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Video outreach is challenging– there’s no point in sugarcoating it. Every day you’re dealing with ignored emails, appointment no-shows, and little opportunity for the face-to-face interactions needed to close deals. But outreach videos change that.

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Outbound Outreach

One of the most effective places to use video is inside prospecting sequences. While many of your competitors will be cold calling and sending out plain-text emails, you will be able to differentiate yourself by “putting a face to a name” and showing that you are a real and trustworthy person.

Devon does just that in the video above. She starts out the video with a whiteboard with the decision-maker’s name on it to show him she made it just for him. She keeps the video short and sweet. And her call-to-action is not a hard ask. It’s a simple 5-10 minute phone call.

Unresponsive Leads

Many sales teams are used to dealing with unresponsive leads. It’s rare to come across someone who answers all of your emails, calls, or even texts. The challenging part is getting their attention when all else fails. This is another opportunity where video can really help your team shine!

In the video above, Abby uses the BombBomb screen recorder to get the attention of a decision-maker she’s been reaching out to for some time.

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Inbound Lead Response

If you have a form on your website where warm leads can submit their contact information, this is a great place to insert a video. It allows your team to follow up with these individuals in a personable and memorable way. Because speed to lead is key, this video can be done quickly. Your team can either insert a pre-recorded video or create a personal video through their mobile device or webcam.

Brooke uses a video like this to reach out to a lead that inquired more information about her company’s services from their website. Brooke makes a personalized version of this video whenever she can. Her example is quick, explains that she wants to talk more with the lead in order to provide value, and closes off with a call-to-action. If her prospect is also receiving communication from competitors, Brooke’s response will stand out and help her establish trust early on.


Recently, LinkedIn has become a major tool for sales professionals to use to reach out to decision-makers. But unfortunately, many people are using the platform incorrectly. People want personalization and customization in their LinkedIn inbox, not hard pitches as soon as they’ve accepted a connection request.

Ethan uses LinkedIn regularly to both develop and foster relationships with likeminded people and search for potential podcast guests. He’s created a pre-recorded video that he sends to multiple people as soon as they connect with him on the platform. It’s extremely friendly, and perfect for top of funnel leads. There’s no hard ask, just a description of what topics Ethan is an expert in, as well as an invitation for the person to reach out with any questions they might have.

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Checking In

According to MarketingDonut, 44 percent of salespeople give up after just one rejection. But if your team did all the right steps in order to qualify the lead and they know your company can bring them a ton of value, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try to reestablish a relationship later. Video is a great way to do just that.

In the video above, Ryan reaches back out to a lead that his company hasn’t spoken to in over six months. After calling and leaving a voicemail, he sent her a video to put a face to a name. He’s extremely sincere and elaborates on the fact that he knows his company can help her out.

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