Creating a Collaborative Coaching Culture

Last Updated February 21st, 2022

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A remarkable customer experience begins with an exceptional employee experience.

And in an environment of continuous coaching, employees can thrive on intention, continual self-improvement, and strong relationships.

A good coaching strategy supports teams by supporting individuals. It challenges and equips team members to grow on their terms, thus improving the employee experience across the organization. And in return, employees are prepared to cultivate a better, more positive, and differentiating customer experience.

Andrea Morter, a VP of Sales at Beyond, has always aimed to be a leader whose coaching style helps others succeed. She focuses on building rapport and trust, so her team knows that her ideas, suggestions, and guidance come from a place of caring. “Coaching should be your mindset,” she said. “It should be your consistent intention.”

Before joining Beyond, Andrea found success in various markets — including fintech or financial technology. Today she shares with us how good coaching means meeting people where they are and finding the balance between offering the right amount of support and providing the right amount of autonomy.

Andrea also shares her thoughts on how coaching challenges team members to grow on their terms, not hers. She also talks about why leaders who understand the value of coaching should consistently self-evaluate, understand the importance of vulnerability and trust, and coach people into the growth they want, not the growth you want for them.

Andrea and I also discussed:

Why CX means keeping your promises
How local and remote work communities intersect
Why the business advocate position is a better, stronger sales role
How to get started as a coaching leader
What the ongoing mindset of a coach looks like



Creating a Collaborative Coaching Culture

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Listen to “187. Creating a Collaborative Coaching Culture w/ Andrea Morter” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Creating a Collaborative Coaching Culture

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Andrea Morter


1. Customer Experience is Doing What You Promise



2. Selling and Serving Locally — and Face to Face



3. Meeting New Team Members in Person



4. Trust, Vulnerability, Self-Awareness, and Coaching



5. Coaching to Individual Need


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