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Start fast, save time, and grow your business. Hear from our BombBomb experts and learn the best tools to help you get results right away. This hour-long session is jam-packed with some of the best tips and training you'll find. Join us today! Sessions are held: M‑F @ 10am & 2pm (Mountain Time)


Latest Sessions

Prompt Best Practices: Get the most from your Prompt subscription!

Are you taking advantage of everything your Prompt subscription has to offer? In this webinar, we discuss how to capitalize on some of Prompt's most valuable tools & features. You'll learn the benefits of incorporating video into your Prompt content, tips for sharing to social, how to set up Prompt one-to-ones, and more!

Simplify Your Workflow With BombBomb for Outlook

Do you use Outlook desktop as your primary email inbox? Ever wish there was a better, faster way to communicate your message than typing out another 4 paragraph email? Or a way to generate more replies to your emails? Well, friends - you're in luck! In this live training session, we'll teach you everything you need to know to replace some of your plain, typed-out text with simple video messages - directly inside your Outlook inbox.

Learn how to install and using BombBomb's new Outlook Add-in for Outlook desktop versions 2010, 2013, and 2016 for Windows.

BombBomb Spring Cleaning: Benefits of Organizing Your Video & Email Library

As you record and send regularly with BombBomb, your videos and emails can accumulate quickly, making it a little overwhelming to find “that one video” or “that last email” in your account. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! In this webinar, we share tips and best practices for organizing your content so you can keep your account clean and easy to navigate!

The BombBomb Screen Recorder - Save Time and Communicate with Clarity!

Sometimes a little visual aid can make all the difference for effectively answering questions and communicating important details! With BombBomb’s screen recorder feature, you can record your computer screen and yourself at the same time - conveniently allowing your recipient to see what you’re explaining visually for a clearer understanding.

Ultimate Video Versatility with the BombBomb Chrome Extension

The BombBomb Chrome extension brings the best parts of BombBomb right into your Google Chrome browser. With the Chrome extension, you can record videos, send video emails, access your video links, and copy your videos into other platforms without going into your BombBomb account, even if you don’t use Gmail.

Amplify Your Zillow Lead Response with BombBomb

First impressions are everything and giving new prospects a better sense of who you are from the start can dramatically improve your odds of conversion. In this session, learn how to engage cold prospects more effectively by incorporating video into your lead response.

From Lead to Close: BombBomb Automations

New prospect. New customer. New employee. No matter what business you’re in, you’ve likely got several opportunities to win with an email drip campaign.

Automated campaigns allow you to stay in front of people over longer periods of time in a helpful way. Learn the strategies behind creating a successful automated email campaign in this live session!

Lead Capture Through BombBomb Forms

For paid traffic. On social media. Out of emails. Live at an event. From your website.

Your opportunities to generate leads, capture important contact information, and deliver value with BombBomb forms are everywhere.

Learn how to put one of the most powerful yet underused features of BombBomb to work in your business!

Email Design with Results in Mind

Are you ready to amp up your email strategy and get the results you’ve been waiting for? Check out this one-hour session where we’ll equip you with everything you need to know to create compelling custom email designs, that speak to your customers in your branding, through the BombBomb drag-and-drop Email Composer!

Setting a Foundation for Success

Need help navigating your account or want to learn how to successfully leverage BombBomb in your business? Get expert guidance from set-up to send in this LIVE, online training session!

Grow Your Confidence on Camera

Learn best practices and strategies for putting your best face forward and growing your confidence with video. Don't miss this opportunity for LIVE group training with active learner participation!

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