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Last Updated May 5th, 2022

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Note: The EX Takes Mixtape was originally released as Episode 200 on May 17, 2022 and was re-released as Episode 236 on January 3, 2023.

EP236 Mixtapes HQ MAIN | BombBomb

It’s always been important. Even critical. But it may be more important than ever right now.

It emerged as a strong theme in the earliest days of The Customer Experience Podcast.

It’s a necessary precursor to a remarkable customer experience.

Of course, we’re talking about EX – employee experience.
To celebrate the milestone of reaching another episode divisible by 100, we set out to honor the format of Episode 100 – The Epic Takes Mixtape. That episode features 10 human-centered and human-first moments from Episodes 1-99.

The result: Episode 200 – The EX Takes Mixtape!

You’ll hear from 12 of our guests from Episodes 101-199 and get their insights on:

What employee experience is
How EX relates to customer experience
Why employee experience matters
How to improve EX through culture and coaching


Episode 200: The EX Takes Mixtape

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Listen to “200. Episode 200! The EX Takes Mixtape” on Spreaker.



Video Highlights: 12 Takes on Employee Experience and Employee Engagement


1. Stacy Sherman

Stacy Sherman serves as Vice President of Agent and Customer Experience at Liveops and is the speaker, author, podcaster, and mentor behind Doing CX Right.

Here, she introduces the employee journey and makes the employee experience / employee engagement connection.

This clips comes from Episode 104 – Differentiating Far Beyond Product, Features, or Price.



2. Brittany Hodak

Brittany Hodak is a keynote speaker, author, and superfan strategist. You can learn more about and preorder her new book Creating Superfans: How To Turn Your Customers Into Enthusiastic Advocates by clicking right here.

In Episode 120 – The ABCs of Creating Superfans, we walked through 5 of those ABCs (H, O, D, A, and K).

In this clip, you’ll hear about A – Appreciation and why it applies to your employees as much or more than to your customers.

EP236 Mixtapes HQ Brittany | BombBomb

3. Elizabeth Dixon

Elizabeth Dixon is a professional speaker on themes of strategy, innovation, and customer experience. She’s the author of The Power of Customer Experience: 5 Elements to Make an Impact. Elizabeth also serves as Principal Lead of Strategy, Hospitality, and Service Design at Chick-fil-A.

Here, she explains why “your customer experience will never be better than your employee experience.” That line from Episode 179 – 5 Elements of an Exceptional Customer Experience became an instant classic that still echoes in these podcast conversations regularly.



4. Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer is a marketing strategist, speaker, adjunct professor, and bestselling author of Marketing Rebellion and Cumulative Advantage.

We talked through primary themes of both books on Episode 131 – Returning the Human Voice to Marketing.

In this clip, Mark shares that “your culture is your marketing.”

EP236 Mixtapes HQ Mark | BombBomb

5. Sue Woodard

Sue Woodard is a mortgage and fintech evangelist, the former Chief Customer Officer at Total Expert, and a Senior Advisor at STRATMOR Group.

She views love as a competitive advantage and in this clip from Episode 191 – Operationalizing Love for Customer & Employees she explains why.



6. Shep Hyken

Customer service and customer experience expert Shep Hyken is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of several books, including his latest, I’ll Be Back: How To Get Customers To Come Back Again and Again.

He’s also featured in Chapter 11 of our Wall Street Journal bestseller Human-Centered Communication.

Shep is a two-time podcast guest who joined us most recently on Episode 157 – Why Repeat Customers May Not Be Loyal Customers, where he shared the fact that employee apathy is the top reason customers don’t come back. In this clip, learn how to reduce apathy to improve both EX and CX.



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7. Lisa Earle McLeod

Lisa Earle McLeod is a speaker, a consultant, and the author of both Selling with Noble Purpose and Leading with Noble Purpose.

Purpose is obviously a fundamental aspect of employee experience. Lisa’s insights into infusing our work with purpose on Episode 112 – Leading and Selling with Noble Purpose included this take on “true-believer salespeople” and the “game-changing question” – both of which can significantly impact customer experience.

EP236 Mixtapes HQ Lisa | BombBomb

8. Andrea Morter

Andrea Morter is the VP of Sales Ops at Get Beyond. She’s a thoughtful sales leader who invests in people and builds healthy coaching cultures.

On Episode 187 – Creating a Collaborative Coaching Culture, she shared many of the leadership, management, mentorship, and coaching philosophies and practices she’s picked up through her career.

Here in this clip, she provides a caution that applies to a variety of activities and situations – and that improves employee experience.



9. John Belizaire

John Belizaire serves as CEO at Soluna Computing (NASDAQ: SLNH), Founder and Managing Editor of CEOPLAYBOOK, an advisor or board member for several other organizations, and an entrepreneur who’s founded and scaled multiple technology companies.

John is dedicated to the craft of building teams and supporting people and walked us through several of his proven practices in Episode 145 – Establishing Core Principles for Yourself and Your Team.

Here in this clip: 3 ways to improve engagement in your organization (living your core values, knowing your customers, and investing in your team members.



10. Kristie Ornelas

Kristie Ornelas serves as Vice Preisdient of Customer Experience Marketing and Communication at Cisco, a company that’s twice earned Fortune’s #1 spot for World’s Best Workplace.

She and former colleague Steve Cox joined us on Episode 121 – 3 Ways to Elevate EX from the World’s Best Workplace to share best-practice learnings from their customer experience and employee experience initiatives.

Of course, customer communities are a great way to improve CX. So why not employee communities to improve EX? Kristie explains here …



11. Ernest Owusu

Ernest Owusu is Senior Director of Sales Development at 6sense – he builds, leads, coaches, and improves teams of SDRs or sales development representatives.

On Episode 118 – The 3 C’s That Make or Break the SDR Experience, he walks and talks us through his 3 C’s for doing that work more effectively.

Hear Ernest’s approaches to career, compensation, and culture (including 6sense’s acronym of FAMILY) in this clip. Spoiler: L is for Love.



12. Jacco van der Kooij

A revenue architect and sales engineer, Jacco van der Kooij is the Founder of Winning by Design. Featured in Chapter 3 of our Wall Street Journal bestseller Human-Centered Communication, he’s an incredibly thoughtful person, as well.

Toward the close of Episode 158 – Creating Customer Impact in Moments That Matter, he talked through the sales culture in which he started his career before challenging us to step into our responsibility to improve it for generations to come.

Closing out The EX Takes Mixtape is this legacy-oriented and thought-provoking take from Jacco …


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