BombBomb Insider

BombBomb Insider is an optional feature of BombBomb that lets you opt-in to receive early access to soon-to-be-released features and tools within BombBomb. Along with these new features, BombBomb may contact you with questions about features in development. Members of BombBomb Insider get a unique opportunity to be involved in the continuing improvement of BombBomb!


What do I get?

It changes all the time! Sometimes we include small tweaks to visual elements of the BombBomb user interface. Sometimes we make small changes to how videos or emails are presented to your contacts. Sometimes hot new features see their first light in BombBomb Insider. These changes are usually very subtle, and you will usually be emailed about them as they’re rolled out to the group.


Is BombBomb Insider right for me?

Insider may not be for everyone. As features of Insider come and go outside of a member’s control, you may not want to participate if you want absolute control over what your communications looks like going out the door. If you don’t mind small changes to your experience using the software, or small, temporary tweaks to the look and feel of your emails, videos or other features, you may find the insider program exciting and beneficial.


Interested? Get Started!

To get started with BombBomb Insider, visit your profile within BombBomb, and simply check the Insider checkbox near the bottom of the screen, and click Update My Profile to save your change and become an Insider.


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