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Powerful Video Messaging Tool for Individuals

Build better business relationships through personal video messages at scale with BombBomb Plus OR BombBomb Essentials.

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BombBomb Essentials

The solution for those that need to send personal, 1:1 videos easily.

BombBomb screen recorder example BombBomb screen recorder example

Screen Recorder

Use the Screen Recorder to provide clarity and understanding by walking through documents, proposals, and complex information with your clients — just like you’re sitting next to them.

BombBomb recorder with in-video schedule a meeting call to action button BombBomb recorder with in-video schedule a meeting call to action button

In-video Call to Action

Guide your viewer to take the next step with a clickable call to action directly within your videos.

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Mobile App

Access, share, record, and track your videos wherever you are on iOS and Android.

BombBomb app video player

Animated Previews

Every video you record automatically generates an animated video thumbnail and showcases the video length, increasing overall video plays and engagement.

BombBomb app example BombBomb app example

Notes While Recording

Before you hit record, write what you want to say directly next to the video recording screen — ensuring you don’t miss critical details.

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Encryption and
Password Security

Add a password to secure your client information, especially when sharing sensitive documents or information.

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User Engagement

Recipients can like and comment directly from your BombBomb Landing Page, making follow-up communication easy.

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Reusable Snippets

Avoid writing from scratch each time. Write an email once in Gmail and save it to use again and again.

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Unlimited Video Hosting and Storage

Record, upload, and send as many videos as you want or save them for later in the BombBomb Cloud.


Why BombBomb Plus Video Messaging?

Check out what incorporating video messaging into communication has done for people just like you.


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reduction in


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Increase in
response rate


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lead conversion

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BombBomb Plus

Everything you get in BombBomb Essentials and more

The solution for those that need individual insights, custom templates, and access to the BombBomb Email Marketing Platform.

Desktop example of video recording analytics Desktop example of video recording analytics

Personal Insights

Whether you send a video to one person or 1000, gain visibility on how your videos perform so you can continue refining your tactics to increase engagement — video views, percent watched, emails opened, viewer information, and more.

Sending BombBomb video recorder through email BombBomb video recorder through email

Mass Sending and List Segmentation

Reach your entire database at once, segment your list to reach a specific group, or send a 1:1 email. Whoever you need to contact, do so with ease through the Email Marketing Platform.

BombBomb video in email template

Email Builder and Templates

Craft video emails personally tailored and branded to you using the easy drag-and-drop Email Composer, choose one of the ready-to-use templates, or create your own template for yourself or your team.

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Contact Syncing

Sync all of your contact data between BombBomb and your CRM.

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Admin Control

Make sure you control the user and client experience — add/remove seats, team analytics, and billing access.

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Captions and Transcriptions

Provide a more inclusive, ADA compliant, and better video experience by allowing recipients to read what you’re saying while you say it.

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Virtual Backgrounds

Record anywhere and at any time without worrying about the background of your video.

You are the reason they say yes.
Video is the medium that gets you there.

You need the strategy, skills, and know-how to be successful with video. And that’s why your journey with BombBomb doesn’t end once you commit — it begins here.

Comprehensive Taining

From the moment you sign up, you’ll gain exclusive access to BombBomb Studios to produce confident, consistent, and effective videos — immediately.

Continued Education

Learn which moments are most impactful to send video, what to say, how to say it, and how to measure success in the Resource Hub.

Customer Success

The customer success team will equip you or your team with the tools you need to create custom, impactful video experiences during the adoption phase and beyond.

Keep your
videos secure

BombBomb is used and approved by many large enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, and organizations in highly regulated industries.

Give your clients peace of mind that their information will stay private with data encryption and password protection.

We’re compliant with GDPR, PCI, Privacy Shield, SOC 2 Type 1, and SOC 2 Type 2. Each account admin and individual user has access to unique privacy features.

50+ Integrations

BombBomb works where you do

If sending video messages is part of your customer experience and acquisition strategy, you have to trust that BombBomb will integrate into all the platforms you use every day.

BombBomb is the only video messaging tool that has built over 50 integrations to ensure you can send videos with ease. Work from your web browser, mobile device, Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Hubspot, Facebook, and more.

Don’t see your platform? No problem! Your developers can now seamlessly integrate BombBomb anywhere with EZ Integrate.

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Award-winning adoption and relationship building

According to G2’s annual survey of software companies, BombBomb is:

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One of the top 100 software companies worldwide

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The ‘best relationship product’ in video email

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Ranked as having the ‘highest user adoption’ in Mid-Market and Enterprise

Video Communications

G2 Highest User Adoption in Mid-Market Winter 2023 Badge G2 High Performer in Enterprise Winter 2023 Badge G2 Leader Winter 2023 Badge G2 Leader in Mid Market Winter 2023 Badge G2 Leader in Small Business Winter 2023 Badge

Video Email

G2 Highest User Adoption in Mid-Market Winter 2023 Badge G2 Leader in Enterprise Winter 2023 Badge G2 Leader Winter 2023 Badge G2 Leader in Mid Market Winter 2023 Badge G2 Leader in Small Business Winter 2023 Badge