The Role of Kindness in Your Company

Last Updated March 11th, 2021


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The 14th-century definition of kindness is noble deeds and courtesy. In yoga, kindness means ahimsa, to do no harm. To today’s guest on “The Customer Experience Podcast,” Cole Baker-Bagwell, kindness is something that marries intention and compassion and mind and heart.

Her goal is to help people in business realize and implement kindness as a core competency.

Not only is kindness important on a human level, but it can become a core value for any company. From product development to internal team alignment, kindness as a starting point for business practice can utterly change the customer experience.

Cole is the Founder and Chief Kindness Advisor at Cool Audrey, a kindness consulting firm, the podcast host at “Kindness Think Tank,” and Chief Experience Architect of Financial Services at Red Hat.

We talk about how most of our decisions, both business and personal, are made subconsciously. And if we can train kindness into a habit for ourselves and our teams, we will attain a new and lasting perspective on what matters in business and life.

Throughout our conversation, Cole shares insights into…

What defines kindness
What references of kindness relate to the customer experience
How to become aware of ego, agenda, and bias — and tame them
Why and how kindness connects people
How the pandemic made companies kinder (based on Cole’s kindness survey results)



The Role of Kindness in Your Company

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Listen to “126. The Role of Kindness in Your Company w/ Cole Baker-Bagwell” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: The Role of Kindness in Your Company

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Cole Baker-Bagwell of Cool Audrey below…


1. The Definition of Customer Experience



2. Three References To Understand Kindness



3. Overcoming Ego, Agenda, and Bias



4. Kindness For The Skeptics



5. Survey Results: Kindness At Work



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