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Build relationships, increase repeat and referral business, save time, and add a human touch with BombBomb video email and video messages.

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Establish Trust

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Improve Connection

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Maximize Clarity

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Increase Referrals

You are your biggest differentiator

As a sales professional, are better in person. Clients choose you based on expertise, confidence, and trust.

Video messaging makes you a trusted advisor by adding you to the equation, providing a human touch to the moments that matter most — the ones people remember long after their experience is over.


Moments when questions arise


Moments when things change for better or worse


Moments when the good can be made great


Moments when that need more time, attention, and clarity

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Join a
Trusted Partner

Since 2006, 70,000 people have made BombBomb a valued partner in their business.

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To introduce and differentiate themselves.

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To offer guidance, support, and insight.

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To request referrals and online reviews.

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To connect in a more human way.

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To alleviate confusion, frustration, and friction.

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To say thank you, good job, or congratulations.

Create More Impact
With Less Effort

Increase Lead Conversion

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Do you wait for meetings to put your best foot forward? Get connected earlier and more often to build trust and increase lead conversion.

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Increase replies and responses during outreach and beyond.

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Alleviate the fear and doubt that can stall conversion.

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Nurture leads face to face to differentiate yourself from your competition.

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Deliver a unique and superior customer experience.

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Track engagement and personally follow up at the right moment with the right people — in real-time.

Move More Quickly

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Do you find it hard to balance customer experience with outreach and follow-up communications? Reach more people in less time.

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Record detailed or complex explanations rather than typing them out and falling short.

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Grab attention right away instead of struggling to get someone on the phone or schedule a meeting.

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Provide clarity and direction immediately by recording your screen to share important documents or walkthrough next steps.

Earn More Repeat and Referral Transactions

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Do you struggle to stay in touch with past customers or your referral network? Repeat and referral transactions are vital to the long-term health of your business.

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Record a video message once and use it over and over again to reconnect.

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Reach out on important dates like anniversaries or birthdays in ways that plain text can’t convey — with expression, enthusiasm, and emotion.

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Provide value to your entire network through ongoing education with the same clarity you would in person.

Recruit and Retain Top Talent

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Do you find it challenging to reach new team members? Well, just like your customers, your team members choose you based on your personality, expertise, and guidance. Use video messages to spend more time being present with less effort.

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Set appointments with people you’d like to recruit using video.

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Follow up after those appointments in a personal way.

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Cast a vision and provide onboarding and training for new team members.

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Motivate, educate, and update your team members without scheduling time-consuming calls or meetings.

BombBomb app on mobile phone
BombBomb app on desktop
BombBomb app on desktop

Help Your
Whole Team

This isn’t just “another tool” that risks going unused — BombBomb acts as a video messaging and email marketing platform. From personal insights to ready-to-use email templates, BombBomb helps your team make an impact with ease.

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Individual and team
analytics and dashboards

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Content distribution (share
videos, templates, and more)

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Admin control and
managed access

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Sending on behalf of
team members

Use the Right Tools

Screen Recorder

Record yourself and your screen at the same time to provide clarity and understanding — just like you’re sitting next to someone.

Password Protection

Add a password to secure client information when sharing sensitive documents or personal details.

Tracking and Analytics

Know who's watching your videos, when, and for how long for smarter follow-up.

Seamless Integrations

BombBomb works where you do

If sending video messages is part of your customer experience and acquisition strategy, you have to trust that it'll integrate into the platforms you use every day.

BombBomb is the only video messaging tool that has built over 50 integrations to ensure you can send videos with ease. Work from your web browser, mobile device, Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Hubspot, Facebook, and more.

Don’t see your platform? No problem! Your developers can now seamlessly integrate BombBomb anywhere with EZ Integrate.

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You’re just a few minutes away from providing a better experience to
your customers

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Create a BombBomb account by starting a free trial.

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Choose a key customer moment, like setting a new appointment or celebrating a birthday, and record a simple, conversational video for it.

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Send that video every time the moment arises. See how clients love the experience.

As a sales professional, it’s important to get in front of customers, and BombBomb has given us that ability. Using BombBomb for initial outreach, following up, sales proposals, and even internal communications has really changed the way we do business.


Sales Consultant

The simplicity of use. Seamless integrations with other SaaS systems. Trackable campaigns for measurable results. The beauty of video to humanize marketing strategies.

Lonny D

Sr. Marketing Manager

The app is available to download on your computer and mobile device, and you can integrate it into your email provider, making it so easy to use. All you have to do is hit the red record button, film your short video, and send!

Nicole W.

Sales Rep

Face-to-name recognition, I stay top of mind with video; not everyone uses video, which makes me stand out from others, and get my personality across.

Wilson W.

Sales Professional

The best thing about Bombbomb is that you can send an impromptu video or a professional presentation to a client with minimal fuss. It’s the most flexible app I’ve ever used. The videos are clear and play smoothly for my clients. They are constantly asking me how I do it

Joseph H.

Real Estate Broker