Selling on Video: Beyond the Excuses

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In today’s world of buying and selling, people are much less inclined to answer calls from unknown numbers and are highly unlikely to open their door to a stranger.

The good news is that cold-calling and door-to-door sales can be replaced with video — and, what’s more, they should be. When you put a face to the name and a video to your digital communication, you end up with an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

But for many salespeople — whether because they want to kick it old-school or because they’re camera-shy — getting on camera to talk to a sales lead sounds like a nightmare on par with middle school gym class. How can they bridge the gap between their comfort zone and their dream clients?

Video first killed the radio star, and now it’s killed the bland sales pitch. In this episode, Chris Bogue, owner of Chris Bogue Communications, joins the podcast to express the efficacy of adding video to your sales toolbox.

Chris is a video consultant and trainer who helps sales, marketing, and customer success teams drive revenue with short, personalized video content, leveraging his past life as both an in-house sales professional and a comedy and improv performer and producer. He makes selling on video fun, engaging, and connective – and has taught salespeople and sales teams how to do it.

Listen in to learn with Chris:

  • How selecting and catering to your desired audience boosts views – and sales
  • How to make yourself impossible to forget using video
  • How to get curious about where your customers come from – and what they need
  • Why basic improv and comedy techniques give you confidence and connection
  • Why you should never fear feedback and, instead, actively seek it

Selling on Video: Beyond the Excuses

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Listen to “252. Selling on Video: Beyond the Excuses w/ Chris Bogue” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights with Chris Bogue

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion about getting beyond our excuses and selling on video

1. Customer Experience as a Journey

2. Earning Attention, Trust, and Replies with Video

3. Credibility by Way of the Camera

4. Showing People That You’re Listening

5. Honesty, Vulnerability, and Reciprocity (vs Deceit)

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