Overcoming Objections with Video

Overcoming objections is a skill that every sales professional must master. However, even once mastered, it’s challenging to deliver your objection response through plain text. Video will allow you to answer these questions as though you were there in person. It will help you convey the honesty, sincerity, and empathy needed to keep your prospects at ease.

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Prospecting Objection

Almost every prospect your team will encounter is going to have some sort of objection. And in many calls, your team might be thrown an objection that they can’t answer right off the bat. Video gives them an opportunity to do just that. It allows them to take some time after the call to do some research, talk to their sales managers, and craft a perfect response.

In the video above, Keegan reached out to Carla about pain points she had a while back with her current system. Keegan kept thorough notes of all of these pain points and sent her a video to address them and explain how the product he’s selling could solve these pain points. The video is quick, direct, and very persuasive.

“Call me next year.”

Timing is everything in life and, of course, in sales as well. So often sales professionals work with leads who are dealing with budgets and end-of-quarter priorities. Purchasing new products or services can be tough during those times. So when your sales team’s opportunities are punted, video email is a great tool for them to use for follow-up.

April reaches back out to a prospect she hasn’t heard from in a while in the video above. She’s extremely warm and friendly, and her prospect can feel that throughout the entire video. Another thing April does extremely well in this video is she offers options. She doesn’t just ask him to sign up for a team account. She mentions lower budget opportunities for him as well. Finally, April ends the video with a direct call-to-action. She leaves her phone number (which we’ve removed) and asks him to call back at his earliest convenience.

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“I’m just going to sell it myself”

The “For Sale By Owner” market is a great place to start generating leads in real estate. These people are interested in selling their homes but are most likely unprepared for all the steps it takes to do it themselves. Reaching out to these leads as a resource through simple video email is a great way to establish a relationship and help them realize you can assist them throughout this challenging process.

Kristie does an incredible job of this in the video above. Watch as she reaches out to an FSBO listing owner that she had originally communicated with after realizing his home was still on the market. This was perfect timing on her part because she was able to speak to a pain point and explain how she could fix it. She’s friendly, helpful, and offers to answer questions and provide value.

Competitor Comparison

One question you’re bound to face with clients is how you compare to other competitors. And it’s a fair question to ask. This is a great opportunity to really showcase what differentiates your business from the rest of the pack. Your answer should not, however, disparage your competitors. Video is a great way to do this – as it’ll be just one more thing that sets you apart from everyone else.

In the video above, Angela reached out to a prospect to see if he had done any additional thinking on whether he’d prefer to work with her company or a larger competitor. Angela’s message was flawlessly executed. She speaks highly of the competitor and explains that the main difference the prospect will see is in regards to customer service.

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