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Email and internal chat cannot and should not be the only ways you’re communicating with your team. When we rely solely on text, the emotion is lost, so the message isn’t well-retained or just gets ignored altogether. Video delivers the tonality and nonverbal cues needed to convey your message clearly in less time.

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Onboarding New Team Members

Making a good impression is just as important for employers as it is for their new employees, and onboarding is a key piece of that. In fact, Click Boarding reports that new employees are 69% more likely to remain with a company for at least three years if there is a structured onboarding process in place. Video is a more personal way to do this than a plain-text email and keeps lines of communication clearer for a smooth onboarding experience.

Matt reaches out to new hires regularly with videos like this to welcome them to BombBomb and offer clarification on any onboarding-related matters. He also gives them a glimpse of what to expect on their first day so they’ll be prepared and ready to go. Matt makes it very clear to new employees that he is there for them every step of the onboarding process.

Leadership Introductions

Starting a new job can be a bit nerve-wracking for many of your new employees, but knowing they have supportive leadership excited for them to join the team can make all the difference. After all, part of getting to know a company is getting to know its leaders. Video email is a great way for your leadership team to do this in a scalable way.

At BombBomb, leaders from every department create pre-recorded or one-to-one introduction videos for new employees – like the one above from Sandra. In it, she expresses how happy she is that the employee is now part of the BombBomb family. Sandra gives a brief background on herself and what she does in her current role and lays out the company culture. Her message shows she’s approachable and willing to help in any way that she can.

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Company Updates

Newsletters and meetings are the go-to options for many businesses to inform employees of important company updates like open enrollment, business milestones, etc. But it’s impractical to have a meeting every time this happens, and newsletters get lost easily in a packed inbox. Video is a better alternative to reach more of your people and keep them in the loop.

In Laura and Sandra’s video, they reach out to all their employees at once with key open enrollment information and important benefit updates. They give them just enough details to keep them informed, but don’t give too much away so that employees actually show up to the corresponding open enrollment meeting. It only took one video to get the same message across to everyone.

Work Appreciation

Gallup research found that one of the main reasons people leave their jobs is a lack of recognition. So, if you want to keep your high-performing staff members motivated in their roles, make it a point to recognize them for their hard work and accomplishments. Sending a work appreciation video email is so powerful and shows your employees that what they do matters.

This is exactly what Jonathan does in the video above. He tells his team member how much he appreciates her work, noting the projects she’s worked on and how it’s impacted the company. He stresses how valuable the work she does is to BombBomb and reiterates how happy he is to have her on the team.

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