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Here's the deal: At BombBomb, we make it easy to use simple video to build relationship through email, text, and social media.
We have one of the best Client Success Teams in the world (yes, we have the DATA to back up that outrageous claim — like NPS scores in the 50s and CSAT scores hovering around 99% if you're into that sort of thing).

Client Care Associates:

The Client Care Associates on our Client Success Team are the ultimate customer service and support agents. They're handling the bulk of the inbound phone calls and emails we receive from our existing clients. Their ultimate goal is to strengthen relationship with every BombBomb client they interact with. Doing this helps reduce the number of clients who leave BombBomb and increases client satisfaction and client lifetime value.

As a member of the BombBomb Client Success Team, you'll serve as the voice of BombBomb to all those who come in contact with our company — be it over email, phone, or in person. You'll speak with customers who need your help and advice. Your time will be spent nurturing this business as your own; identifying, prioritizing, and executing on the behaviors that will attract and retain great customers. You'll work with the Client Success Team sharing the responsibilities of educating, supporting, and occasionally selling or re-selling our outstanding customers. You'll spend time building relationship, clearly understanding your customer's situation, and efficiently executing on next steps. You'll take calls, you'll make calls, and you might even get to travel once in a while. Occasionally, you'll discover "bugs" in the software and you'll work with the Product Team and the Development Team to resolve the issues and notify the impacted customers.

Since no one will have his or her finger on the pulse of the BombBomb user community quite like you, you'll provide valuable insight and information to the rest of the company — insight around user-experience, feature requests, and the like. Your observations will be used to help steer the business. Ultimately, you'll use the whole of this experience to constantly shape and improve the BombBomb experience.

You'll come to take great pride in this, and your customers will remind you why every day: the BombBomb Client Success Experience is personal, effective, and unmatched. We’re all about real help from real people.

Some of your core responsibilities include:

Some basic requirements:

Additional beneficial skills include things like:

Here's what you need to do to declare your candidacy:

  1. Sign up for a free trial account at
  2. Send a brief video email to introducing yourself and including three reasons why you believe you should be considered for the role.
  3. Include your resume.

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