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BombBomb makes it easy to record, send, and track the results of both traditional emails and video emails.

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Get Face to Face Again

Restore personal, face to face communication to your mix.
Record and send videos with your webcam, smartphone, or tablet. Even from your Gmail inbox. And know who’s most engaged with tracking and analytics. Experience the big difference a simple video can make – free!

How BombBomb Helps Your Business:

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Communicating effectively over email is hard. Build trust and strengthen relationships by easily recording and sending simple videos with BombBomb.

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Stop guessing when you’re most likely to connect. Track and analyze email performance and get instant open and play notifications.

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Can’t I do this myself? You can try, but there is no easier or faster way to do it that assures your recipients get a great video email experience.

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Get even more efficient with auto responders, drip campaigns, and integrations with tools like Gmail, Salesforce, and many more!

*How You Benefit from BombBomb:

81% get more email replies
87% increased clicks on their website
68% of customers convert more leads
56% report more referrals
90% stay in touch more effectively
*Survey of 576 BombBomb customers who’ve sent at least 10 videos | Conducted July-August 2015 | Results projected to all customers with 95% confidence and +/- 4% margin of error

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Ready on the set. And… action!

Our video experts help enterprising leaders like you to turn their vision for personalized videos into a scalable solution.

Enterprise video specialists at BombBomb work with customers to maximize the impact of asynchronous video. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or innovative mid-market company, an enterprise plan opens doors to new possibilities.

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