail. WATCH RECORDED SESSION

Amplify Your Zillow Lead Response with BombBomb

First impressions are everything and giving new prospects a better sense of who you are from the start can dramatically improve your odds of conversion. In this session, learn how to engage cold prospects more effectively by incorporating video into your lead response. WATCH RECORDED SESSION
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