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Accelerate your sales cycle by sending personal video messages.

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BombBomb helps your sales team record and send effective video messages to build better business relationships, rather than relying on faceless, typed-out text.

Justin Doornbos, Account Executive at BombBomb

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Who would you rather do business with?

Text lacks emotion, personality and tone, which can leave your message ignored or misunderstood. BombBomb video messaging showcases your best asset: YOU.

The way you communicate could be the difference between a no-show and a closed win. If you believe that your sales activities should be as personal and effective as a face-to-face meeting, rehumanize your business with BombBomb.

Whatever your role, sending video messages with BombBomb helps you win.


Account Executives

Account Managers

Sales Leaders


  • Establish trust sooner.

    Video establishes trust and credibility upfront, leading to more replies and more demos set.

  • Build pipeline faster.

    Responding to inbound leads with a video shows your empathy and authority, accelerating deal progression.

  • Know which leads to go after.

    Track your video engagement, so you can follow up with hot leads instead of wasting time on cold ones.

Account Executives

  • Increase demo hold rates.

    Send a personal video prior to your appointment puts a face to your name, making it harder for them to no-show you.

  • Keep deals unstuck.

    Clearer communication with video means less time emailing back and forth, which progresses your deals forward.

  • Explain complex ideas clearly.

    Use the screen recorder to walk your prospect through a demo, a proposal, or other ideas that are better-explained face to face.

Account Managers

  • Make “checking in” more personal.

    Sending video messages - rather than plain text - keeps your relationships longer and stronger.

  • Make sure they renew.

    Renewals happen because of the people they work with. Asking to renew with a personal video reminds them why they went with you in the first place.

  • Identify and close opportunities.

    If you see an opportunity for upsell or expansion with an account, delivering your value prop in person can be as effective as pitching it in-person.

Sales Leaders

  • Know who’s winning with video.

    See which team members are getting the best results, then share that success with the rest of your team.

  • Keep your message consistent.

    Admins can share videos and emails to your team for all to send. Or, you can even send on their behalf.

  • Measure the effectiveness of video.

    Share easy-to-read reports with leadership. Show how your team’s results with video messages have directly impacted your team’s pipeline and deal progression.

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For 20 or more users.

Try free for 14 days! No credit card required.

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Danny Doerkson, AE AT BOMBBOMB
Has sent over 17,600 videos

Tried video before, but didn’t see success?

With BombBomb, you don’t just get our video messaging software. You get our people.

Our team has sent over half a million videos to build better business relationships, so we know what works. With custom training for your team, your success with video is our success.

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For 20 or more users.

Let’s talk metrics...I’ve seen a proven increase in my sales conversions. It’s great as a differentiator.

Nick T.

Venture Capital Associate Partner

I've been able to save time and communicate better where a written email would have taken longer or not been able to communicate the nuance of my message.

Logan L.

Director of Podcast Partnerships

If you're in sales, BombBomb is a must.

Walter M.

Sales Representative

I love being able to send personalized videos within my Gmail account. Having a 3 second GIF playing of the video makes them very clickable.

Jeffrey A.

Sales Manager of Business Development

Awesome technology and the best form of communication there is for sales people, probably for anyone trying to establish a relationship with a new acquaintance!!

Robert T.

Real Estate Broker

People comment how they love a personalized video. I can send videos of cars, and explain something on my computer screen such as a vehicle's detail page!

Amber Z.

Automotive Internet Sales Manager

In the recruitment industry, it feels like everyone is always trying to be the most innovative, or provide the most value, or give you the leg up on competition in any way possible. BombBomb does all of the above.

Becca R.

Recruitment and Staffing Consultant

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