Human-Centered Communication - WSJ Bestselling Business Book

Unwelcome Digital Distractions

They’re all around us. Digital noise and pollution reduce our ability to connect and communicate with the people who matter most. At risk are revenue and relationships.

It’s time for restoration and innovation. For our own benefit and for our stakeholders, businesses, and society. The only viable path to attention, trust, engagement, and reputation online calls us to consciously put others first. Today and in the future.

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Listen in on this short conversation between co-authors Steve Pacinelli and Ethan Beute about the problem of digital pollution, the solution of human-centered communication, and the people and process behind this book.

Who should read Human‑Centered Communication?

Anyone who needs to generate attention, build trust, and create engagement online will benefit from these ideas, models, frameworks, and stories. The message transcends any specific role or industry, but is especially powerful for leaders and managers, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and customer success and account managers.

  • If you’ve ever sent an email, Slack message, or LinkedIn message and been misread, misunderstood, or ignored…

  • If you’ve ever hosted a video call or meeting and felt like you were talking to yourself because there was so little interactivity, engagement, or feedback…

  • If you’ve ever pitched, presented, or trained virtually and failed to create a strong connection or lasting impact…

Then you know why you need this book.

Explore themes like trust and relationships, communication and connection, service and value, text and video, and noise and pollution.

Become more visual, emotional, and human even when you’re restricted to digital, virtual, and online spaces.

What's Inside


  • Pollution and Mistrust
  • Restoration of the Human
  • The Goals and Structure
  • Conversation, Exploration, and Restoration

Chapter 1

Digital Pollution

  • Causes and Consequences of Pollution
  • Causes and Consequences of Digital Pollution
  • Three Categories of Digital Pollution
  • Yes, Video Can Pollute
  • Stop Digital Pollution

Chapter 2

Human-Centered Communication

  • Pollution and Mistrust
  • Restoration of the Human
  • The Goals and Structure
  • Conversation, Exploration, and Restoration

Chapter 3

A More Human Funnel (featuring Jacco van der Kooij)

  • The Broken Funnel
  • The Bow Tie Funnel
  • Benefits of Video in the Funnel
  • Employee Experience and Customer Experience
  • What People Want

Chapter 4

Emotion, Memory, and Motivation (featuring Dan Hill, PhD)

  • Three Distinctly Human Qualities
  • Movere: The Common Root
  • Communication That Moves People
  • Emotionally Intelligent Video
  • A Sense of Belonging

Chapter 5

Noise, Attention, and Trust (featuring Mathew Sweezey)

  • The Human Motive
  • The Age of Infinite Media
  • The Context Framework
  • Three Ways to Help More Humans
  • Improving Your Videos
  • We Only Increase in Value

Chapter 6

Preparing to Be Present (featuring Julie Hansen)

  • Acting and Authenticity
  • Preparation, Confidence, and Alignment
  • Listening and Being Present
  • An Audience of One
  • If You Have a Message

Chapter 7

“How Can I Help You?” (featuring Adam Contos)

  • A DIY Journey
  • Three Mantras for Less Hiding
  • The Handshake Deal
  • Emotional Brilliance
  • Tips for Your Journey
  • Anybody Can Do It

Chapter 8

The Decade for Sellers to Shine (featuring Lauren Bailey)

  • A Point of Pride
  • The Role of Confidence
  • Three Aha Moments with Video Messages
  • Leading and Managing Video Adoption
  • Scripts, SWIIFTSM, and Personality
  • 20% More Human

Chapter 9

The Art (and Science) of Helping (featuring Mario Martinez Jr.)

  • Creating a Video Culture
  • The Art of Helping
  • 16 Ways to Use Video Messages
  • Virtual Backgrounds to Draw People In
  • The Most Successful Seller

Chapter 10

The Teacher’s Take on Connection (featuring Viveka von Rosen)

  • The Golden Rule and Real Relationships
  • Learning to Sell with Video
  • Seven Lessons to Improve Results
  • Production Quality and Your Confidence
  • Connection, Not Sophistication

Chapter 11

Always Be Amazing (featuring Shep Hyken)

  • Balancing Humans and Tech
  • Two Amazing Video Messages
  • Connecting on Camera
  • Elements of Engaging Presentations
  • Off to College

Chapter 12

People-First Prospecting (featuring Morgan J Ingram)

  • The Daily Commitment
  • The Four 5s
  • The Formula for Video Prospecting
  • Beyond Prospecting
  • Conversations, Not Presentations
  • You’re Not Late

Chapter 13

The Year of Video? (featuring Dan Tyre)

  • “Always Be Closing” Is Dead
  • Transactions and Relationships
  • A Prospecting Sequence and Structure
  • Video at HubSpot
  • Do’s, Don’ts, and DISCs
  • Getting Everyone Involved
  • The Right Side

Chapter 14

Takeaways: Strategies and Philosophies

  1. See the Need for Change
  2. Restore Human Emotions
  3. Help, Don’t Sell
  4. Manage the Human Touch
  5. Take the Extra Step
  6. Create Conversations, Not Presentations
  7. Focus on Outcomes, Not Activities
  8. Build Trust and Reputation
  9. Value the Immeasurables
  10. Get Started Today

Chapter 15

Takeaways: Tips and Tactics

Cast the Vision, Empower the Hesitant, and Keep it Real

  1. Review Your Tech and Processes
  2. Focus on Other People First
  3. Use Frameworks, Not Scripts
  4. Turn It Up A Little
  5. Create Energy and Momentum
  6. Build Confidence Through Practice
  7. Write Like You Speak; Speak Like They Speak
  8. Respect Time and Attention
  9. Consider Production Quality
  10. Work on One Thing at a Time

Chapter 16

Tomorrows: The Future of Human-Centered Communication

  • When Seeing is No Longer Believing
  • A Constant Battle
  • A New Balance
  • A Way to Be Rich

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Who’s Inside

11 Featured Experts

Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Winning by Design

“What we’re looking for
now is authenticity.”

Dan Hill, PhD

President, Sensory Logic

“If you can take in the face, then you get a sense of the emotions and of the person you're dealing with.”

Mathew Sweezey

Director of Market Strategy, Salesforce

“Human-to-human interactivity is the basis of life.”

Julie Hansen

Creator, Selling on Video Master Class

“Allow yourself to be passionate and commit to it.”

Adam Contos


“Nobody can hear you
right now.”

Lauren Bailey

Founder and President, Factor 8 and #GirlsClub

“Just being 20% more human is a massive differentiator.”

Mario Martinez Jr.

Founder and CEO, Vengreso

“Sales is the art of

Viveka von Rosen

Co-founder and Chief Visibility Officer, Vengreso

“The thing we all have in common is we’re human beings.”

Shep Hyken

Customer Service and Customer Experience Expert

“You can’t automate a

Morgan J Ingram

Director of Sales Execution and Evolution, JB Sales

“We should add humanity into our prospecting outreach and stop being robots.”

Dan Tyre

Sales Executive and Original Team Member, HubSpot

“You help, not sell. You treat people like human beings.”

Who It’s From


Ethan Beute

Chief Evangelist, BOMBBOMB

Stephen Pacinelli

Chief Marketing Officer, BOMBBOMB

Long-time friends and team members, Steve Pacinelli and Ethan Beute coauthored the bestselling book Rehumanize Your Business: How Personal Videos Accelerate Sales and Improve Customer Experience (Wiley, 2019).

With more than 25,000 copies sold in hardcover, digital, and audio formats, their insights into connecting and communicating more personally, clearly, and effectively through video messages continue to improve outcomes for all kinds of business professionals.

Here, they go wider than video messaging and deeper into human connection. You’ll learn to be more confident and effective in:

Steve serves as CMO at BombBomb and has delivered presentations for more than a thousand audiences on consumer psychology, sales process, lead conversation, and video communication. Ethan serves as Chief Evangelist at BombBomb and host of The Customer Experience Podcast.