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Strengthen Relationships with Video

Total Expert is a co-marketing platform built for the real estate, mortgage and title industries to help agents and lenders automate, deploy and track their co-marketing activities.

With the BombBomb integration, lenders and agents using Total Expert can send personalized video messages from directly inside the platform, increasing the effectiveness of their communication.

Total Expert believes that technology is meant to strengthen relationships and interactions, keeping the human element in the transaction. BombBomb’s video messaging is the best way to do so.

Total Expert + BombBomb Benefits

  • Humanize your emails by recording and sending video right from within the Total Expert platform. Simple video can help you get face-to-face with leads and clients, which has been proven to increase transaction velocity and reduce friction in your communication.
  • There are thousands of lenders in the business, but not all of them are sending their clients personalized video messages. From the Total Expert dashboard, you can send BombBomb video emails to one or all of your contacts and easily differentiates yourself from other lenders.
  • Live Real-Time alerts and push notifications from BombBomb help you know who your best leads are and exactly when to follow up again based on how they are interacting with your emails.
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