Emotional Intelligence and Human-Centered Connection

Last Updated August 12th, 2021

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Communication is so much more than just the words we hear. Communication is body language, tone, facial expression, and emotion. In fact, it’s the emotional part of our brains that’s the primary influencer of our communication perception. And it’s emotional intelligence (EQ) and insight into the conversation that’s essential to develop a more profound and genuine understanding of our daily communication.

Facial coding — recognizing and understanding what people are saying emotionally through their faces — is one way to better assess what people are actually communicating to us. And it’s through this process of becoming emotionally literate we’re able to enhance our communication, leading to more meaningful, human-centered connections.

Our guest today is Dan Hill, Ph.D. Dan is a facial coding and EQ expert, President at Sensory Logic, and podcast host of Dan Hill’s EQ Spotlight. Dan specializes in analyzing emotions, facial expressions, and personality traits. He provides EQ insights for leaders and communicators. These insights are used as a guide to improving leadership through the understanding of the human mind and complex emotions.

In his role at Sensory Logic, Dan has advised people in politics, business, sports, law, and more. He also holds seven U.S. patents associated with the analysis of facial coding data. He’s written an impressive nine books including the brand-new Blah, Blah, Blah: A Snarky Guide to Office Lingo. We talked extensively about Dan’s background and the power of faces and video messaging back on Episode 75 of this podcast.

During this conversation, Dan provided some key examples of facial coding that all leaders should be aware of. For instance, flat affect or neutral engagement usually means the general response to what’s being said is negative. In addition, people also often camouflage their emotions, with the smile being the most frequent way to do so. Finally, when it comes to taking a team forward, spotting the appearance of fear is critical. Fear can be a great motivator, but it can also significantly inhibit growth and success.

Dan is back on the podcast part of a special series we’re doing this summer here on The Customer Experience Podcast. He’s one of 11 experts that Steve Pacinelli and I interviewed in-depth in the process of writing our second book, Human-Centered Communication (available for preorder now, releasing formally in October on Fast Company Press). Throughout this series, we’re back in conversation with each of them in a way that adds to – rather than restates – their insights featured in the book.

Dan Hill, Dan Hill PhD, Dan Hill Ph.D., Chapter 4, Emotion, Memory, Motivation, Human-Centered Communication, video communication, virtual communication, emotional intelligence, EQ, facial coding

In our conversation today, Dan talks with us about:

How to infuse mission and purpose into our work for employee retention
Why contempt and sadness can be dangerous emotions
What to do to raise our emotional literacy
How Steve Jobs illustrates the negative and positive sides of anger
Why emotions stand apart from the rational parts of the brain



Emotional Intelligence and Human-Centered Connection

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Video Highlights: Emotional Intelligence and Human-Centered Connection

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3. Two Sides of Each Emotion (Steve Jobs)



4. EQ Insights for Leaders



5. Why Read Human-Centered Communication (Emotional Brilliance with Adam Contos)



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Dan Hill, Dan Hill Ph.D., Chapter 4, Emotion, Memory, Motivation, Human-Centered Communication, video communication, virtual communication, emotional intelligence, EQ, facial coding data



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