Training & Education with Video

Training and education is a great way to help your clients and referral partners have a positive experience with your brand. Using video for training and education is a no-brainer. It will help your clients and partners have a better understanding of your industry, your product, and how you can be of service.

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How-to Video

Explaining things and answering questions for your customers is so much easier in person. But there are only so many hours in a day, and meeting with every customer needing support is not feasible. Video, however, allows you to communicate with clients “in person” to offer clear guidance and assistance relating to your product or service.

In the video above, Michaela walks her customer through copying contacts from one email list to another in BombBomb. Only she doesn’t just tell her clients what to do and hope they figure it out. Michaela shows them how to do it step by step with her screen recorder. This is how you keep your customers happy and retain them. Because she’s not just another support bot giving them automated responses. She’s giving them a truly personal customer experience, eliminating the constant back and forth and frustration of plain-text emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ videos are some of the first videos you should create once starting your video journey. We recommend creating a list of all of the most common questions you are asked and creating evergreen videos to answer each of those questions. This will both save you time and improve the communication process you have with your clients.

Amy is a video pro. In the video above, you’ll see her address a common question her sellers ask while prepping their home for purchase. She includes this video inside an email drip campaign that she has created for all her seller listings. This helps prepare her clients for the process ahead and attempts to prevent roadblocks.

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Market Update - Past & Present Clients

Staying in touch with current leads and former clients is essential to a successful marketing strategy. You’ve worked hard to develop these strong connections and don’t want to lose them to others because you didn’t reach out enough to stay on their radar. But it’s not solely about the touch alone. It’s about providing value and building trust. And to do this effectively, you need video.

This is what Eric does to stay in front of his past and prospective customers. He sends them regular market updates to keep them informed in case they’re looking to buy a house or thinking about it. There’s no sales pitch – just facts. By sharing his expertise, Eric is establishing himself as a go-to mortgage expert that his recipients can count on.

Market Update - Referral Partners

Referral partners are vital to business growth. In order to establish these relationships, you need to get face to face with potential partners regularly. However, with your busy schedule and their busy schedules, in-person meetings are hard to make happen. But video email makes it possible to foster and strengthen these connections in a more personal way.

Eric sends regular market updates like the one above to stay top of mind with his current and potential referral partners. He starts off by inviting his recipients to actually meet with him in person at a conference. Then, he moves on to provide market information from the mortgage point of view. Eric is showing what he has to offer as a mortgage professional and why he’s someone that people would want to work with. This is what will generate more referral partnerships and solidify existing ones.

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