How to Save Time in Your Sales Process with Evergreen Video Messages

Last Updated July 6th, 2020

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Have you ever finished your workday wondering where the time went and wishing you could have accomplished more? How much of that day was spent typing out emails? If it’s safe to say, a lot. However, there is a solution – prerecorded evergreen video messages.

What is an Evergreen Video?

An evergreen video is a prerecorded video that only needs to be recorded once, but can be sent to multiple recipients. The topic covered in this type of video relates to a large group of people. So, it can be used time and time again as it doesn’t mention anyone specifically by name.

Evergreen videos can be created for numerous business interactions like frequently asked questions (FAQs), introductions, and process updates. This video content is timeless, so you don’t have to spend time crafting an email response you’ve already typed out several times before to other recipients.

Watch the video below as BombBomb Co-Founder and President Darin Dawson goes over when and why you should use evergreen video content in your sales process and ways to do so. Also, keep reading for four evergreen videos you can send to save you time

1. Lead Response Evergreen Videos

You likely have a system in place to respond to leads, but is it as effective as you’d like it to be? The tool or process you have in place may allow you to scale yourself. However, you can save even more time by creating automated response videos to send to new leads in your database.

Your video should include:

 A friendly greeting referencing why you’re reaching out (for example, “You requested more information on [platform name] and I’m just following up.”)
 The value and expertise you have to offer
 Your contact information for next steps, as well as a call to action to set an appointment

Again, these videos should not be specific to any individual person. They should, however, be specific to where the leads come from — whether it be a CRM or form on your website.

You should set these videos up to automatically send whenever someone requests additional information from your business. It puts a face to the name for your leads right away, making them more likely to trust you earlier on.

So although it may be an automated video message, it’s still new and personal to each lead receiving it.

Check out how Andy Alger, a Keller Williams First realtor, set up the following lead response video sent to potential clients on Zillow…


With this video, he’s instantly establishing rapport with his leads, showing them that there’s an actual person ready to help them.

2. Evergreen Introduction Videos

You’ve responded to your leads. So now, either you sealed the deal or haven’t heard back.

Sending a more detailed introduction video further cultivates the relationship with current clients to put them at ease, or garners trust from prospects you haven’t gotten a response from yet. This is an area where an evergreen video can help.

Your video should include:

 Background information about yourself and what you have to offer
 A thank you for their time (if they’re a prospect) or their business (if they’re a client or business partner). Here’s our article for all the ways you can say thank you with a video.
 A call to action to set an appointment (for prospects)
 Next steps (for clients) so people know what to expect

Even though it’s prerecorded and doesn’t address a specific recipient, an evergreen introduction video still feels much more personal than a typed-out email. That’s because you are introducing yourself on a deeper level, while traditional emails just scratch the surface of what you bring to the table.

Your video makes a greater impact in less time. Just record it once and send your video to people as needed.

Ultimately, you’re differentiating yourself from the competition by reaching out quicker to more people in a more authentic way.

Ruth Darling, formerly of Lawyers Title, created the video below introducing herself that she sends to clients who choose to work with her…


Ruth tells her clients a little bit about herself, compliments them, and expresses her appreciation for their business. She creates a video message that resonates with any client she’s working with. All it took was one video to make that great first impression.

3. Product Walkthrough Evergreen Videos

It’s hard to embody everything your business encompasses with just text – especially when it comes to digital products like software. And the reality is people want to see what your product can do, not just hear about it. By creating product walkthrough evergreen videos, you can explain each feature of your product or service in a more detailed and visual manner.

After creating your product evergreen video content, you only need to record it again when there are product updates.

Then, you’ll be able to send the videos to prospects upon connecting to stay top-of-mind. You can also use them across your website or social media platforms.

Your video should include:

 Standout features of your product or service
 A screen recording, if applicable, of these features in action (you can learn how to use our screen recorder in this post)
 What pain points your product or service solves

By seeing the product in action, it’s more intriguing to your recipients. They gain a more thorough understanding of what the product does a whole, so they’ll be more inclined to schedule an appointment or demo.

Watch the product walkthrough evergreen video below that Brian Thompson created to send to people while he worked at OpenSpace…


After watching that video just once, you clearly understand what he is selling. This saves his viewers the time of trying to uncover what the product does on their own. At the same time, he’s differentiating himself with a concise video message of what the product can do for them.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Evergreen Videos

Do you get similar questions from clients during their customer journey? If so, there’s an evergreen video that can help.

It can be tedious and time-consuming to stop what you’re doing to call or email them with the same answers you’ve given people over and over again.

However, if you have prerecorded videos answering these FAQs on hand, all you have to do is send that instead.

Your video should include…

 A reference to the question your recipients have
 A detailed response to that question
 Anything else they can expect

Just make a list of commonly asked questions you receive, record an evergreen video for each response, and you’re set. Next time you receive the question, just send the person the corresponding video response.

You can also automate these videos. That way they’ll send when clients reach a certain stage of their journey with your product or service. The video will answer typical questions people have during this specific stage to keep them informed and at ease.

For example, the video below is one Chris Brown and his team at Certified Mortgage Planners send to clients when they reach a big appraisal stage in the mortgage loan and home buying process…

The team kicks it off by congratulating their clients on reaching a new mortgage milestone. Then, they follow that up on what this news means for them while answering common questions that come at this stage of the mortgage lending process. So, the clients are in the loop of what’s going on and what they can expect going forward.

Need More Time-Saving Tips and Guidance? We’ve Got You Covered!

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